The first video in a series of "60 Second Productivity Hacks, Tips and Insights on How to Get more Out of Our Everyday Technology Tools and Platforms" appeared today on the official Microsoft Lumia youtube channel.

The series of BrainCandy videos is being produced in partnership between Microsoft and CrowdCentric. Each week, BrainCandy will release a new Microsoft video featuring little-known tech tips, tricks and hacks to help digital professionals and consumers live better and work smarter.

The topic of the first video is on how to automatically back up your Instagram photos to OneDrive using a little IFTTT magic in between.

While tips and tricks are regular content for us to cover here at Windows Central, it's great to see Microsoft put out some content like this, that has appeal beyond just Windows Phone users. We'll keep our eyes peeled for the next videos to be released and be sure to post them on the site. I'm curious to see what they cover in the series (I have to say, it's a little ironic that the first video focuses on Instagram, with it now being just over one year since the Instagram Beta has received an update... but I digress).

What did you think of video? Any specific topics you think they should cover in this 60 second form?

Thanks to Malben D for letting us know!

Source: Youtube, CrowdCentric