VAIO personal computers are returning to the US later this year

VAIO plans to return to the US later this year. The newly reformed company in Japan has exclusively built, launched and supported hardware in the region without rolling out in other important markets. But this looks set to change with the company planning to sell computers outside Japan.

The VAIO Z Canvas PC, a 12.2-inch notebook, will be made available at some Microsoft Stores (as well as online) this October with pricing expected to start at $2,200 – depending on configurations.

Interestingly, VAIO CEO Yoshimi Ota noted in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that while the company plans to launch new products in the US, VAIO will also look into a slimmer laptop with cellular support, as well as wearable gadgets and even factory robots.

VAIO Z Canvas

It's clear VAIO have some ambition and we're rather excited to see the renowned brand return to the US, with hopefully other markets on the horizon. Head to the VAIO US website to register your interest.

Source: VAIO, via: Wall Street Journal

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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