Vector Watch to focus on Windows 10 for future app versions

The team behind the Vector Watch have revealed they will focus their Windows app efforts on Windows 10 going forward. The team previously released an app that worked on both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile.

In an email sent to Windows Central reader Andreea Pascariu, the Vector Watch team stated:

We would like to inform you that we have decided change our approach to the Windows Phone app from a software architecture point of view, more precisely reworking our app from the ground up. This decision is a repercussion of the fact that we want to bring the Windows Phone community the top-level, highly functional product it deserves, both from a hardware, as well as a software point of view. Additionally, we will be focusing on Windows 10 from v1.1 onward, seeing how virtually every Lumia flagship and most of the post 2014 models are upgradeable to Windows 10.

The email stated that the team expects to release a beta of the new Vector Watch app on April 20, followed by a production version on April 27. It added:

Due to the fact that Parse (our push notification service) offers minimal support as far as Windows platforms are concerned, and we have not yet received a solution, despite our constant bug reports, we have decided to temporarily remove the ESPN, BBC, THE ECONOMIST, and other apps due to frequent client complaints regarding the lack of regular updates on the apps. This issue is due to the fact that there is a lack of support for push notifications from the Parse, seeing how on the iOS and Android platform we have encountered no such issues. Thus, push notifications are being sent twice from the Microsoft servers. Until we have a valid fix for this issue, we cannot, in good conscience, release a faulty software product. We apologize for any sort of inconvenience this issue might have caused!

You can purchase the Vector Watch starting at $299 from its website.

See at Vector (various){.cta .shop}

Thanks again to Andreea Pascariu for the tip!

Download the Vector app for Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile

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