Verisure launches official Windows Phone app to help you monitor and control your home

Verisure is the consumer branch of Securitas Direct, a company in Europe that specializes in safety and security solutions for homes and businesses. Home owners can install a Verisure system to help protect their assets. There’s also now an official Verisure app for Windows Phone so you can control and monitor your home when you’re on the go. Details below.

Have a Verisure ( system at home? You just might. Verisure is one of Europe's largest home security companies. If you do have it, you’ll want the Windows Phone app so you can:

  • Control and monitor your connected smart home on the go
  • Arm, disarm and check the alarm status
  • Receive notifications when your children come home
  • View temperature and humidity information

The app seems like a must have for anyone with a Verisure system at home. If you have the SmartLock module installed you can control the lock with the app. Which means you can unlock it remotely for when you have a friend or family member coming over and you can’t physically be there to greet them.

The design may feel a bit like iOS 7, but we’re sure there are a handful of you out there that are still pretty excited to at least see the app available.  

Want the Verisure app for Windows Phone? Then grab it in the Windows Phone Store or swipe to the right in our app. You can also use the QR code below.

Thanks for the tip Xaphoon148!

Sam Sabri