My gaming room looks way better with these smart lights and right now they're on sale

Earlier this year, I reviewed both Nanoleaf Lines and Nanoleaf Shapes, and found that I loved both of these smart lighting options. They are modular, so I was able to come up with a design I liked before sticking them to the wall above my gaming monitor and over my TV. Something I love is that they offer softer ambient lighting but still get plenty vibrant. Plus, I can control their effects and exact colors right from the Nanoleaf app. 

Right now, Nanoleaf is hosting a large sale for many of its smart lights and many major retailers are also getting in on the deals. My favorite Nanoleaf Lines are just $179.99 at Best Buy right now and the Nanoleaf Shapes are only $199.99 at Best Buy while these discounts last. 

Nanoleaf Lines (9 Lines) | was $199.99 now $179.99 at Best Buy

Nanoleaf Lines (9 Lines) | was $199.99 now $179.99 at Best Buy

You can get creative and connect these modular lights in a variety of different shapes. They reflect light off of the wall for a softer ambient glow and you can customize effects and exact colors using the Nanoleaf app. 

✅Perfect for: People who want fun lighting that doesn't have to be installed by an electrician.

❌Avoid it if: You'd prefer not to apply any adhesive to your walls. 

💰Price check: $189.99 at Nanoleaf

👀Similar deal: $179.99 at Amazon

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Nanoleaf Shapes (9 Panels) | was $219.99 now $199.99 at Best Buy

Nanoleaf Shapes (9 Panels) | was $219.99 now $199.99 at Best Buy

These modular hexagon panels go from black to vibrant hues for a very cool effect. Place them in whatever shape you'd like on your wall and then control the colors and effects with the Nanoleaf app. You can even get them to react to sound, like your favorite music.  

✅ Perfect for: People who like colorful, reactive lighting in a variety of shades.

❌ Avoid it if: You don't feel comfortable sticking these to your wall. 

💰 Similar deal: $199.99 at Amazon | $199.99 at Nanoleaf

👀 Alternative deal: $179.99 Nanoleaf Shapes (7 Panels - White)

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Customizable lighting you'll love

One of the things I love most about Nanoleaf Lines and Nanoleaf Shapes is that they are modular, meaning that I was able to come up with a specific layout that looked good for the rooms I placed them in. I put the Lines above my gaming monitor in a triangular design that looks sleek and futuristic. The included command panel allows me to quickly turn the lights on with the press of a button. There's even a random button for quickly jumping to different color options and effects. 

Alternatively, I can open the Nanoleaf app and choose the exact colors and effects that I want the Lines to convey. If I happen to be jamming out to my music, I love turning on a reactive effect and watching the colors dance in rhythm to my favorite tracks. 

Since my gaming room already had the Nanoleaf Lines in them, I decided to put my nine Nanoleaf Shapes over my TV in my living room. I specifically have the Limited Edition Ultra Black Hexagons, which are completely black when turned off but convey lively colors when turned on. In that way, you can get a more varied range of effects from these black panels than you can from the white ones. 

I wanted my Nanoleaf Shapes to frame my OLED TV, so I came up with a design that complimented this idea. Once a layout was decided, I simply had to use the included Command Hook-like adhesive to apply each panel to the wall one at a time. It didn't take all that long and now I have fun wall lighting that can be turned on during parties or simply when I'm playing my favorite Xbox games. If I don't feel like whipping out my phone to change effects, I can press the random button on the lowest panel and it will choose a color theme and effect to instant display. 

Nanoleaf also has several other products on sale during this site-wide event, so be sure to check additional deals at the Nanoleaf website. If you aren't interested in applying lighting panels to your walls, then you should check out Nanoleaf Smart Bulbs, Nanoleaf Lightstrips, Outdoor String Lights, or the Umbra Smart Lamps

My time with Nanoleaf has helped me understand that this company does a fantastic job of producing reliable and quality smart lights that will look good in any room. There are other smart lighting brands out there, but many of them will not look this good, nor will they allow you to have as many customization options. At any rate, you'll be sure to find something from Nanoleaf that fits the vibe you're specifically looking for.

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