Best Smart Lights for Gaming in 2022

Nanoleaf Aurora light panels
Nanoleaf Aurora light panels (Image credit: Russell Holly / Windows Central)

Smart lighting isn't just limited to turning your bulbs on and off from your phone or changing their colors. With the right smart bulbs, you can even soup up your gaming rig with lights that follow the rhythm and beats of your games, turning your entire room into a living visualizer.

It pays to stay within an ecosystem

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Matching the color and intensity of your lights to your games and peripherals can make a surprisingly noticeable difference for your gaming experience. Bouncing colored lights off the wall behind your monitor can add to the ambiance of your game and even ease the strain on your eyes by keeping the amount of light relatively even between your foreground and background.

Most of these smart lights support gaming standards like Razer Chroma, which allows them to change color along with your game without needing any extra setup on your end. Philips Hue's White and Color Ambiance bulbs (opens in new tab) are the most popular smart bulbs, and work great with Chroma. Once you have one Hue product, why not keep going with more and more lights from the lineup? The best part: while Hue lights used to require a hub to control, they can now operate independently over Wi-Fi.

LIFX (opens in new tab) is another great smart home brand whose lights don't require a hub. If you're after something unique, Nanoleaf's Rhythm Edition light panels (opens in new tab) can be arranged any way you like for a truly personal setup.

Hayato Huseman