Govee AI gaming sync box kit hands-on: The immersive lighting I always wanted them to make

HDMI pass-thru is the ultimate method for immersive lighting, and Govee finally did it.

Govee AI gaming sync box kit
(Image: © Govee)

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Govee's best-ever immersive lighting solution is made for a particular range of screen sizes, so anything outside 27-34" is out of the question. Still, they've addressed every criticism I ever had about their previous kits. They created this gorgeous offering with an authentic HDMI pass-thru setup that offers lightning-fast reactions to any game or movie. Well worth the asking price; it looks great with any video source.


  • +

    Supports up to 4K resolutions or 240Hz, with in-between options.

  • +

    16ms average response time keeps the colors accurate.

  • +

    Govee Home app keeps it synced with other devices.


  • -

    Strictly 27-34" screens only, 32" is the sweet spot.

  • -

    Expensive, more so than some long-lasting competitors.

  • -

    No support for HDMI 2.1 features like VRR.

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Govee has been manufacturing some of the best RGB solutions for years, but it's never quite nailed what I wanted the most: reactive lighting. At least, that's what I call it, without naming a fairly obvious competitor. Beaming colors from the edge of your monitor during gaming is a jaw-dropping effect when it's done right, but previous attempts were a little lackluster.

The AI gaming sync box, or H6601 for its slightly shorter name, promises to give me everything I wanted in the past with an HDMI pass-thru solution in a sync box. Promising support for 4K resolutions and high refresh rates with a super-fast response time, Govee was generous enough to provide a pre-release sample, so I spent the week trying it out.

AI gaming sync box kit: Price and availability

More stickers than a premium LEGO set, but the tiny screwdriver is helpful. (Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

Govee sells the H6601 AI gaming sync box kit through its official store and third-party retailers, including Amazon, for $300 MSRP. Packaged with 2x HDMI cables but compatible with up to 3x inputs, Govee includes an AC adapter suitable for your region and everything you need to get started. Available for purchase now, Govee provided a sample unit for this review but did not see the article's contents before publishing.

AI gaming sync box kit: Setup

The adhesive clips feel somewhat surplus to the stick-on RGB strip, but it's straightforward enough. (Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

Setting up the Govee AI gaming sync box kit isn't exactly a short process. Still, it's pretty standard compared to most kits featuring RGB strips, whether or not you usually opt for the adhesive in other scenarios. It's in line with other products from the Govee range, like the Glide Hexa Pro LED panels featuring a box full of stick-on hexagons you need to align perfectly first try to maintain the strength of the glue.

Thankfully, in this case, you're attaching the primary RGB strip to the back side of an appropriately sized monitor or TV, so it doesn't matter if your alignment lacks finesse. Regarding size, the AI gaming sync box is designed for screen sizes between 27-34", and they really mean it. The TV I used is 32", and it's an absolutely perfect fit, with only a tiny amount of slack in the corners, so you won't want to go much bigger than this.

The Govee Home app offers deep customization if you really want it. (Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

You're eventually done peeling off 3M sticky strips, which doesn't amount to much more than routing a rough approximation of a rectangle behind your monitor. After that, you follow a few super-simple steps to get started with the Govee Home app, create an account if you don't already have one, and connect to the AI gaming sync box kit via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Failing to set up the app would be challenging; it's mostly just pressing 'next' and 'okay' until you're done.

From here, you can customize the light bars and RGB strip section-by-section if nothing is playing or activate a music mode that reacts to nearby sounds thanks to a built-in microphone on the sync box. HDMI inputs and output ports are clearly labeled on the rear of the unit, and one supports ARC (audio return channel), where I connected my Xbox Series S for testing. If you've ever used HDMI switchers or gaming capture cards, the in/out configuration will be obvious without a quick start guide.

AI gaming sync box kit: Impressions

Govee AI gaming sync box kit

The sync box has a beautifully reactive LED strip that matches your scene. (Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

If I'm honest, all the side uses offered by Govee hardly interest me here. The killer feature is its AI CogniGlow engine beaming the colors from up to 240Hz footage within around 16ms outwards from the edges and rear of your screen, and it's fantastic. I've been close to the experience in the past, back when I tried the Govee DreamView G1 Pro, which relied on an unsightly camera pointed downwards at my subpar monitor.

Doing away with all the roundabout methods for capturing the screen, Govee finally has an HDMI pass-thru option that fulfills my every wish. Besides the restrictions on screen sizes cutting out the opportunity for anyone with monitors smaller than 27", the AI gaming sync box kit is an absolute beauty. Firing up Cyberpunk 2077 was a perfect choice, even if I chose it purely for being one of the only titles installed. Shifting the colors to match the neon-soaked intro sequence, I was immediately sold. Govee crushed it.

Govee AI gaming sync box kit

Cyberpunk 2077's intro was a perfect fit for the CogniGlow AI color matching. (Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

Although you get more extensive controls on the Govee Home app, I hardly use it since the sync box has a dedicated power button and defaults to the HDMI input anyway. Living in a home with multiple products from their range, it's nice to have the option to synchronize Govee products, and offering extra features outside of the creative image sync is generous. Nevertheless, supporting up to 4K sources with smooth framerates is the standout selling point.

Govee has answered every criticism about its previous attempts at this kind of technology. This authentic HDMI pass thru solution has hit the nail on the head, and it's legitimately awesome. It's not cheap, but it's a versatile kit that offers more than immersive gaming or movie watching. Ultimately, it's the best revision I've seen from the company to date, and I'll recommend it to anyone even remotely interested.

AI gaming sync box kit: Should you buy?

You should buy this if ...

  • You want an immersive RGB gaming experience.
  • You don't want to rely on external cameras or sensors for accurate colors.

You shouldn't buy this if ...

  • Your monitor or TV exceeds or falls short of the 27-34" screen limit.
  • You find long-term competitors offering the same kits for less.

It's a shame that options are restricted to a slim selection of monitor sizes, but if your screen falls into the range, you'll have a blast gaming with the Govee's killer solution for an immersive experience. The HDMI pass-thru sync box provides unparalleled accuracy and lightning-fast response by doing away with awkward cameras pointed downward at your screen that relies on high-end panels to report back with accurate color info.

The price is high, and some competitors can offer similar experiences for the same or less. Not everyone can match the range of resolutions and refresh rates, so Govee still has an edge, and fitting the AI gaming sync box into a household with an already-established RGB ecosystem is easier than ever, thanks to its companion app. Personally, I'm over the moon to see Govee finally triumph and make the sync box I always wanted them to make. It's an easy recommendation from me.

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