Verizon also has an announcement Monday: 'Lets get social'

As if we needed more confirmation that on Monday, Microsoft is set to unveil their Project Pink phones (Turtle and Pure) which will be sold in partnership with Verizon, we have this little nugget seen above.

The language and timing is more than obvious: "It's time to share" and "Lets get social" are right from Microsoft's own invite and it sure is a coincidence that it's the same day as Redmond's big reveal.

At least we now know that it is a Verizon exclusive, at least for some time. The only real interesting thing here is we guess those detailed rumors saying that Project Pink was beyond dead and terrible mismanaged were...a bit off? [Berry Scoop via Android Central]

Phil Nickinson

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  • It also seems that Verizon will market them hard as well. The more ads and tv spots these get the better they'll sell.
  • Yeah, lets go MS! Lets hype up a couple of dumbphones while WM, currently your only presence in the smartphone world rapidly flushes down the toilet. The latest review of the HD2 for T-Mobile, praises Sense and HTC but as usual slams WM yet you continue to ignore it when it will be the "face" of MS's smartphones for months to come. People are jumping ship daily, in greater numbers and this is your response? Think there will be anyone left who cares about an MS mobile OS by the time you launch your iphone clone? Good job boys, good job! :(
  • You really don't understand the phone market do you? The majority, hell, I'd say 90% of phone owners out there don't care what OS the phone uses. Only that it works like they like it, and looks good in the process. You bring up the HD2, and how everyone likes it but doesn't give credit to the OS, WM, and everyone likes Sense. That just proves my point, it's looks first, then features. Stop thinking like a tech geek only.
  • These phones will attack the feature phone/social networking users. Those same users will eventually want smarter phones and since they'll be using the zune sofware they'll most likely want to stay with'in that ecosystem. So they'll transition nicely to WP7.
  • Well Verizon now trying to attract social networking users by offering these services to make a good number of its users but I think its a bad idea for them because the time when they released the Droid,there is another social networking cell phone released by Microsoft.