Verizon and Google said to be preparing bids for Yahoo

Verizon is reportedly preparing to make a first-round bid for Yahoo next week. Both Verizon and its AOL subsidiary are said to be in talks with three separate financial institutions about the bid. Google may also make its own bid for the beleaguered company.

From Bloomberg:

Verizon Communications Inc. plans to make a first-round bid for Yahoo Inc.'s Web business next week, and is willing to acquire the company's Yahoo Japan Corp. stake to help sweeten the offer, according to people familiar with the matter.Google, the main division of Alphabet Inc., is also considering bidding for Yahoo's core business, a separate person said.

While AT&T and Comcast were considering bids for Yahoo, both have apparently dropped out of the running. Time, Inc. is still mulling over a potential purchase as well.

First-round bids for Yahoo's web assets are thought to be due on April 11.

Joseph Keller
  • What is meant by "Web business"? Does this include search as well as the yahoo web portal with News, Games, Groups, Answers, Mail?
  • One would assume web business means all of it
  • If so, then I hope Google get blocked for anti-competitive reasons from buying Yahoo's web business.
  • Where were you when Microsoft was planning on acquiring Yahoo! Inc. ? Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Microsoft didn't, nor do they still, have a monopoly on search and a powerful presence in other areas of web services, with the exception of perhaps webmail with
  • Comparing MS and Google in this area is silly. Google is much bigger and should not be allowed to buy Yahoo. For some reason Google is seen as sweet and innocent and given a pass.
  • Agreed
  • Yahoo were hardly competitive... except in the over-60 crowd that actually still use Yahoo for anything
  • My bid is 0.10$ but only if current CEO is not included.
  • If Google get their sticky fingers on Yahoo. It's game over for Bing Posted from WC built for Win10 app.
  • Game over? Lol if anything it's going to be better for Bing. Because that means less competitors to take potential market share. Bing is the second biggest search engine.
    I can't even take your comment seriously. It's too funny. I can't tell if sarcasm or, that people here are just doom and gloom with everything.
  • Dude, seriously? You do know that Yahoo has an agreement with Microsoft to use Bing exclusively as their search engine, right? It's where a majority percentage of Bing's market share comes from. And probably the only reason the Bing division has survived the axe this long, since it's basically hemorrhaging money. It would be like Christmas for Google if they could put a bullet in its head.
  • That agreement with Yahoo was something made recently (Read: It's only been more or less 3 years). And I doubt that Yahoo is making up for most of the Bing market share.
    Regardless, I'm sure that Bing will still be around. It has come a long way. And it's part of Cortana and more other Windows services (and other non-windows services). So Bing is not going away any times soon.
  • Cue everyone insisting that Microsoft buy them first without explaining what the benefits will be.
  • I honestly don't know what the benefit would be for anyone buying them anymore. A few years ago, sure. Now... I don't get it. AOL all over again...
  • Yahoo is a cesspool. Their news is tabloid-ish and their email is so-so. Whoever buys them will have a lot of work to do to restore their reputation if they decide to keep the name.
  • A lot of work, if it is even possible. Now, if their backend stuff is what is being purchased to support a current brand, then I kind of get it. And, maybe they hold some patents that are valuable. But the Yahoo! Brand itself is dead, and I don't think they can ever make a come back. And probably shouldn't.
  • Yeah, this I could see. Yahoo is an old enough company that they might have some buried gold in places the average consumer might not know about.
  • like patents and trademarks... Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • don't even start with their useless email service littered with advertisements. and anything they have left is just a huge pile of junk. Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • AOL is a great example actually. Verizon purchased them for their Internet video and advertising assets. I suppose that aspect of Yahoo would be a great fit for them in that case. Google doesn't need Yahoo's search or ad share and I feel they wouldn' allowed to purchase them anyway for the same reason.
  • Oh...i thought yahoo was a joke...someone's going to actually buy it...with real money!?
  • Well... one such benefit would be to maintain influence to keep yahoo using bing ads in their search results = $$$$..."Under the new deal, 51% of its desktop search traffic has to carry Bing ads. The rest can carry ads however Yahoo likes — either from its own Gemini system or other partners." -
  • So Spamhoo can carry 100% whatever ads they want! Last I did with them was cleaning complete crapware that infected Chrome on my ex-boss laptop! And it was not easy to get ride off! I try to keep anything as far from Spamhoo as possible!
  • Microsoft could buy them and convert all of the yahoo email to outlook.  They would preserve their Bing search revenue by making sure that all of the traffic from Yahoo goes to Microsoft properties forever.  In a sense they could buy Yahoo just to shut it down and prevent the competition from taking those customers.  Honestly Yahoo has no reason for existing any more an easy redirect to MSN would be all that is needed.  All of this is assuming that the price of Yahoo isn't in the silly range.
  • The flaw with that is whether consumers would accept the option to be converted over to Outlook. Some people are sensitive about their email and they might have built relationships with their Yahoo account. I do think the ad idea has merit although ad revenue has been decreasing since more and more people are avoiding them these days.
  • In the past Microsoft just mapped the email address.  I still have a Hotmail address and my mom has a Live address even though those two services don't exist any more.  So to the user they would still have a Yahoo address but it would just use the Outlook back end.
  • That would be pretty cool. I still have my live address as well. Thanks for explaining.
  • that would be a disaster. just force everyone to create a new outlook alias. then the user can choose to use their yahoo email address or the outlook email address (in the same account) Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • @RohanRonQM. Lol, your method would be a even bigger PR disaster :P.
  • If they can get it for anything less than 20 billion, it would be good business. 400million active email users are worth anything plus ten % search in the USA Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bing market share.
  • Well Flickr could be used as a beacon to steer the flagship followup we've been waiting for(**** now I sound just as lame as the writers on here)
  • Because they want to zip up the over-60 crowd that still use Yahoo :P
  • If Google takes Yahoo will this be bad for Microsoft/Bing??
  • Yahoo currently uses Bing for search.  If Google buys them then they immediatly change that and Bing market share drops.
  • So Microsoft should buy Yahoo if only to prevent Google from acquiring it!
  • Hard to imagine adding Yahoo to Google wouldn't raise antitrust concerns. Normally, no way that'd be allowed. However, Google has been a huge donor to Obama and the Democrats, so who knows.
  • Guess MS could back a low marketshare engine to acquire it
  • Not sure how Google would be allowed to buy them, especially if Search is included. That would be considered a monopoly and the regulators would not approve it.
  • Yahoo manage sky email.
  • Bing's existence stops the monopoly claim. What would be interesting is seeing how the MS/Yahoo contract looks there. If Google bought Yahoo, would there still be an active contract for a few years that requires Yahoo's back-end to be held up by Bing? That would be rather funny.
  • Google's marketshare in search is enough. You don't have to be a true monopoly to run into antitrust issues. 
  • Microsoft hasn't been hit with it in years, despite being probably at a comparable level in OS share on consumer devices. Intel's marketshare for CPUs is probably even larger, but it survives and thrives because AMD is broke and incompetent.
  • That's mainly because microsoft nolonger uses it's PC dominance to push out competitors like it has done in the past. And google is still under investigation for abusing its search monopoly by various government agencies, including the European Union. Totally different cases right now.
  • Nope Yahoo already is in the process to break off from all contacts from MSFT bing power. Posted from WC built for Win10 app.
  • Link? Last I read, they agreed to new terms that were beneficial to yahoo.
  • From a "pure monopoly" standpoint, that's true but it would increase Googles "Monopoly power", which regulators would never approve from an economic standpoint. From my 950XL
  • Keith I don't know if this has any relevance, I'm in the UK with sky part of my package is email, for a couple of years it was managed by Google, then for some reason the email has been taken over by yahoo why I don't know the spam is unreal, never had that problem when google was in charge.
  • If we're talking monopolies than Yahoo is the Baltic and Mediterranean of the board.
  • Ugh, I'd like to punch google in the face... Posted from Windows Central on Windows 46 Interstellar Edition
  • Why?
  • Why not? via Windows Central app for Windows 10
  • If Google gets it, I'll have to switch my e-mail. I'm not letting my Yahoo mail get rolled into that company's information. Man, I'm going to be so mad if Google takes it over, or if someone shuts down the fantasy sports side.
  • Even if you deleted your Yahoo account, wouldn't any buyers get your past information?
  • That doesn't mean I'm giving them anything new. I'll set up a new account, forward everything, delete it (they can keep their backups, not that it's got anything useful), and I'll stop taking e-mails on that account, save for spam.
  • Microsoft should bid before google
  • Why? What possible value is Yahoo to MS? Is this just the predictable knee-jerk "Microsoft should buy them!" comment thats expected when the subject comes up?  
  • Because 51% of Yahoo's searches are powered by Bing.
  • Please dont let google buy yahoo. Dont let it happen cbon
  • God please don't let Google get its dirty paws on Yahoo too, I'm sick of effin' Google pushing their business model everywhere.
  • I guess this wouldn't be a good time to ask for a UWP Yahoo Fantasy Football App. What other phone would you be using beside the L640? I'm just sayin.... *One Windows*
  • Google trying to buy yahoo simply means they want to make instant messaging application with mail features.
  • Hope that is the regards to keeping the email address. My current email is yahoo and is the first one I created back in 1998. Would hate to lose it. Nostalgic reasons for me.
  • However buy it, you not gonna lose it, do not worry about that
  • If Yahoo! is really to be sold, I hope that Microsoft buys it!
  • Whoever buys Yahoo, I hope they don't kill their mail service. I use my Yahoo email for pretty much everything.
  • Yahoo was at one time relevant. Long since dead. The news articles are atrocious and riddled with spam. The email addresses are hacked more than any provider I know of. I remember Microsoft trying to buy them or considering it. I'm very glad it never happened. Bing is far better for results and pleasant to use. While we're buying crap they should put in a bid for Myspace and maybe Netscape Navigator for a better browser.
  • Isn't it ironic that the company that was first offered to Yahoo to buy, which they turn down is now going to buy them!
  • Oh please God just not Google. Anyone else but them (or apple but they aren't gonna bother here) Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • Google should not be allowed to purchase yahoo search engine. It should make them a monopoly they bringing the same type of care the DOJ brought against Microsoft. ATT was also prevented from purchasing a company last year or so; I don't remember if it was time warner, sprint, or someone else. Years ago Mabelle was also considered a monopoly and forced to split. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Proudly rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • It was tmobile a few years ago.
  • MS bought Hotmail. Doesn't Yahoo use Bing? I hope MS considers Yahoo. The name still holds weight.
  • No it doesn't hold for Microsoft. Google's search business revenue is ****** up and the only thing earning well is u tube on android bcoz it has ads that u cant block.
  • The end of an era. I guess we can all conclude Marissa Mayer didn't do a very good job saving Yahoo. What a wasted opportunity to be a great female leader. *sad trombone*
  • Yahoo's era ended 10-15 years ago :P
  • What about flickr?
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