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Verizon approves ATIV SE Windows Phone 8.1.1 updates, now available

Update is NOW available as of 1 pm ET!

Verizon is, ironically, ahead of many US carriers when it comes to pushing out Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. The Samsung ATIV SE, an admittedly beautiful and well-crafted Windows Phone is now on the stage to get the update too.

The Samsung ATIV SE launched with little fanfare in April of 2014 for Verizon Wireless. Featuring a 5-inch 1080p display the phone look built for Windows Phone 8.1. However, Samsung never delivered a proper 8.1 update, so instead the phone still rocks Windows Phone 8.0 Build 10532 (Update 3) making it feel quite antiquated.

Verizon has officially approved the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 today, March 2, 2015. The carrier has posted a PDF detailing the massive OS upgrade, and it looks to breathe new life into what is otherwise fantastic hardware. (The ATIV SE, like other Samsung phones, experienced some issues running the 8.1 Preview for Developers updates without accompanying firmware).

The forthcoming update brings the firmware up to 2218.14.12.1 for the ATIV SE, along with a bevy of new features, including:

Many of those features have been around for so long, it is hard to imagine the ATIV SE without them already, making this a momentous update.

We should caution that the update is not yet available.

Microsoft usually throws the switch for updates at 1 pm ET (11 am PT), and that may happen today or later this week. We will update this story accordingly if the update goes live.

If you need help or would like to discuss the update, head into our ATIV SE forums, where others are gearing up!

Source: Verizon (PDF) (opens in new tab); Thanks, robnhl, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I thought they just skipped that one. Guess I was wrong.
  • They were in a giant legal battle... Assuming this update was a bargaining chip which seems to have worked well for Samsung.
  • Wouldn't be a good bargain because I doubt that many people have this phone it was never advertised and was over shadowed by the s5
  • One thing I would like to note is: notice in the article it clearly states, what I have been saying all along: The PFD install did not work so well without the firmware.
    So, for those who say they are separate and independent is true only to a point... In that they are separate, although inextricably intertwined....
    Been trying to make this point, hope it sticks this time.
  • That's because Samsung customizes their devices heavily.
  • I'm talking about WP.
  • So am I. The heavily customized firmware is what makes the phones easy to interop unlock and also makes it rect strangely with stock-WP
  • I wanna know how many people have that phone.
  • About 26 people own that phone. 
  • Nah that's too many lol.
  • I own 2. Att
  • So now we just need to find the other 24 users...
  •  You get the MMS to work? I can send just can't receive MMS.
  • That there is funny.
  • Samsung employees
  • Not many but that doesn't mean that this is one of the best windows phones ever made ;)
  • Probably more than those who have the m8 lmao
  • Honestly, I agree, it is way more secure than Android. I have literally tried to get a virus and its not possible, however, I am hoping that with Windows 10, they will allow more openness to devs. They do have some strict limitations as to what you can do.
  • Sadly that could change if they allow intel
  • I knew it was a matter of time before you would comment your typical anti m8 crap lol
  • Don't make it low, developers use this phone more. Its not having many limitations like the Lumia series..
  • You call it limitations, I call it more secure :)
  • I'd like to get a Samsung OEM device for app testing as well.
  • I bought a couple of them for my family members recently.  They were $109.00 on sale, so it was hard to pass up.  They are running the DevPreview 8.1 edition quite happily.
  • What?! Where and how cause I want to buy some too!!!!
  • Agreed. great phones
  • I have one,  I downgraded/upgraded from a Nokia 822 that had WP 8.1  in January, two days ago I got the preupdate just like the Nokia 822 back got back  in December.  Now I'm waiting for the actual update to 8.1.  MS Store was almost giving them away for about a week at $49. 
  • I have it. And I really like I.
  • Translucent tiles ? Isn't that a W10 feature?
  • Translucent or Transparent tiles ?
  • Illusive you mean
  • No. Those are transparent.
  • Daniel you just told me in twitter that's Translucent. Meh! Confused.
  • I did no such thing. I simply said they are not the same. 8.1 has translucent tiles, Win 10 has transparent. What is all of this crap in comments, people? You know what Windows Phone 8.1 looks like with the background image. You know what it looks like in Windows 10 with the see through tiles. There is no mystery here. Stop being pedantic. There are no "Windows 10 features" in this build. It's straight up Windows Phone 8.1.1. Move on already.
  • You're wrong here. Translucent tiles is a Windows 10 feature. Transparent tiles is the Windows Phone 8.1 feature. That's the confusing part.
  • Get rekt! You just owned him.
  • Are the windows on my car translucent or transparent?
  • If they're completely clear like WP8.1 tiles, they're transparent. If they're tinted, they're translucent like W10.
  • Ha! The jokes on you...I don't have a car! :P
  • Transparent tiles = you can see the background through the tiles (WP8.1) -- like a see-through window pane
    Translucent tiles = the tiles are semi-transparent -- showing some of the background and some of the tile colour (W10) -- like a coloured window pane, which is translucent.
    That's causing the confusion.
    Why do you always think people here are dumb?
  • A journalist who gets butthurt when called out on for his lackluster editing. Good luck with that.
  • See Daniel I respect you for your sense of humour and lucid writing but not everyone here is dumb and needs a cold shoulder. My query was genuine and I still don't understand how W10 is transparent according to you. WP8.1 had transparent tiles and we could see the background through them. W10 has translucent tiles with accent colours and full background image. This is what I know. How am I wrong? Please correct me without presuming me a moron.
  • Some physics classes, maybe?
  • Who are you replying to?
  • Leave it bro. It was a slight mistake on Daniel's part. Such things happen. Maybe he knows something we don't or maybe he got confused. He has a lot of work to do. What actually amazes me is the number of people who are insulting us just to support Daniel no matter how stupid they seem.
    Let's end the debate here. Thanks for understanding. :)
  • Yeah, seems so...
  • That doesn't give him the right to belittle people cause he has a wad. I respect his reporting and he's good at what he does but I don't kiss anyone's ass. Nothing personal Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Instead of calling the people that come to WIndowsCentral to read your articles 'pedantic', maybe you should learn the difference between translucent and transparent.  For your information, translucent means, "(of a substance) allowing light, but not detailed images, to pass through; semitransparent:" via OxfordDictionary. Windows Phone 8.1 has transparent tiles. Windows 10 has translucent tiles. You seriously need to accept your mistakes instead of taking your anger out on your readers. P.S. While we're on the subject, you like to blame other websites for spreading wrong information while you are here blatantly telling your readers wrong information and telling them to "move on". It's a shame such a stuck up person is the editor of this website.
  • Does any of this even matter lol you people over react to the dumbest shit
  • No one "reacted" to anything until Daniel did. It was just a minor correction.
  • I know, but he has a point, we already know what WP8.1 looks like, I don't see the reason for people to get confused about it, he obviously made a mistake in his article, I caught it but I knew what he meant, therefore I "moved on" but some
  • My little brother who is new to tech news came running to me and told me that WCentral says that Ativ SE is going to get Translucent tiles. My query was to clear his doubt.
    Not everyone already knows everything. The aim of these sites is to provide easy access to reliable and true information about new gadgets and tech so that people can make an informed decision.
    I love Daniel's editorials and sincerely respect his work. He's good at what he does but sometimes it won't hurt anyone if he answers trying to resolve some user's problem or not reply at all rather than act harsh presuming that the user is trying to act 'cool'.
    I don't know about others but his reply did hurt me.
  • "Monopoly"
  • Lucky users , they were using the best wp till now :D
  • Actually it's a good device
    It has all the goodies of the Galaxy S4 + Snapgradon 800 but the lack of WP8.1 made it feel like an "old device" but it shoud behave properly almost like a high-end cellphone
  • SD 800? Wow! So is it getting Hey Cortana with this update then?
  • It is a high end phone.
  • What's the point of having such good processer and specs if they are getting the update after a year? No wonder why there are so many user of ATIV SE lol :D
  • Translucent tiles + background? Wasn't that coming with Windows 10?
  • No, those are TRANSPARENT tiles.
  • I think the issue here is people not knowing that transparent and translucent mean different things. Don't worry Daniel some of us get it!
  • Yes they do, but Daniel is using the words the wrong way!
  • I don't get it either.
  • Look at Windows Phone 8.1 and it's background image. Now look at a Windows 10 Windows phone. End of story. There is nothing to see here, move on.
  • I will check the preview out soon as my Icon is added to the list... Lol
  • See Daniel I respect you for your sense of humour and lucid writing but not everyone here is dumb and needs a cold shoulder. My query was genuine and I still don't understand how W10 is transparent according to you. WP8.1 had transparent tiles and we could see the background through them. W10 has translucent tiles with accent colours and full background image. This is what I know. How am I wrong ? Please correct me without presuming me a moron.
  • And you don't have to post this on multiple comments to try and one up the said journalist who is correct in what he says. Go look in a dictionary first, have a look at a image on WP8.1 then Win10 after that THEN come back and then maybe we'll get somewhere.
  • See my reason below.
  • I'm using TP on Lumia 730. The tiles clearly are translucent with accent colour and partly showing the background. Before getting the TP I had 8.1 and had completely transparent tiles through which I could see the background. I still don't get how am I wrong and how is Daniel right according to you.
    Anyway, let's end this debate here now. Thank you for your time.
  • He is absolutely wrong,
  • Transparent tiles=you can see what's behind it i.e. the background image is behind the tiles
    Translucent tiles=The background image is in the tiles i.e. the tiles are the image
    That's how I understand it
  • Transparent tiles = you can see the background through the tiles (WP8.1) -- like a see-through window pane
    Translucent tiles = the tiles are semi-transparent -- showing some of the background and some of the tile colour (W10) -- like a coloured window pane, which is translucent.
    That's causing the confusion.
  • Wam1q, you are right. Anyone who wants to be sure can just look it up. Weird how daniel got so mad
  • Most likely due to stress and over-work.
  • Sure. I'm a doctor. Let me try and see how this excuse works for me next time I do a surgery... :P
  • I'm happy for the owners of this phone.
  • They pushed out a update on a phone that isn't sold anymore "Icon".At least they're supporting WP.Can't say that about other US carriers.
  • Still no update 1 on my Lumia 1020.. :(
  • What network are you on? I thought it was basically only Three in the UK that hadn't updated their 1020's to Denim!
  • Seriously ? I got my 1020 updated to DENIM while ago here in INDIA :D
  • Pff im hoping thas ms will push out a new windows 10 preview this week
  • All your excitment to try W10TP will go down once you install it bcz its doesn't have anything in it. I rolled back to 8.1 after a couple of hours
  • How accent colour is purple..?
  • Looks like its the Indigo accent.
  • That irony tho
  • Verizon is on a roll lately
  • Well that's just great, the ATIV Camera app is on the ATIV SE but not on the ATIV S yet oddly it's on the UK Store!!! 
  • It's not available for the ATIV S Neo either
  • I can't remember if the ATIV S Neo has the updated firmware needed to run it though, it just seems stupid that it's on the UK Store yet they CBA to release it for other ATIV owners.
  • Why operator has to approve update, it should be passed by Microsoft not by the operators
  • This has all the Verizon Crapware added so, yes it has to have carrier approval.
  • Yea. Country variants ftw!!
  • Gimped CV
  • Happy for ASE owners ... About time Verizon released it, I thought they forgot about it.
  • Hopefully Microsoft can find a way to get these updates out faster than a year after they released. It was said to be released a year ago and just showing up now makes it hard to kick the reputation of Windows Phone being "behind". Just the same as how long the release cycle us going to be for a successor for the 920. WP owners who read Windows Central know what happened but the average consumer sees a phone that only update every few years. I see that from people I talk to today. They just see Windows Phone as stagnant even if the others have made small changes.
  • Lumia 930/Icon, Samsung Ativ SE, HTC One M8, and Lumia 1520.  All flagship devices.  All good enought to tide us over until Windows 10 and the next gen of flagships.  Be patient.
  • What about the original ATIV? That phone still doesn't have Cyan.
  • And never will because that firmware update is for Lumia devices only.  smdh
  • My Ativ S has "Denim". By that I mean 8.1.1. Funny part, it got the update before most Lumias.
  • You don't have Denim.  That was a Lumia only firmware update. 
  • Read before you comment.
  • Know what you're talking about before you comment.
  • I know that Denim is Lumia firmware. Did you notice that I wrote Denim in quotation marks? All I meant by "Denim" was 8.1.1.
  • "Denim" = 8.1.1. That's what he is trying to say and that he got it before some Lumias
  • Neither does mine have 8.1.1 just gdr3.
  • "Beautiful"...?
    I think Rubinski needs to invest in some glasses!
  • Get my name right or do not use it all. And like you, I am entitled to my opinion on aesthetics. Challenging people on this issue is pointless.
  • Yes...your opinion - whereas your article makes it sound like your comment is representative of our collective opinion.
    In reality, Samsung has been hammered for years for their unimaginative and tacky designs. (The S6/Edge is going some way to correcting that).
  • Danton Rubles
  • Harsh...
  • Good to hear for frustrated SE users.
  • Well in spite of their genuine awfulness with regards to anything WP related, Verizon has actually managed to get its entire lineup update to 8.1.1 (the only exception being the odyssey which I'm pretty sure fewer people owned than the stock joke about WP users in general). Now if they would just stop playing games with their customers before releasing any update and stop generally treating us like dirt maybe I won't bail at my next contract after all.
  • You might surprised able the sales of the Odyssey. My mom has one and so do two of my friends and I didn't recommend it to any of them. They also kept selling it when they discontinued the 822. I'm sure it didn't sell in amazing numbers, but it probably wasn't too bad.
  • Really hope this fixes the phone freezing issues from the DP.
  • Speaking of update, i tought by the end of february supposed to be all devices will get updates?!
  • What about the ATIV Odyssey? My dads phone has been plagued with random reboot issue after dev preview was used to get 8.1 on it. Now cant go back to 8.0 because only Lumia phones can downgrade software by using the recovery tool. Lesson to all: Only buy windows phone made by Microsoft.
  • I could care less about Verizon but I would've LOVED a factory unlocked version of this device. My uncle has it and it is a beauty, performs well, and feels great while using it. Samsung needs to get it together and start offering more premium Windows Phone devices across different carriers like they do with their Galaxy line. Not saying it's going to happen but it would be pretty great if they did. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • David Mitchell wants to tell you something ;)
  • Want a cookie or something? I'm not sure if you expected me to get butt hurt by that video. Either way, I don't care. Have a nice day. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • For someone that isn't butt hurt, it does rather sound like you have a sore butt ;).
    Anyway, I'm sure you won't make the same linguistic error again.
    Have a nice day.
  • No sore butts here. Just don't care. I'll speak however I please. And if I could care less, then so be it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If you're going to continue using a nonsensical phrase, please at least remove that Android signature.
  • I had the S and now happily have the SE. It rocks for work and play!
  • Will the Ativ S get 8.1.1?
  • Who knows it might end up with 8.1.2 instead
  • Yes, I have it on my ATIV S with the updated firmware.
  • It's region-based. The Canadian variant still does not have the 8.1 update.
  • How do you know which variant you have? My wife had to have her original Ativ S (bought through Verizon) replaced on warranty due to a defective USB port.
  • Verizon never sold the ATIV S. They have the ATIV Odyssey and the ATIV SE.
  • Ah....good call. I didn't think about that. Wonder of Verizon will push 8.1 out for the Odyssey.
  • Go to forum, Ativ S got it, at least some of us. There is way to install it.
  • Get it while it's hot kids.
  • Congrats guys
  • Sigh, 1020
  • Samsung looks sexy with windows
  • Where is Lumia 1320 India denim update
  • Bing is your friend:
  • That's interesting, i dont have that firmware update but it says my phone is up to date
  • Turn off Dev Preview (then search for updates).
  • dev preview isn't even installed on it. this is a backup phone
  • Silly question, but I assume it is definitely the SE, and definitely on Verizon?
    Perhaps it just takes a while to propagate to every phone.
  • def is the SE and I assume it is taking awhile since I even reset the phone
  • Still waiting 8.1 update for european ativ S ...
  • Go to forum, Ativ S got 8.1.1 update a while ago, there is way to install it.
  • Verizon is taking good care of their WP customers.  Even older launch devices like the 822 are getting updates to 8.1.  T-Mobile has been shafting their customers who boug