Verizon Lumia Cyan update reverts to 'Under Development' as delay continues

For those on Verizon waiting for the Lumia Cyan and 8.1 update to grace your Lumia 822, Lumia 928 or Lumia Icon, there is more bad news to report.

Windows Central reader NOLATechy has noticed that the Lumia Cyan update page has shifted the status from 'Under Testing' to a new stage 'Under Development'. If that sounds like a step backwards, you are correct.

Typically, the OS and firmware updates are already developed by the time they reach the carrier, where further testing may require some additional tweaks before certification. In this case, the Lumia Cyan firmware has evidently failed certification on Verizon, requiring Microsoft to go back and rebuild the update to address lingering issues on Verizon's network.

The 'Under Development' is a status level never used before as previously there were only 'Under Testing', 'Not Available' or 'Available' categories.

Reader NOLATechy reportedly had a conference call with Microsoft and Verizon Tech support about the delay. According to his report:

"Nokia confirmed with me that the reason Verizon is holding up the Cyan firmware update for the Lumia Icon is because Verizon is demanding that their phone apps (VZ Navigator, My Verizon, Voicemail, etc.) work "perfectly" on the device before they will approve the Cyan firmware update. They sent the Cyan firmware update back to Microsoft for "development changes" to ensure this happens."

Windows Central has been able to confirm independently through sources that this is indeed the holdup for Lumia Cyan on Verizon. Additionally, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore implied as much in a recent Tweet, noting:

"MS/Verizon are working on some bug fixes-- VZW taking the quality seriously. We aren't sure how long it will take, but work is underway." - Joe Belfiore 10/30/2014

At this stage, there is no telling when Verizon users will see Lumia Cyan. The OS and firmware update still needs carrier testing and approval before being released. Combined with the holidays, we may be looking at early 2015 before the final release is approved by the large US carrier.

Thanks, NOLATechy, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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