Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 OS update for Portico is now live

Good news for those on Verizon sporting the Nokia Lumia 822 and who were wondering when your OS update was coming. We are told that update is now live for your device, boosting the OS to version 10211 in addition to adding new firmware to the mix. The rollout began at 10am PT/1PM ET.

Build 10211 of Windows Phone 8 aka ‘Portico’ adds all sorts of smaller but essential new features to the OS, including persistent Wi-Fi, SMS call reject, multiple inbox deletions for text messages, stability improvements and more...

Nokia Lumia 822

The accompanying firmware too brings some new enhancements and fixes along the way, addressing some issues with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the micro SD expansion, making it sound like a noteworthy update. Here are the major points of the changelog:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enhancements for improved performance.
  • Extended support for more microSD card manufacturers.
  • Improved SD card functionality.
  • Added capability to select an MP3 file as a ring tone (note: MP3 files loaded via a PC)
  • Messaging enhancements to allow editing an MMS while forwarding.
  • New functionality to multi-select recipients for a message and ignore calls with an SMS reply.

While most users will get a Toast notification over the next few days alerting them to the update, you can of course force check it right now by heading into Settings > Phone Update > Check for Updates to start downloading the OS and firmware updates. You will need to do that over Wi-Fi though as the update is quite large.

Total installation and update time could vary depending on much storage is left on your device but putting aside 20 minutes should be good enough for most users.

Did you get the update? Are you liking the changes? Give us feedback in comments and tell us your thoughts or head into our Lumia 822 Forums. More info about the update can now be found at Verizon.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Today is March 1st. Still nothing for the unlocked Lumia 920 dev devices.
  • not sure what this has to do with the 822...
  • Nothing. I'm just whining about not getting an update for a device that I got for free.
    But they did miss the "end of February" date for the 822. :p
  • Did they ever lock down the Navi Firm thing?  I had portico on my unlocked 920 before Christmas. 
  • I think so but the rom for this one was never made available. Supposedly I could flash it with an AT&T rom but I'd rather not go from unlocked/unbranded to that junk.
  • Any tips on how to keep the phone from sleeping during the download?  I had a huge problem with that while updating the USA maps recently, because every time the phone goes to sleep, it turns off wifi and pauses the download.  I had to hold the phone for like a half hour and keep waking it up.
  • Connect to a charger
  • settings->lock screen->screen times out  put 5 mins
  • No, once you connect to a charger, it does not disconnect wifi even when screen is off
  • thanks, i did not know this.
  • I didn't know that either, thanks.  Makes me wonder why I had such a dog of a time downloading the US map update. 
  • This update brings the ability to set that wifi will always be on. That should solve your issue. It is mentioned in the article :)
  • if you are talking about WP8 turn on wifi keep alive in wifi settings under advanced 
  • He's asking how to keep the phone alive to keep WiFi on to install Portico. Portico is what gives the phone the ability to keep WiFi on when on battery power.
  • Hi,
    what is that WiFi sleeping issue ? i recently got my lumia 822 from USA (from verizon, unlocked.) I am downloading portico update now, & before that i downloaded asphalt-7 game over WiFi on last night. i never faced such "WiFi sleeping" issue.
    my WiFi works as usual & keep downloading thing while my phone is sleeping. (I am still downloading portico).
    I am really curious of this WiFi stops downloading when phone is in sleep mode.
    am i the only only one whose WiFi keep downloading during Phone sleep ? :p
  • This will make a lot of people happy. :)
  • Yay!
  • Way to be, vzw
  • I'm downloading my update right now.
  • Does the 820 on AT&T have portico yet, or did it come when the 920 got it?
  • Still waiting for Portico on my Lumia 920 on EE here in the UK. Got a DM from EE on Twitter saying it'll be rolling out this week but still nothing and its Friday already.
  • Downloading now on my White 822. "Preparing to install 87%" and counting... WIll report back how the install goes. Hoping this will also allow that new DLNA media app thing from Nokia to work. Oh 90 percent!
    UPDATE: Hmm well its been sitting at "Preparing to install 100%" for a while now. Phone does not appear to be locked up. I do have it plugged into external power. Anyone else getting this behavior? Is it normal?
    UPDATE: And of course after sitting on that screen for like 10 min at 100 percent it finally asked to be rebooted and is restarting now. Taking a long long time to restart.
    Update: Took a bit longer to reboot than normal, Finally got the Verizon Red Box, brief Nokia logo now looking at some churning gears on my screen. So far so good.
    Update: Finally finished with the gears, quick Verizon red box logo, this time a longer than normal Nokia logo... Brief Windows Phone blue logo screen... and lock screen. Wallpaper is there. Unlocked and says "Migrating your data (Step 1 of 4) 12%" and counting.
    Update: Woohoo finally done. It will drop back to the start screen, then ask for a reboot, if no button press happend it reboots anyway. Took a long while to shut down. Maybe its cleaning up (deleting) all the update files it used. Finally rebooted and it looks great! Total update time was a good 45+ minutes from download start to final restart. A long time! But all over the air (WiFi) and no computer required, I like that.
    Hope this little comment live/blog helps some folks.
  • Thanks for the updates. Mine is sitting at the Preparing to Install. Now I know how much longer it should take from there. That will definately help.
  • So you had it plug into your charger?
  • It took  a while to install on my phone too. At least 30 mins or so.
  • Since something was said about the 822, anyone know when the trophy will be updated to 7.8. Not that I actually want to (heard too many problems) I haven't gotten an update or anything.
  • Pretty sure it won't get updated.
  • Mines updated, but I have XDA to thank for that.
  • Soooo it didn't get updated, but you installed 7.8 on your phone thanks to the work around on XDA?
  • Well I upgrade next month so I'm waiting. I'll get the 822. Or if something else better is out by then.
  • I used one of the tools posted on here about upgrading to 7.8 on my old Trophy.  I don't use it for calls but my kids play games on it.  It went very smoothly and quickly but I can't remember which tool I used.
  • I used the tool posted on here a few weeks back and it worked fine on my Trophy...I'm on 7.8 now. That said, I don't think 7.8 will ever come officially from Verizon to this phone. And as for Portico...if don't want to release 7.8 I'm sure they won't even bother releasing Portico for this old phone.
  • I think they put 7.8 on hold because of the whole tiles not working deal. Knowing Verizon they will either wait till after the bugs are worked out or they just won't. By the way I miss my Trophy; it' now a brick.
  • Hopefully it addresses the slow camera
  • Updating my wife's 822. She works for Verizon and when she told me she was #switching ;) her iPhone 4s to a 822 I told her she might not like it because of the lack of apps. Apps missing were good morning America, pinterest, Pandora, abc30, and one other. Two days ago we started talking about the phone and she likes it. I was a little shocked. I found her 3rd party alternatives and pinned GMA on start screen and she's liking it. I'm updating her phone as she sleeps right now ;)and
  • Aww man! I've been waiting for this since I got my phone and they release it when I'm at work =/. By the way, Can anyone confirm if Portico fixes the group messaging glitch? Will it keep all replies under the same thread?
  • The group messaging issue wasn't a "glitch". Verizon decided to have it disabled for whatever reason.
  • Verizon intentionally disabled it to offer it in a separate 'Verizon Messaging App', which they never released a WP version of.  As far as Portico fixing that, no, it does not.
  • What you just said is not true. The fact is that group messaging is a limitation of windows phone 8 and is currently not possible over CDMA for the OS. My understanding is that It will be updated in the near future. Again this is not Verizon's fault, just to be clear.
  • Say Whaaaaa?!?!? Time to rip verizon a new one...
  • I'm not sure what you're looking for in Group messaging, but if you go to the People tile, swipe to Together, scroll down and you will see Groups. You can establish all the groups you want for text messaging.
  • The issue is not the ability to send a text to a group of people, because I can do that. The issue is that when they go to reply, the replies will not stay within the same thread (think group chat). Instead it goes to seperate threads. I had this ability on my HTC Arrive thru Sprint so I fail to see why I would have it on my Lumia...
  • Updating my lumia 922 now :) Hope the camera quality also gets much better :)
  • Getting mine now.
  • Noticed a post about the update from Nokia on Facebook.  Updating now. YES!
  • Yup. Mine. Cross-check cover photo to my username. :o
  • Wow. My 8x finally beat Nokia to something.
  • My wifes is almost done, mines next! Nice I was able to use internet share to fake it out on the WiFi exception! It does take a while so I caution patience!
  • I tried to go to share internet and it says that my data does not allow it and that I need to purchase something. I still have the old unlimited data so don't know why it says that I need some other data plan.
  • Because in order to do that Verizon wants you to buy one of their share everything plans.
  • Getting an error saying "currently unable to check for updates."  Anyone else get this?
    Update:  Finally connected and is downloading, albeit very slowly!
    Update 2:  The first download stopped when my screen locked.  Had to start the download over.  Now, in the middle of the download, I am getting an error ("The update cannot be downloaded) and it stops the dowload, making me all but start again.  I am a big WP fan, and a former iPhone user.  The fragmented update process and poor execution of the WP updates need to be addressed before the platform can take off.  Trying again now.
  • Hey all, just an fyi when updating, the phone will sit at 100% for along time, up 15 minutes, don't freak out, just let it do its thing, it will seem like an eternity but be patient, when att updated the 920 everyone on the forums were freaking out, me included lol it took just under 15 minutes on mine when I updated and I swear I just sat there staring at my phone thinking something went wrong so be patient
  • Thanks for the heads up.
  • About time Verizon, now when is the next update due?
  • I don't think there's updates waiting. I wish we got a small update in the next month or so. Portico was released what, a month or two ago already?
  • Done!! It does take awhile so just be patient
  • Anyone know if this fixes the "missed call" beeps that play whether the phone is on silent AND/OR turned all the way down? It didn't fix it on my 8x. Seems to be only a Verizon WP8 issue.
  • I have this same issue and don't know of a fix.
  • Hate it. I contacted windows phone support about it months ago and they said they forwarded the issue to the correct department. So I was hoping portico would have helped. But nope.
  • Well this the Potico update and the first thing i did was to install worked once and not again. :(
  • Even though PlayTo doesn't, one thing I have discovered is that this update seems to fix the microSDXC issues a lot of 822 owners were having. i did a quick :40sec video and it worked just fine! let's hope this works for good!
    UPDATE 1: OK, I just did another 1 minute video of my kids while they were watching Pirates of the Caribbean. I made sure that the movie was playing in the background and it only had a very tiny, almost unnoticeable stutter.
  • I still have some stutter after Portico update but much less than before.  Maybe next update will solve it.
  • I took much longer video today- the stuttering is still there...JFC. how difficult is this crap to fix? why is it even there in the first GD place?
    odd thing about the video- while the video itself stops and goes, the audio persists.
  • Entire process took just under 40 minutes for me. Everything seems fine.
  • I got locked up in the reboot cycle. :/ Did a hard reset, but since portico apparently fully installed, I didn't have to update again after the reset. THANK MSFT for their backup system. It knew all my current apps, emails, and text messages. At first I was upset, but now I don't care since they have such a smooth backup system. PHEW!
    Best of luck to the rest of you!
  • My favorite parts of the update is the select all in the messaging threads, and the multi select contact. Took about 30 minutes to finally complete the update, but everything went fine.
  • *claps* Congratulations. /EvangelionEpisode26
  • Updated to Portico.... Still problems with SDXC card... tried 2 different ones... just does not see it.
    one is generic brand, and the other is Sandisk (both 64gb)... work on PC but not in Lumia822
  • Pathetic update. New functionality to multi-select recipients for a message and ignore calls with an SMS reply. I think this about the only useful update. All the other updates are just fluff. Still no missed call LED notification, no custom ringtone for text messages, no individual volume management. Sorry, there still some basic functions that need to be fixed before they worry about
    Messaging enhancements to allow editing an MMS while forwarding
  • How is an update going to give it an led notification? You can't add hardware through a software update...
  • Lolzz!
  • You know, you're right. I was thinking of my HTC Trophy. My bad.
  • Just got done with the update. First thing I noticed is Play To finally works on my 822! That and persistent WiFi? Worth it! It also seems to be a little snappier.
  • Mine worked exactly one time...what settings/setup do you have on your devices?
  • I got the update today and fixed my problem! I couldn't install the new HERE City Lens from Nokia. It would always stall after downloading. Now it installed easily and runs great. I haven't checked the texting and wifi updates, but I will and reply back. Definately a good update!
  • Thank you Verizon!!
  • I called and complained just yesterday to VZW about no update. Now it is here. They really do not let their reps know anything. Hopefully this solves the nightmare lockups with Bluetooth I have been getting...
  • Installed on our 822s. My wife just got hers yesterday so perfect timing. Took about 20 minutes on my wife's, but 30 or so on mine which has more apps and data. Two reboots are required.
  • I was happy to get this today too....made Friday even better! I noticed the new text back feature...that will come in handy for me! By the way, this website is awesome, I love all the info about wp8! I actually got a few friends to drop their iPhones for Lumia 920's and they love them! I had the Trophy and moved to this 822...quite content with it! The update took about 20 minutes, so yes, be patient!
  • Update in. Phone looks ok, but still no joy with BT streaming and Ford Sync Gen 2
  • No improvement on my Alpine deck either. It will stream, but no artist info is displayed and the music playback will not start automatically when I turn the vehicle on. Have to get it started manually. So many things are worse than on WP7...
  • My Lumia 822 bricked when doing the update.  Thank goodness for Nokia Care Suite.  Had to re-flash it.  It was  stuck showing the spinning gears for 6+ hours.  Ran the battery down while it was at it even while it was plugged in. Re-charging the battery.  Hopefully the update goes smooth the second time around.  
  • When I hard reset the device, it already had portico installed, so you might be okay.
  • Nope....I wish. lol  The only way to recovery was to re-flash the device w/ Nokia Care Suite.  Once that was done, I let the battery re-charge & the update installed fine.  Not sure what the problem was.  I had 3.5 gigs free of space on the phone.  Oh well, it's up & running now. :-)
  • Any word on if the update adds the OIS from the 920 for better low light photos?
  • The update does not add OIS to the 822 because it's a hardware thing and that only the 920 has it.
  • the update went well. Took about 30 mins but after the update the SMS and MMS stoped working. Any ideas anyone.
    Mine is an unlocked 822 and the SMS and MMS used to work earlier.
    I reset, my phone after the update, removed the sim and inserted other sims, changed the language region settings, tried rebooting, double checked the sms center number, everything, but still unable to send text messages. The irony is I wanted to add the portico update to get answer with text feature, but the text feature itself stopped working :(
    I am able to make and recieve calls, and install apps etc. But no text
    Any fix for this Nokia?
  • I'm using a Lumia 822 with Vodafone - Bangalore. AFter the update, I have been unable to send sms and unable to connect to data, since the option to add internet apn has been removed.
  • Why are you guys using a phone over in Asia that was specifically built to use on one spedicific network in the USA?  It was never meant to be unlocked and is carrier branded so you will get no support from Nokia. 
    If you wanted an unlocked, unbranded phone, you should have purchased an 820, not an 822.
  • It took a while, but all in all it was a seemless update process requiring virtually no intervention! Very happy with the timelyness, and performance of the update. Display looks more crisp & auto brightness seems to work better.
    I can't wait until they give us the ability to "Select All" in emails, not just SMS/MMS messages...
    Device is a bit snapier, I will give them that. So far loving it! Oh, persistent WiFi rocks! lol
  • Went smooth for me
  • About time.  Verizon will be late to their own funeral.  :(
  • Went smoothly for me, I started with a full battery not plug in had to wake it up three times took about 60 minutes then did reboots at end. All seems great.
  • Updated to Portico last night, now I cannot connect to Wifi network, tried many different settings, still nothing.  Any ideas?
  • just got mine updated 820 here got thevnotification out of no where