Verizon Omnia II gets minor radio patch

Well, it's not a mighty re-flash of the whole ROM, nor does it bring any new features to the table and in fact, it actually looks kind of dangerous to apply (see below), but Samsung has released a radio firmware update to help with dropped calls on the Verizon Omnia II (see hands on video).

Yeah, not exactly thrilling, though we suppose if you have been experiencing poor call performance, you may want to look into this lil' patch.

Now the caveat: its a finicky update, meaning it official doesn't work on Windows 7, only XP. Going further, a few users have reported problems with "bricking" their phone during the update.  We don't want to be alarmist, but make sure you follow the directions exactly as described.  Oh, and if you run the update in compatibility mode in Win7, evidently that can work too.

Get the patch right here (opens in new tab)...if you dare!


Phil Nickinson

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  • I bricked my i920 with this update the day they re-released it. A few of us at WinMo @ came to the conclusion that it cannot be used on a x64 operating system. Otherwise (XP,Vista,7 x86 OS's) flashing this update goes smoothly. Unless you really need to, I definitely suggest skipping this VZN update.
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  • not exactly exhilarating, but imagine if you had a bad game performance, you should explore the Lil Band-Aid.
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