Verizon retail stores already showing Trophy running Mango

Take this how you will, but it's a good sign in our book when your official Verizon stores are displaying their one and only Windows Phone, the venerable HTC Trophy, running 7720.68 aka Mango.

These pics were taken by reader aphrophyre at the Broadway & 17th Street, New York store today. Does this mean absolutely that Mango is coming the 27th? Nope, but we like the odds that it's coming sooner than later.

Daniel Rubino

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  • WOW, sounds great! Looking like MS is holding the carriers/OEM's feet to the fire with Mango. Plus they appear to be doing everything that they can to make sure that it falls to all devices (Focus 1.4 being an exception) at the same time. This could be a HUGE boost for Microsoft credibilty in the mobile market. Microsoft is starting to perform like they have always had the ability to do but could never get quite right.
  • They are all being updated. I actually know the girl that was updating the ones in midtown. She updated the one at the Sprint stores here as well.
  • Thats pretty awesome :D
  • sounds great! Hopefully I'll have mango running on my trophy midway through next week!
  • There's already a Verizon HTC Trophy Mango ROM on XDA which include new firmware and all so there's no need to wait for those on the wild side.
  • Comparing the screen shot to the info showing on my phone (i used the verizon trophy ROM from XDA) it looks like a newer firmware version then the one i have on my phone... I guess I should have waited
  • Yep, at least this is shown...
  • I prodded as much as I could, asking if they had flashed the phone or if it had automatically updated. They didn't know, but I'd guess it wasn't an update because they would have to connect it to the Zune software for that.So In turn I asked if they could flash my phone to that ROM but they said they didn't do ROM flashes and to wait on the official Zune update.
  • Did Verizon enable the wireless hotspot on the new Mango Trophys?
  • I'm curious about this as well, except ... I already know what the answer is 99.9999999% likely to be ...
  • there is no reason to "not" enable it. There are other Vzw phones with MHS.