Verizon starting preorders for Nokia Lumia 822 and HTC 8X tonight at 1AM ET

It looks like Verizon is not yet ready to let AT&T have all the fun tomorrow with the launch of those Windows Phone 8 devices. Tonight at 1AM ET (10PM PT), the big wireless carrier will begin preorders for the Nokia Lumia 822 (press (opens in new tab)) and HTC 8X (press (opens in new tab)).

No firm release date was given though both phones are expected "before Thanksgiving" meaning we're looking at the 3rd week of November for release. The HTC 8X will uniquely feature wireless charging, competing with AT&T and their Lumia 920 for new features. In addition, the Lumia 822 will also feature the wireless charging technology built in, allowing customers of both devices to enjoy the hassle free power refills.

The Nokia Lumia 822 will go for $99 on contract (after $50 MIR) while the HTC 8X will fetch for $199--on par with AT&T--but will come only in 16GB sizes with California Blue, Graphite Black and Flame Red colors. The Lumia 822 will be available in white, black and grey.

Source: Verizon (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Another preorder with no solid launch date.....
  • AT&T's preorder had a solid launch date.
  • She should show off other colors black and white are nice and simple but a bit boring. The nokia isn't so nice looking though. The 920 looks and feels less bukly. I wish they would have released something more similar on verizon. But I guess Sprint is even worse off. 
  • Thank you Ticketmaster for refunding my blackhawks tickets just in time
  • Told ya :)
  • 15th is the launch we are aiming for.
  • Hmm, leaning toward the htc 8x, but do I really need to preorder? I'm pretty sure they're isn't that much of a demand for these phones right now.
  • Preorders are, for the most part, unnecessary these days.
  • Verizon is junk!
  • Bla bla bla
  • Play it safe.  Wait for a good device.  Order the new ATIV in December from VZW.  Hell, you waited long enough as it is.
  • Wait for a device we know nothing about and by all accounts, is a low-end device that will be offered for free on contract?
  • Other sites are not reporting the Odysessy as a low end device but as a competitor to the 920 and the 8X. Do you have something solid that makes you think it otherwise? If so, maybe start a new article on it to discuss the possibilities.
  • Hey Daniel, are ATIV S and Odyssey the same phone? Just wondering...
  • We know that they arent, just becuase the Ativ S has a 4.8" screen and the Odyssey has a 4.65" screen, if I remember correctly. I'm sure it will have the same CPU, maybe RAM as well.
  • Thanks, man.
  • RIght we should totally wait for the cheap flimsy samsung phone over the indestructible Nokia or the beautiful HTC
  • I think I'm the only person excited about the 822. Want the higher res screen of the 8X, but the 822 has sooo much going for it. 1800mAh removable battery, removable storage up to 64GB, exclusive Nokia apps, notibaly Nokia Drive & City Lens, same CPU/GPU as the 920, but in an attractive and thin profile, complete with interchangable back covers and an AMOLED "ClearBlack" screen. That being said, even though the 920 is a BIG phone, if it was available on Verizon I would probably spring for it instead. Just my thoughts of course. -- J
    Update: Just noticed this. The 822 is actually $150 - $50 mail in rebate. I am sticking with Verizon because of my family plan, but considering AT&T's prcing on its WP8 offerings. This is ANNOYING. I will be ANNOYINGLY preordering an 822. 
    Quote from Verizon press release: "Nokia Lumia 822 – Exclusive to Verizon Wireless and will be available by Thanksgiving in Black, White and Grey color models for $99.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and with a new two year contract"
  • Order it online and get the instant rebate applied to your price right then. I'm looking forward to seeing the 822 and it might be my next phone but it would be really nice to get some reviews on the phone, the battery and the camera. All we've seen are 920 and 8X reviews but I thought the 822 was made available just like the other two at the WP8 launch and still nothing. That's what I find annoying.
  • No, I'm dying to replace my "Trophy", mainly for the better antenna of Nokia's as I've heard, but also love the larger screen and the new OS. The Nokia apps are just frosting, though frosting has always been my favorite park of cake anyhow. If you have no choice but Verizon like me, you expect less and don't complain. All those extra pixels of the 8x or 920 are wasted on my eyes anyway.
  • I'm excited about it too.  I like it better than the 8X from what I've seen.  Also, digging the grey color, which isn't being shown really anywhere, just the black and white.  If you see the grey, it's usually sandwiched between the other two colors. 
    Doesn't the 822 have the super sensitive touch screen of the 920 too? 
  • Yes, the 822 has the super sensitive touch as well. The grey is the one I'm most interested in as well. White is my second choice and I'm very unclear about the availability of the grey color, I hope its in stores and online because I'd love to compare them in person.
  • Thanks for the replies. Glad to hear there are some other 822 fans out there. Yeah, expect less and pay more. Love you Verizon. (Sarcasm). I am also excited about what I am hoping will be a much better antenna than in my Trophy. -- J
  • Nope, also looking forward to the Grey 822 for all the same reasons.  The only reason I will return or sell in the future is if the Samsung Odyssey is that much better.
  • This pricing is just ridiculous. The 822  is pretty much the same phone as the 820 and is double the price after the rebate. I just love paying twice the price for basically the same item. Thanks for keeping a brother down VZW. :-&
  • Your not the only person in the 822 boat, who woudn't want removable battery, expandable memory, and a good size phone...oh and wireless charging with the same spec or close to them of the 920 and 8x and $100 cheaper?????
  • 822 for me looks better then 920.
  • I feel bad for vzw customers.
  • Don't.  We have great coverage..
  • I read on that the Lumia 822 is only $99 dollars after a $50 dollar rebate. Making it's upfront cost $50 dollars more than the Lumia 920 and $100 dollars more than the Lumia 820. I'm hoping this price goes way down by the time I can use my upgrade or at least there's a device available by then that's worth Verizon's ridiculous uptick in pricing. I know AT&T is the premier WP carrier, but I wish pricing was a little more even.
    Edit: It is also stated that this is the case in the press release linked in this article
  • ^^ @waym1962 --- you're right about the $50 rebate.  It's mentioned at the end of the VZW press release that Daniel's story linked to.  Here's the sentence:
    Exclusively for Verizon Wireless, the Lumia 822 will be available in white, black and grey by Thanksgiving for $99.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year contract.
  • The press release for the 822 states that the wireless charging shell is an "optional" accessory. It's not really built in, according to the release.
  • I think that just means that the phone is capable of wireless charging via systems that are already in the device, but to do it you have to buy the optional accessory charging plate.  Otherwise if you don't want to shell out for the charging plate, you would just plug it in with a charging wire.
  • I was finally able to hold a 8x at a MS event yesterday. I've been worried it would be too big for my liking but to my surprise it felt great in some ways almost felt smaller than the Trophy due to design and how thin it is. I'm excited for it now! Just not excited about being forced in to a new shared plan.
  • You can't stay with your current plan?
  • Unlimited Data users who are grandfathered in will lose their plan as soon as they upgrade phones, unless they purchase the new phone full price without using an upgrade.
  • That doesn't apply to AT&T though.
  • Any solid source on this? How do we know for sure? I don't want to stay up till 1 AM on a work night just to be dissapointed :-p Although uneccesarry I just want the excitement of pre-ordering as soon as possible.
  • The source is Verizon. They updated their W8 press release article on their news site. The link is in the article.
  • Yeah, it's straight from Verizon :)
  • Setting my alarm!
  • Is anybody here having issues with windowsphones?? I can't see pics
  • here is a camera test between the 920 and 822
  • Still really pissed Verizon didn't get the limelight yellow.  That doesn't even make sense why they would exclude it.  
    Whatever I guess.  At first I decided since I couldn't get the 920 or the yellow 8x I was just gonna skip out on WP8.  I've been eyeing the red 8x more and more.  I can't tell if it's more orange or more actual red though. It varies between photos I look at.  
  • I logged in through my Verizon Business account and it looks like the 13th is the ship date for lumia 822 and 8X except for the Red 8X which is scheduled to ship on 11/21.  I've got some screen shots but not sure how to post them.
  • Yes, all three "colors" of the 822 ship on the 13th, at least for me. That is before way b4 Thanksgiving thankfully. Now to sell my Trophy (in name only).
  • Anybody having problems signing to preorder a wp8 it won't sign in page just sits there.