Verizon Touch Pro 2 back in stock

Good news for you Verizon fans out there who've been trying to get a Touch Pro 2: After not being available for some time online (and we're still not seeing any in stores), it's no longer listed as being out of stock. So for $199.99 and a 2-year contract, you, too, can have your very own Verizon Touch Pro 2 (opens in new tab). [via wmpoweruser)

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  • It might not have been showing up online till just about now, but I did post (in the TP2 forum) that my local Verizon store was at last able to order me one as of last night. Got the shipping info from FedEx, and will be here tomorrow, yipee! I can only hope the wait was for pre-installing WM 6.5. So far, no one at Verizon or their stores can confirm if this indeed has happened.
  • I was able to confirm that the HTC TOUCH PRO 2 from Verizon is being discontinued. The reason is because they are not able to get enough stock to meet the demand. They will have about 300 per region i just had to get a replacement because the front Bezel was coming off. and the Manager said it will be pulled from the line up because of low inventory to demand ratios. ITS SUCH A GOOD PHONE TO...
  • No offense, but I call BS on this one. Verizon wouldn't drop the best QWERTY WinMo phone on the market so soon. No way. No how. If there's a supply vs. demand issue, you will see the price to creep up a bit at Verizon, or they'll stop the $100 off promotional rate. But I highly doubt the phone is going away alltogether. Not till WinMo 7 comes along, at least and we awill all need Snapdragon processors etc.
  • JayW. That doesn't make sense. The phone is SUPER in demand, so they pull it?
  • You right, i love my phone i think its the best thing Verizon has released and they didnt even cripple the phone which is rare for them. But HTC is not able to meet the demand for it. Now i just got off the phone with a tech that says they will keep the device but the Customer Service Team contends that Verizon will discontinue it within the next 2-3 months. I mean arent there enough parts out there for HTC to put together a darn And they cant say when 6.5 will be released for it, i want the new HTC TouchFlo interface already..
  • Windows 6.5 on the VZW TP2 is still in testing. The update is atleast 1-2 months out. As for the inventory issues, Verizon simply did not order enough from HTC (and phones don't just build themselves over night)
  • Verizon is outta stock on TP2... again. Thus proving the demand for TP2 and i highly doubt they would discontinue this phone if they are getting so much demand. The more likely scenario is that verizon didn't predicted that the phone would do well since the touch pro was a failure of being crippled so much, so they ordered a shortage of supplies.
  • when will the verizon touch pro 2 be back in stock
  • I went to Verizon's website and saw that ONCE AGAIN, they are out of stock. They have not had it for over a month. So I called support and he said that they restock on Mondays. It happened to be a Monday night and the website showed "none in stock". However, he said by going through the motions of adding the phone to the account the system would show him how many they actually had in stock which he said showed to be about 830. He placed the order and it went through with an order number. This was about 10:30 on Monday, Nov 2nd. BTW, the operator's name was let's see if the phone actually shows.
  • Verizon is outta stock on TP2... again.
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