Verizon Trophy pops again at Best tease you

Yeah, still can't get one, but the powers at be at Verizon and Best Buy are determined as all hell to taunt you with the HTC Trophy.

We're starting to think that this is just one big psychological experiment, meant to induce mass hysteria...on like five tech blogs.

Source: Best Buy (opens in new tab); Thanks, Joe, for the extra torture

Daniel Rubino

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  • Why do they insist on taunting us? Maybe I should just sleep for the next 4 days
  • Why didn't Verizon got the Optimus 7, the Mozart or the Omnia 7? all of those are cooler than the Trophy.
  • I don't care about cooler right now I only care that it's a wp7. I want that os so bad I don't care what phone comes to verizon I'll get it.
  • Can we finally get this over with or does Verizon want to keep being an asshat? They must feel fine with Apple and Google in their rear it seems, but if that was the case they should've just released it already like any other feature phone.
  • I realize that it's slow in tech news...Why does WPCentral continue to post the same Verizon/Trophy 'story' - nothing has changed from the first two posts done on this site over the last 4 or 5 days, and now a third. Everyone knows that, at some point, Verizon will carry the device (per this article, by June 30th -, unless you and/or the readers see a weekly advertisement from Best Buy and other retail outlets specifically stating the price and date the device will be released, and unless you see the device listed with price and availability on Verizon's website, all that you are left with is what you already know - that Verizon will carry it at some point. Can the next Verizon/Trophy story that WPCentral posts be an actual confirmation (price and date of release)?
  • Rumors keep me believing.
  • iAgree
  • We only do it because we know Verizon customers want this info. We didn't devote a large amount of word-space to it and people here are free to skip over stories they find un-interesting. I get how non-Verizon people could view this as borderline pandering, but honestly, having been in this situation before I know every bit of info was something to cling to.That and I thought it was funny. It's the weekend, we can relax and have a laugh at how Verizon like to torture its customers.
  • I, for one, am willing to bet if this were iPhone 5 or the next 4gLTE android "superphone" you'd not have made the same comment.
  • YIKES! Are those off-contract prices for the other phones current and correct??? The cheapest one was $599!
  • Yeah, I don't get that one. I got my Surround directly from AT&T in November for $399 off contract, which included a $100 loyalty discount. Best Buy had it for $599 though. Would be nice if Verizon offered something similar to their customers for the Trophy.
  • Hey that's my image. I posted about it here on the 11th...At least give credit where it's due..'s been there from last week, so who knows, maybe soon ?
  • Your image? I snipped that myself from Best Buy's site. A reader, Joe, tipped us the BB link last night at 1:02am. Your file is a 41kb JPG, mine is 173 PNG snipped in Win7.And PPCGeeks...I wouldn't be caught dead there. lol. I haven't even logged on to that site since March 2nd ('Malatesta'), nor posted in a very long time, which raises the question of how I could see your image (log in required)?Next time, email us directly with info if you have it. We credit more than any other site and make our sources/via's transparent as ****
  • I sent Verizon an email about the lack of information and WP7 and here is the reply and conversation I had with Verizon rep...Thank you for speaking with me today and allowing me to assist with your concerns regarding the release of a Windows 7 Mobile phone. My Name is Terrence and I’m glad that I was able to discuss the matter with you today. I also wanted to take a moment to thank you: You have been a loyal customer since April 2000, and that longevity is appreciated. As advised, I have no official date for you at this time, but I feel you will be very pleased very shortly. As we agreed, if I get any news regarding an exact date, I will reach out to you personally. In the mean time, the best way to be kept abreast of new products and services would be to click on the following link, to view and register for the "E-mail Updates" page of our website at: Look how he said very shortly. Well, let hope it is next Thursday, May 19, 2011 because the way this is going, I want some of that Mango, but got to get that phone first.