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What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced several new features that will ship to Microsoft Edge this month.
  • Vertical tabs, startup boost, and new search experience are all on the way to Microsoft Edge.
  • Startup boost improves the startup time of Edge by up to 41%.

Several new features are on the way to Microsoft Edge this month, including vertical tabs, startup boost, and modern Microsoft Bing search experiences. While we've seen vertical tabs in testing for some time, most of these features were shown off for the first time by Microsoft in a recent blog post.

First up is vertical tabs. This feature allows you to move the tabs from across the top of your browser over to the side. The feature lets you see more of your tabs at once. We recently saw the option to resize vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge Canary, but it is now rolling out to Dev too.

Edge Vertical ResizeSource: Windows Central

Next, are Microsoft's new Bing search experiences. Microsoft's new experiences help you see the information that you'd like without having to click around and fish through content as much. For example, when searching for a recipe, the new recipe experience will show ingredient lists, substitutions, and more information just by hovering over a search result. The experience will also play any video if you hover over a result.

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There are similar new experiences for other content, like DIY projects and gardening. Microsoft also announced improvements to how it aggregates information for topics you search.

Lastly, startup boost is a new feature that should cut down how long it takes Edge to launch after you reboot your PC. The feature will roll out this month, and Microsoft says that it will cut down launch times by between 29% – 41%.

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