Viber for Windows 8.1 now supports video calls

The Viber VoIP app for Windows 8.1 can now be used for video calls for the first time, thanks to its latest update that brings its version number up to 4.0. Viber also updated its Windows Phone app earlier today.

The first version of Viber for Windows 8.1 made its debut in December 2013. The change log for the new 4.0 version also reveals some more additions. Here's the break down:

  • Make video calls (supported on PC)
  • Viber Out: call non-Viber mobile and landline numbers at low rates
  • Easily see all photos in a chat by swiping
  • New Emoticons
  • Support right-to-left languages

If you want to use the Windows 8.1 Viber app, you must first install and use the Windows Phone or other smartphone version of Viber.

Thanks to Mahdi for the tip!

  • Viber or Skype?
  • Looks beautiful though..
  • Really does look nice.
  • I would say Tango if you have asked this to me 3 years ago.
  • Skype
  • Viber, skype is a mess and no practical for everyday use
  • both! I am using skype and viber and all my friends are using them too
  • I want video calling for windows phone !!!! :/
  • Incoming W10.
  • Oh right . UNIVERSAL APPS !!! :)
  • Even the official facebook app?
  • This is what I really want to know!
  • Yup everything i think :)
  • Really? Via what service?
  • Skype. :)
  • Can I use a video call on my viber?
  • you can have it today: wechat, skype, lync (aka 'skype for business') - not universal but they work
  • And windows phone hasn't yet got that feature...2015 might be the year....
  • Called Skype
  • Plz give us free voice call in Skype
  • Supported in US. May not be there elsewhere.
  • I can't call free in the U.S. Georgia or Michigan
  • Hopefully Viber and What's App will get integrated into the Messaging Hub app as well as other messaging apps. I love that they are making it a hub again and hopefully it will be a Universal App.
  • I literally wish for it to happen !
  • They did say, it is designed to work with VoIP services like Skype. So I think the API is more a hub that apps hook into
  • The info so far is that only operator services can hook in. No word on other IM clients.
  • I think, no IM providers are interested for integration.
  • Use Skype
  • In my place video call = Skype
  • Same here.
  • Especially when it is supported right on the regular phone call screen.
  • Who's in the picture?
  • Lol
  • Please write something about wp 8.1 viber's bug. From today's update it's not starting after tried everything. 
  • Err... It's working fine.
  • Try reinstalling. Bcoz Mine is working perfectly fine. It is lot faster now. No loading screen.
  • Nope it's not. See comments on that post. :( 
  • Skype FTW
  • +1
  • i dont see update 4.0, i even deleted it on my tablet, an still wint show.
    it find on my cell....
  • I sold my tablet on eBay
  • We want video calls on WP as well. Viber team, please!!! Wtf is wrong with you I'm bored waiting..this is getting ridiculous...i mean have you seen Viber on WP? The UI is the worst I have ever seen and the needed features aren't there as well... I'm going to line 10 times better. With video calls, better voice calls and sexy ui.. You should do the same people!!!
  • Oh gawd I though the impossible happened, wondering when video calling with viber will be available for windows phone!
  • Skype needs to become more mobile friendly in order to win converts. i.e. it needs to use phone numbers for registration. I read that feature is coming without a definite eta. Majority of my family is invested in Viber because of its ease in finding and calling users by phone numbers instead of needing to know email or Skype ID.
  • Very very good. Sure it comes to Phone as well. Keep patience
  • Good, Hope Soon these Features will be Available on The windows phone version
  • About friggen time! Next time Skype freezes up my desktop I'll give Viber a go.
  • It's beautiful.
  • Finally!