Video Diary - App Preview

Video Diary is a video diary app that's heading to the Windows Phone Marketplace that we've been able to get a sneak peak of. The application is well laid out and segregates your video diary recordings from your People Hub (for privacy).

The main page of Video Diary has tile buttons to create a new video entry, access the app's help section, upload videos to your Dropbox account, access the settings, rate the app and view contact information for the developer.  The second page of the app is your diary entry list. After you record a video, it is dated, time stamped and added to the list. To view a entry, just tap on it.

The settings are singular in that you have the ability to turn on/off a reminder feature to help you remember when to record your thoughts.  Video Diary does have Live Tile support to remind you the reminder is set.  Beyond that, Video Diary's interface is simple and straight forward.

To record an entry, just tap on the New Tile and your Windows Phone camera is launched. You have button controls to start/stop the recording. After you record a video, it is dated, time stamped and added to the list. To view a entry, just tap on it.  Dropbox integration is just as simple. Tap on the Dropbox Tile and then tap on the listed video to upload.

All in all, Video Diary looks good.  I like the simple lay out, straight forward interface, and the reminder feature is a nice touch.  The only downside to Video Diary is that it doesn't support the front facing camera on second generation Windows Phones. Hopefully this will be a feature of future updates.

Look for Video Diary in the Marketplace within the next week or so. It is expected to be a free, ad-supported app and once we have the Windows Phone Marketplace link, we'll update the post.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Nice App.
    But really, putting your precious diary files on Dropbox??
    You know the service that repeteadly have mishandled security. I would not trust them with anything this important!
    Call me back when you get Skydrive support. :-)
  • Super app, but yes, I agree with Bruno H that we definitely need SkyDrive support for this.  Hopefully when this app becomes available in a week or so, the developer will have added that support for Skydrive.
  • Skydrive and use of FFC will make this a winner.
  • The Skydrive API is currently in development only phase, Microsoft won't allow it to be used for current apps. When it is OK'd for consumer facing applications I will definitely be adding it to Video Diary. Dropbox has updated their system and security is much tighter than before, I had to jump through a lot of hoops in order for this app to use it.
    Also, forward facing camera support is coming immediately after the app is published, I can only have one submission at a time. Thank you for your feedback, I take all of it seriously and do whatever I can for my users =] To see an in-depth demo of the features in action click here
  • Skydrive is fully capable of supporting uploads, and is allowed by Microsoft. Check out Social Camera. :)
  • UPDATE: The app is now out!
    Hi Everyone,
    Sorry for the delay in getting the app out, it failed testing because they said it didn't record video (which you can clearly see that it does). The Windows Phone testing team has contacted me and apologized for the mess up, they have been backed up and sometimes an app will get rushed.
    Either way, for the resubmission I have added Telerik jumplists for the videos for you to browse your videos quicker. Also, I will be adding FFC and Skydrive support in the next release because the official API is now available.