Video: Hands on with The Ascent, an upcoming cyberpunk RPG for Xbox and PC

The Ascent preview
The Ascent preview (Image credit: Neon Giant)

I recently wrote about my gameplay experiences with The Ascent, but now, I'm back with some video footage of that exact session.

The Ascent is an upcoming cyberpunk action RPG shooter set in a truly stunning alien dystopia. Set on the planet Veles, you're thrust into the center of a brutal power vacuum, as The Ascent Group corporation collapses, leaving the colony without a stable economy. The indentured servants or "indents" may starve, security and policing will go unmanned, and basic needs and supplies will run dry. The remaining businesses and criminal groups are now vying for power over the region, and you're caught in the middle.

As you claw your way out of the filthy underbelly of this seedy space colony, you'll gradually build up a huge arsenal of cyberpunk weaponry and cybernetic powers. In an interview with the developers, we learned that The Ascent runs about 20 hours for a typical playthrough, but completionists may see many more. You'll also be able to play with up to three friends in local or online co-op, with difficulty and rewards ramping up to meet your group's additional firepower.

The Ascent preview (Image credit: Neon Giant)

The Ascent preview (Image credit: Neon Giant)

The Ascent Image (Image credit: Curve Digital)

The Ascent preview (Image credit: Neon Giant)

Source: Neon Giant and Curve Digital

The Ascent is unapologetically tough, forcing you to play it safe behind cover, managing cooldowns, and rushing enemies with tactical precision. As your character develops further, you'll have opportunities to expand and tailor your playstyle in more depth, with a large array of stats and gear to help customize your experience.

Head here to check out our full gameplay impressions of The Ascent, head to this link, or check out the video above. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this one.

The Ascent launches straight into Xbox Game Pass on July 29, 2021, hitting Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC exclusively.

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