Video hands-on with the HTC HD2

We'll understand if you need a moment after watching this hands-on of the HTC HD2 from Slashgear. 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch. Windows Mobile 6.5. The Sense UI. Mmmmmmmmmm. HD2.

Phil Nickinson

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  • I am hoping for ATT or unlocked gsm, but it might be competing with the pure and so ATt might not pick it up like they did not pick up the treo pro.
  • Hopefully T-mobile will get this. Big changes in the near future for Tmo so maybe this is on the list of new smartphones.
  • Here's hoping for it on tmobile as well... I love my TP2, but I want that 4.3" screen so bad I can taste it... As for the poster talking about US carriers knocking down the screen size, i doubt it as that is a major feature.
  • Why would they reduce the size of the screen forcing them to produce & pay for a completely different form factor?
  • I have a feeling that the US carriers will not keep the 4.3" screen. I'll bet they knock it down to 3.8" or so.
  • The carriers here tend to do stupid things with devices that are great as stock. Just like the snap, verizon and sprint both had to put their own horrible looking spin on it when you campare their end product with what HTC first came up with. I'm thinking they'll cut it down because they may feel since they dont offer anything else with a screen that big, they will think it would be too radically different of a device and think it won't sell. When I look at this HD2, I think it's too good to be true to have here in the states the way it is now. I just have this gut feeling for some reason that I'm going to be very disappointed in the US version.
  • Cut your nails!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Indeed!
  • I get excited every time I watch a video of this phone! I think it is amazing. Why would the US carriers want to reduce the size of the screen? I must be missing something. I'd buy this in a hurry if it were available here, as shown. Mess with it, reduce the screen size, ect., I may not want it any more.
  • I agree, why would they reduce the size of the screen forcing them to produce & pay for a completely different form factor?
  • Im not gonna lie. I own a iPhone and I think this is the closest any WInMo phone will get to the iPhone. I LOVE the UI. The weather app is impresive as well. The only thing is that, it's still based on a OS I dislike. if i get this phone, I would have to go back to windows ... something I would never do. But this phone just looks really cool.