Video of Microsoft's cancelled McLaren Windows Phone with 3D Touch finally found

It was one year ago that I reported on the cancellation of McLaren, the next Nokia flagship Windows Phone that was supposed to launch that fall. Not much was ever revealed about the device although photos did later appear.

One thing we did know about McLaren (aka Goldfinger ) is besides having a 20 MP camera the phone famously had an experimental 3D Touch navigation system. This system would let users manipulate items on the display without physically touching it. One part of this was supposed to be a hover-and-explode trick whereby hovering over a Live Tile would cause it to explode and reveal smaller tiles with bits of information. Think of it as the next stage of tile flipping.

Details of that 3D navigation system were later leaked online and Windows Central added some documentation from the Nokia 3D Touch SDK as evidence.

Finally, today, a two-minute video has appeared on the site Baidu posted by a person called @szleaks. The video is short and only shows a finger hovering over the display as it manipulates scrolling without touching. The exploding tiles are not shown.

In the end, it is not very exciting until you think about it. Then again, it is unclear just how useful such a technology would be at this stage. Clearly this phone was an early prototype and we do not know the stage of development for 3D Touch system. It does seem rough, but anyone using Windows 10 as an Insider can relate.

The Nokia McLaren was later cancelled due to some of the underlying touch-nav technology being the "wrong kind" when the phone's hardware was designed. Combined with the Microsoft acquisition of the Nokia mobile team and feedback from developers using the 3D Touch SDK, the phone was killed evidently in a vote of no-confidence by Microsoft executives.

Forgetting the 3D Touch navigation system, the phone itself resembles a metal Lumia 1020 and certainly looks great. Unfortunately, only a handful of test units remain and most have fallen into private hands (although we have tried to purchase one without success).

Although now a relic, it sure is fascinating to see what could have been, even if it were only a prototype.

Bonus: There is another, unreleased phone, posted by the same leaker. Earlier this morning with only seeing one photo, we claimed it was a Lumia 830 prototype. However, after seeing more it is clear it is something else. We do not believe this is Talkman aka Lumia 950, but rather either Saana (Lumia 850) or another, cancelled Windows Phone. The ID range is old and not part of the current prototype devices, however, we cannot be 100 percent certain. It does feature a 5.2-inch 1080P display and a Snapdragon 810 processor.

Source: Nokibar

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • That guy must really love his prototype...
  • Bad joke but that is what happens when you layoff more than 80% of your phones manufacturing employees within first year. Some of them are bound to have information like that. I don't know why I'm finding this funny. Okay sorry.
  • The problem with the 3D touch concept is that it doesn't solve a need or concern...regardless of whether they could get it to work consistently. It's a gimmick. But the biggest issue I see with McLaren is the on screen navigation buttons. Oh hell no.
  • Maybe/Maybe not - however it would offer a fix for janky webpage menus that sometimes don't work exactly right unless you are hovering overthem with either a mouse or a floating styus.
  • THAT ISN'T THE 3D TOUCH it's just the super sensitive touch, I can navigate hovering over the screen on my Lumia 525 too. If that's the thing they were working on, glad they cancelled it.
  • Exactly my thought. It's just the super sensitive touch option activated.
  • I can do it on my 1520 too
  • ^This. I don't see what/where 3D nav system is implemented, so it's just like a super sensitive touch layer, that's being more super than my old L620.
  • Yeah.. +730
  • Was expecting to see something that I can't with current Lumia. High sensitivity... Lol
  • It could be cool if the technology improves, but, based on what we saw from the video, the finger has to be so close to the screen that you're almost touching it anyway. If they could make it work so your finger was several inches away, it could be useful. That said, it also looks like there were no capacitive buttons, meaning the McClaren was to have on-screen buttons (bleh), which seems to lend support for the assertion that the Cityman and Talkman will also have on-screen buttons (very disappointing).
  • I too would prefer capacitive button over onscreen but I can understand the need for onscreen buttons. My company rolls out wp devices as our company phone and the main compliant(one of) I have from users is that they accidently hit the start button which can be frustrating. So unless MS figures out a way to disable the function or modify the way the capacitive work when in apps then onscreen is the only(and easiest) way to resolve the above scenario.
  • People quickly enough got used to on-screen keyboards, and typing emails and messages is a far more intensive task than hitting the Start or Back button, so I think this fear on on-screen buttons is totally overblown and will be a non-issue. You'll get a bit more screen real estate, small, thinner, cheaper and lighter phones, it's a win.
  • Scrolling control from inches away has been implemented in some Samsung Android phone some 2 years ago, and without much fanfare. Maybe someone should inform MS?? This video and the "super tech" it features is just idiotic...
  • Dont knock on screen nav until you've tried it. I actually prefer it now.
  • Agreed, its functionality on the 640 is perfect.
  • On a totally unrelated note want Nokia suppose to release/say something today?
  • If that's the best demo of "3D touch" it's not exactly a great demo as that's always been possible to do with a 920 ...there was some reviews which even mentioned how sometimes you dont even need to touch the screen for a response ...on that note, the 920's touch is hands down, till this day one of the best touch screens i have ever used and probably one of the few reasons i kept it as my spare phone.
  • Exactly, I can do the same without touching operations in my Lumia 520 by setting touch sensitivity to high, this is the dumbest demo of 3D touch.
  • Wow, you beat me to it.. I was thinking the same. I noticed that too on my Lumia 1020, not as much so since putting the Win 10 preview on it, but at times I was able to do that
  • Does that mean all off our phone has 3D touch... Haha
  • I remember waking up one night and noticing my hovered finger interacting with my 1020 too. I woke up the next morning thinking what a cool dream - then I tried it out again and noticed 30% of the time I could get a hovered finger to work.
  • yeah! thats NOT 3D touch, thats total BS, i can do it with my 1020. Also the Galaxy s5 does it! CRAP CRAP CRAP
  • The touch panel is great, and the curved glass makes it look like surface tension on water. I love it. Posted via Galaxy Tab 4
  • Super duper sensitive touch?
  • I think so, with super sensitive setting in my Lumia 620 I also can do that with my finger hovering about 3-5mm
  • hey guys,this is source
  • Isn't apple supposed to be releasing something similar as the hover/otuch thing?  Either way this video has me excited for the TRUE WINDOWS PHONES (Aka Lumia) or should i say the best coming out soon...i kind of hope it maintains this design from what i can see. I miss the hump on my lumias to be honest ha
  • Apple's thing is force touch isn't it? Kinda like BlackBerry had on the Storm back in the day.
  • I think you might be thinking about Force Touch. But that's a sort of preassure-sensitivity regulator so that the pressure you use to open something adjustable by the user.
  • This looks just like super sensitive touch... I have absolutely no idea how it worked but some days on certain parts of the screen i could get scroll to work up to about 15mm off the screen... Didn't work constantly but sometimes it would work repeatedly in a short time (15 min) about 4mm off the screen over most of it... Work up as you move and you could get quite high indeed... But only ever over a few square cm, All with the 920, happened less the older it got...
  • I agree...this video is not " 3D touch"....many times, but Randomly, I can hover my finger over the screens sn scroll through my start screen & app list..... Seems to meFake video
  • Each time you unlock your phone, it resets its touch sensitivity calibration. So lock your phone for a few seconds, then unlock, and then hover your finger above the screen for a second while it calibrates its touch sensitivity. It will quickly grab on to your hovering finger and be responsive to it until you start touching the screen and it re-adjusts to real touch (as opposed to hovering). Same thing if you want to switch to using a key or gloved hand to work your phone. It often wont respond unless you lock and unlock the phone with your key/gloves.
  • I think Windows Hello Retina tech is much better than 3D touch, and I can even tell it might be bigger than fingerprint technology from Apple or Samsung. The next mobile revolution using Microsoft's retina authentication will be big banks, something that Microsoft needs to think fast with Cityman and Talkman, now that Apple and Samsung haven't done any research in Retina scanners tech.
  • Isn't it going to be Iris scanner? There are big differences between the two technologies....
  • Good thing it got cancelled. The technology looked far from ready for prime time, in fact it looked rather gimmicky. 
  • I agree. They still could have launched the phone minus that feature.
  • No they couldn't. I mean, they could, but MS would get so much flak and bad press for eliminating what was the main selling point for McLaren, that it was a no-win situation for them. So better to cancel the product rather than release what consumers and the press would see as half a product
  • Why would they get flak and bad press for eleminating something that was never there or never confirmed. We would have gotten upset oversomething that wasnt confirmed.
  • It may not have been confirmed by MS or Nokia, but everyone knew it was part of the phone. Plus, there would have been leaks that 3D touch was supposed to be part of the phone had it been released, and MS would have received flak for that, too
  • There are some people complaining about the pirated copy of Windows XP not getting the Windows 10 update... so, anything is possible.
  • hmm... is Windows XP not eligible for that free upgrade, huh?
  • *Pirated copies* weren't eligible. Because they were obtained illegally. Stolen. Which is against the law. *Legally* obtained copies are/were eligible.
  • Completely disagree. The Lumia 920 was released without quite a few of the features I loved in it, several bugs, and loads of bad apps. Over the years it gained FM radio, much better camera options, it got faster and better battery life with almost every firmware update... for the first 6 months it felt like getting a new phone every few months as the hardware's potential was slowly unlocked. If this was merely a software issue (though it seems that it wasn't), then they could have added this in a few months down the road and it would have been just fine. Even without 3D touch, if it ran on a more modern CPU/GPU, was smaller/thinner/prettier than the 930/Icon, while bringing with it faster camera options then it would have been a decent enough success... even it was merely released on more than a small handful of carriers. It certainly would have saved me from my S6 Active that I now have which has absolutely abysmal software (though the hardware is fantastic! Where is the WP version of the S6?).
  • Ya, based on that video it looked rough and almost more annoying than advantageous. The hardware looked fantastic though.
  • What are you talking about? The 3d touch worked better than the capacitive back button!  lol
  • This
  • ...only if you don't need to touch a few times on that back button with the 3D touch... see that video again when the leaker needs few touches to go back to the main settings page.
  • Agreed
  • It could have been improved over time. What a phone this could have been
  • Agreed. Could have been a stellar flagship versus no flagship for how long.
  • Yep, agree. Still, I dont know why its taken so long after cancellation to get another flagship phone out.
  • I use a baby carrot to control my phone. It's like a stylus pen but when you get hungry you got nutrition.
  • Well let's hope you don't use the carrot and your poopy finger interchangeably. ;)
  • This video is a painful misrepresentation. What he is doing is a mere side effect of the technology. In fact, as some people have already noted, other Lumia's do this occasionally (as does my 1520). The 3D touch works from about an inch away (on items that had some sort of 3D touch function, for exmaple expoding tiles). Even as you moved your finger over the start screen, tiles would pull towards you, sort of magnetically, as if your finger had a magnet in it (even from an inch away) it was amazing.
  • Ya, there were some really interesting concept videos and even an early prototype product demonstration (with a huge box around a phone lol) that really had me sold. The thing was that there was supposed to be a difference on input between hover commands, and actual touch input. For example, I don't think that hover was supposed to allow you to 'click' or scroll through menus. Instead it was supposed to be used to trigger/navigate things like website mouse-hover menus, or the very interesting 'exploding tiles' concept. The problem is that they could never get the tech consistent enough in a wide enough range of humidity and temperature, to work properly. Hover commands were often either unrecognized, or (as the video portrays) recognized as touch commands. In concept, it would have been a really neat addition to WP... but it never worked. Still would have loved for them to be able to turn the feature off and release a new flagship device with inactive hardware rather than the entire release getting axed... but that is all history now.
  • I don't understand why pepole think it was good to cancel a flagship launch, this made Microsoft loose 1 year vs competition (Apple and Samsung). WP marketshare was 3.7% in 2014 WP marketshare today is 2.5% in 2015. I blame this cancelation as one of the main reasons WP marketshare is lower than last year.
  • because microsofts first flafgship NEEDS to make an impact, Microsoft didnt see the mcclaren making an impact, but waiting and making a top of the line phone built for windows 10, now THAT can make an impact. People greatly underestimate the importance of timing when announcing/releasing products.
  • That phantom click is the reason this didn't get released.
  • Yea I hate that... Now and then it happens on my Lumia 1520.
  • So that's what it's called. I thought I was being crazy, but apparently I'm not! :p
  • That is the only thing i hate about my 1520.  But it also make me want to throw it at the wall!!
  • Same here...
  • You can do that with super senstive touch on high...
  • Yeah i know, didn't see anything new from this video....
  • Well, you saw the cancelled McLaren phone.
  • Out of curiosity - are the 640(XL) or any other phone out now Microsoft designed?
  • Majority are still Nokia devices, although I would imagine MS has a say on some fo the hardware e.g. RAM, camera, etc.
  • Yup. We're all being trolled..hard.
  • This. Pretty easy to fake this. My 1520 does this sometimes. It's not consistent, but it looks exactly like the video.
  • I figured.. I think I got a button to push on my 1020 that way.
  • +1
    Looks like high sensitivity.
  • Seems to me a really hard interaction, its hard to hang your finger in middle of the air and try to interact with something.  
  • Yup. Cancelled for something I could have easily lived without, although not sure if processing power was also an issue for a supposedly high MP phone.
  • Yes true
  • Yep good thing it was cancelled. 930 is great as last Nokia flagship (1520 too)
  • I don't think this is legit.. I get this happen all the time on my 920 and 1020. Less sensitive on the 930, bit this is certainly within the norm of having touch sensitivity set to high..
  • It's legit. See the lead image, follow the source. There are more photos of the phone. It's McLaren, trust me.
  • Cuz, how could you doubt a Chinese source, or someone with those gnarly fingernails.
  • Wow. Or, you know, you could follow the source and see photos of the phone yourself. We have seen photos of McLaren before, that's not new, even Tom Warren knows this is McLaren and will vouch for it. If you follow the source you will see a few prototype phones, including two or three never seen publicly. But go on with your reasoning. I can tell you things, can't make you believe 'em.
  • Daniel is 100% correct. This is real - even down to the ugly-as-hell chin. The "touch" (or lack thereof) is quite legit as well. This is not the same as the 1020 (or other) super sensitive touch. Very different, or would've been anyway, had it worked.
  • I'm sure it would have been. But what is shown in the video is something we can already do. I don't doubt that the PHOTOS are of the McLaren. But the video isn't showing anything that my 1520 can't do.
  • Hi Daniel, apologies for my previous comment - I didn't mean to make out that the phone itself wasn't real, but more towards this not being a true example of the 3D touch. I understand it's a prototype, but I feel that this is the phone operating within it's normal means, (much like the models mentioned above) not an example of the hardware operating in it's extended "3D touch" mode. Didn't mean to start anything! Thanks for your coverage on this, and appreciate your dedication to all things Windows! :)
  • Awesome
  • That is not 3D touch I can do that with my 1020, with the touchscreen set to the high sensitivity level...
  • This honestly looks kinda fishy. My old 1020 used to do this exact same "hover scroll" if I had the sensitivity turned to high in the settings. I even made a thread about it last year
  • Even if that were the case, the fact is this is still the McLaren prototype. You can see more photos at the soruce link.
  • Oh, no doubt. I was just saying this isnt necessarily "3D Touch" like the title suggests.
  • Soo glad it wasnt released, the name itself is from the Formula One team, look where they are today!!!...At the back completely struggling, the iSheep would have had a field day.
  • I take it you're not familiar then with the less sucky things McLaren makes, like the P1?!
  • Ive actually driven one :) I prefer the Aventador though.  00:25 in UK - wheres my dang W10!
  • It was just a code name. I'm sure Microsoft will be changing cityman and talkman when finally released.
  • I have not followed F1 for a long while. But a month or so ago, I had to call someone as part of my job. I was speaking to the person for a little while and they told me that they had been working at their new role. Around that time I heard some crazy revving. I asked where on earth they were stood. Turns out they work for McClaren in their road car division. The sound was so nice, I called that person more times in the 3 weeks following that call than I had done in the preceeding 4 months.   You never know though, it may have been named after those fancy puschairs. Certainly sounds better than Silver Cross.  
  • Lol I can do this on my 1520. This video does not show the true technology which was planned behind McLaren. Its just a fake attempt. Just set your phone to high sensitivity and you'll find out that you can do just the same
  • "This video does not show the true technology which was planned behind McLaren."
    Just how to you know what 3D Touch nav was about? Regardless of the interaction part, the phone is McLare, there is no doubt about that part. It is not clear whomever possesses this phone knows what they are doing, but that is a completely separate issue.
  • I am doing it right now -- Lumia 1520
    Wow, so cool! 3D Nav ftw!
  • Yeah, but it's still not on a cancelled Nokia device. I think you're missing the point here, really. If you don't find the first video of McLaren caught on video interesting, that is totally fine. I happen to think it's neat.
  • I can get something slightly similar when I put my 1020 on high sensitivity. I just have to hover my finger above the screen and clicks happen without contact. Kind of neat when I do, but also a pain in the rear when I forget to turn off high sensitivity because clicks and scrolls seem to come from nowhwere.
  • What?? I can do it even with Lumia 520 when the high sensitivity is on.
  • I can do this with my 920!!
  • Did he recorded this with a Galaxy LOL
  • fake,sometimes I can do the same with my 920.this isnt 3D touch.i dont know how(maybe when my finger is so warm) but it works.sorry for my bad english.
  • #1520
  • Man my Lumia 1520 already has that feature. Some days just holding my phone as finger that close to the screen makes it move. Works just as well as the video
  • That was a Nokia design which looked just like the 1020
  • This will be on the next iPhone and everyone will say how innovative and world changing it is!
  • Sometimes I can do this exact thing with my Lumia 920, and my Lumia 930.. Sometimes it just seems super sensitive!
  • My Lumia 625 can do that too... it is not "3D touch" just set sensitivity to highest an that's it...
  • I call bs! I have done this before with current devices with super sensitive touch on high....
  • I'm glad this was never released. Frankly, I think it's stupid. I WANT to touch the surface of the phone, not awkwardly move my finger at an unspecified height over the glass.
  • That's a regular lumia 1020 with extra sensitive glove mode enabled. No exploding tiles... Not McLaren.
  • Most annoying video I've ever seen of someone using a phone. Besides, having to hover your finger like that looks like it takes way more concentration than it's worth
  • That's why I'm trying to find/buy one...imagine the video WE could with it? lol
  • That would be great!
  • With or without 3d touch (the video doesn't show it) MS were dumbasses for not releasing it, especially in the US. WP really needed a true high end flagship.
  • Man I wish they would have released this device. All I want is a faster bigger 1020.
  • A 20 MP camera with a 40 MP hump.  Lovely.  Shame it got cancelled, but at the same time I can see why it was killed off.  A half baked concept device at best, a wooden stake in the undead heart of the Windows Phone OS at worst.  
  • "A 20 MP camera with a 40 MP hump. Lovely."
    There is actually a reason for this, which is McLaren was very, very thin. The metal fits tightly around the innards but the camera OIS mechanism is still large. I hear it was basically the Lumia 930 system, but since the body is so thin, there is now a hump. 930 has no hump because it's a chuncky m'fker :P
  • So I gather either 1) 950 is not as thin or 2) they have made the camera & flash module significantly smaller? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why are people saying its the 1020 if the windows keys are on the screen and not capacitive? It even has the little drop down arrow like on the M8
  • Lol I could do that with my 520! Not with my 830 though, the sensitivity isn't that great.
  • What's new about this? I had a1520 a year ago that us to do the exact same thing. When ever my fingers were hot, I was able to manipulate the screen in the exact same way. I think I had to have the screen on high sensitivity. 
  • Well, what's new is seeing this phone on video for the first time.
  • Ok I believe you. But I think you should get rid of the "3D touch" in the title. 
  • Well, the 3D touch was the big "thing" with this phone, so it is McLaren with 3D Touch, that's what this phone was literally built around (and why when it failed, they couldn't salvage the project). Had I said "3D Touch nav system demoed on video" I'd agree that would be a bit misleading. Regardless, the poster claims this is 3D hover and clearly they have the phones, so we're just reporting on that.
  • Yep, I have a 1520.3 and can do the same when the humidity is high and my hand isn't dry. Hovering over the screen is enough to trigger a button or tile.
  • The design didn't even look that great. I was disappointed when this got cancelled, but now I am glad they did. If the Lumia 950 and 950 XL look anything like the renders, then they made the right choice.
  • It's probably fake. I can do this too with my Lumia 920. When I set touch sensitivity to high, it isn't so difficult to scroll without touching the screen.
  • What's fake, the video? The Phone? Or the alleged 3D touch? Because two out of three of those are definitely not fake.
  • You're right. The video just didn't convince me that there's 3D touch in the prototype because I can do the same thing with my Lumia 920.
  • I didnt really care much about the 3D touch in the video but that hardware was beautiful! I hope the upcoming flagships dont dissapoint!
  • You can do that on many Lumia's now anyway. If your fingers are close to, but not touching the screen, and you have that "gloves" mode on, which just raises the magnetic field up from the display a little higher, it will pick up your fingers.
  • Do you realize, this has nothing to do with 3D touch or any kind of gesture navigation? This is just too sensitive and otherwise very regular touch screen.
  • Do you realize that this video and accompanying photos show the McLaren prototype, a phone who's main feature was 3D Touch? I think you're missing the forest for the trees here ;)
  • I've always felt the need of hovering gestures in mobiles. Sometimes to want to look at complete names and/or details. Sometimes to see what is under the menus. If implemented right, it would be the next best evolution in mobile space. But, knowing Microsoft, they would never be able to make it mainstream. So, I'm waiting for apple to "INVENT" this feature, pushed into main stream by android and catch up by Microsoft. :)
  • The next big thing for on-screen selection will be eye tracing and blinking, smooching or nostril flaring.
  • I'm really not liking the design. It looks so 2003 with that huge bump on the back..
  • Honestly with all the similar phones or not mclauren even with a gimmicky feature would have been a cool oooh ahhh phone which is what Microsoft needs
  • It looks just like the 1020, but not as good. I'm not sure why it has on-screen keys. 
  • The metal on this phone is awesome, definitely looks like a premium device like an iPhone 6 or a Galaxy S6 phone, could this have been very popular and sold in the millions, probably if it have been available in most countries on most carriers like the Samsung or Apple phones sell. Logistics is the key which have made this phone a success. I really want to listen to the low level details of the 3D touch technology having issues and being the reason this phone was cancelled. Soon or later Satya Nadella will answer this questions, maybe after Cityman and Talkman are launched.
  • Result: Crap
  • The 3D touch on my Lumia 1020 is good enough
  • looks kinda useless... without the exploding tiles.
  • This phone should have been released last year to fill the windows Phone flagship gap so we wouldn't have to be waiting a whole year to see the next flagship, quite frankly I believe Microsoft should allow oem phone makers to put their own UI on top of the windows os just like android to preserve the life span of the os, they can't follow Apple IOS has got a head start from 2006 no wonder Huawei chair man says there is no money on windows phone because they make their money from their unique ui running on android. Microsoft should wake up and realise that Windows Phone need to have diversity in the windows Phone market they have a very good platform let phone makers build on before Windows Phone os become extinct
  • Agreed
  • I can make this on my Lumia 520, but sometimes fail
  • Well , I wouldnt call that 3D , it's not even close to be a 3D Panel
    3D isn't by pressing when your finger is away for 1 cm or 2
    Most of us could press when his finger is about 0.5-1 cm when turning touch to high
    That's stupid, it's one of a two
    Either the leaker doesn't know what 3D Is
    Or this was a very early prototype that had a glimpse of what 3D Is ..
    But what caught my eye is the LED light at the front , it's cool !
    Means the next flagships will have one , awesome !
  • Amazing
  • I really dont think 3d touch is the right direction, apple's pressure sensitive touch makes much more sense
  • Quick! Someone ship Dan a beer before he looses his mind and goes postal on the community! Don't worry Dan, some of us are level headed and believe the story for what it is. However, I think this makes it much more painfully obvious why the product was never released.
  • Is it me, or is the other device at the bottom a bit confusing. Screen is inferior to Talkman, but processor is better since Talkman has SD 808, whereas this has SD 810. On the other hand I hope its the 840/850. Looks like a great phone, 5.2" 1080p display, but I think an SD 610 would complement it nicely, 2/3GB RAM and a 20/15MP camera would mean that it would be a solid midrange phone to take on the likes of the Moto X Play announced today. The Talkman, Cityman, 850 and 650 would give MS great coverage of the smartphone market, they've just got to get Windows 10 Mobile spot on (the hard part! ;-))
  • Guys its working on my Lumia 520...
  • Rofl, this isn't 3D touch. I can do that with my 925 right now.
  • My 925 does that as well. It's only a super sensitive display, not magic. 
  • I can see why cancelled. Not quite ready for prime time. Seems to suffer the same issue as Kinect. I was more interested in fly out tiles much as Zune desktop had with related items rising up. Really, Hello is much more important now.
  • Honestly, the phone design itself feels a little stale. Although, I do recognize the was from much earlier in their design catalog. Kind of glad I missed it.
  • Be interested in someone explaining the use senario for such a thing...seems like a kinda lame gimick on first impression.
  • Lol, the Windows Central intro and outro took almost as long to watch as the actual video did.   
  • Not even sure if that is really the mclaren in the video part of it but i guess it may well be. In any event 1) probably a good thing they did not go ahead with the 3d interactions 2) for sure a huge mistake not to launch the device with the 3d features disabled /removed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • IF microsoft is going with this body style with all the curves, i may have to pass.  It is too reminiscent of the 920 i have.  For me, i need something that looks new. 
  • Don't worry, 950 will be a generic looking box (assuming the WinCentral render is accurate).
    ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Give me Lumia with Snapdragon 820. Snapdragon 810 sucks!
  • I can do this on the 930, 1520, and 920. If this is the 3d touch then it is not anything more than super sensitive touch and deserved to be cancelled. 
  • Really good-looking phone. It's a shame it never came to be.
  • Actually people if u set your lumia touch sensitivity to high, it'll work just the same. Even with my 520. Original concept was to have a responsive screen while using gloves. Give it a try! They just marketed & build off what was a possible flaw.
  •  Didn't  Samsung try this with their sphone a whole ago?
  • Turn touch sensitivity to high on any lumia, this happens. Have seen it on my Lumia 925 about a year ago. So no, this is no 3d touch. 
  • Couldn't the yellow prototype actually be an earlier version of Mclaren?
  • It is useless so cancelled...
  • I bought a 520 from target to run Windows 10 and was able to do that.
  • Glad they cancelled this, outside of the MixView (which I really hope they bring back in some form) it's just a gimmick. Very cool tech, but really don't see a point in it.
  • I am sorry, but this is total bulshit. This is just a regular Lumia 1020 with hypersensitive touch (the one that allows you to use gloves). ANY Lumia will behave like this, just test it. You must first put your phone on an insulated surface, ground yourslef (or stand with bare feet on the ground) and hover your finger aboven the screen. The difference in potential is enough to locally affect the capacitance of the screen hence triggering the touch sensing software. THIS VIDEO IS A PRANK.    
  • Omg, what the heck are you all smoking?  Have you all never had some static electricity on your finger?  I can do that exact thing with a 520...  Yes, that "exact" thing from that exact distance away from the screen.   The only difference is I cut my fingernails and I know how to enable manual camera focus.  Very dissappointed that Windows Central would re-publish such garbage.
  • Probably a good thing it didn't make it off the shelves in its current incarnation.  I hate it as it is when I hardly touch an app and launch something I didn't intend to. Making the accidental touch a feature is a bit of a bridge too far
  • My 1020 can do that when touch is set to high sensitivity
  • Well it's no surprise it was cancelled. What a waste of time. The guy has massive problems controlling it. Why struggle to hover 2mm off the screen when you can touch it? Pointless.
  • Exactly. No need for such a useless function. Everybody was expecting a nice 3D interaction but all you see is a hover function.
  • The yellow one looks like a mix between 730 and 830 on the design. I would buy the 830 succesor if it will have design elements from 730. The rounded sides and the slimmer top and bottom parts makes it really comfortable to hold in your hand and pocket. Add the SD620, a bigger camera than the 830 with a proper sensor and a 1080p display and you have a proper affordable flagship.
    Though if the phone upgrade funds will increase this fall, I might get the 950
  • The 3D touch aspect seems very gimmicky to me. This feature seems more like something that Samsung would advertise and no one would use. I can see why this device got axed.
  • 3D touch just really looks more like an increased butt-dial option than anything useful.  
  • <= that's the 3D touch I'm expecting...
  • Exactly, what was shown here isn't even close to 3D touch, it's just how they currently work. :D
  • This. Video. Was. STUPID.
  • I call BS. I could do this with my Lumia 925. All that's being shown is the result of the person interacting with the super-sensitive touch screen. I'm fairly sure this isn't the 3D touch system that Microsoft had in mind.
  • If this is McLaren.... then my lumia 525 must be the part of project McLaren.... because my lumia sometimes works with this type of 3D touch, i thought "this could be an effect of extra touch sensetivity." but its the same as the vedio shown....
  • That yellow one has an absolutely sexy speakergrill/earphone jack layout. damn. Posted via Galaxy Tab 4
  • Big deal My Lumia 820 also navigates and scrolls or tap open anything without touching the screen and I only hover my finger over the screen.. 
  • I sitll don't see the point in the whole 3D touch at this point in time. It's interesting, but not exactly useful until someone creates good software that can take advantage of it. We'll eventually get there.