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Video: More WinMo 6.5 from Tech-Ed (Oh, and 6.5's ready to go)

Here's another video out of Microsoft's Tech-Ed conference in Los Angeles. It's just a 12-minute run-through of Windows Mobile 6.5. We see the lock screen, today screen, home screen, Office and My Phone. Nothing you haven't already seen before, just fresher. And some of the "finger-friendly" menus are still the same ol' thing, just a little bigger. (And can we get rid of radio buttons already?)

Check out the whole video here.

And speaking of Windows Mobile 6.5, the WM Dev Team on Twitter posted the following:

For the record, Windows Mobile 6.5 is DONE... complete... looks really good IOHO and every bit functional. ping us if u want to know more.

Here's what we want to know: Can we have it already?!?!?!? We kid, we kid. But not really.

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  • interesting that he is running this on an original HTC Diamond. But wait......upgrades aren't supported!? :-/
  • of course it's ready - I've been running it without any issues on my HTC TP for over a month...
  • No, that's not an original Diamond. That's an AT&T Fuze (TouchPro). As long as XDA exists, I don't care what they officially release... -Mc
  • Don't blame Microsoft for non upgradeable phones. It's the manufacturers choice. The phone business wants you to buy a new phone every year, so updates are only for the latest devices available just before WM 6.5 is ready. The good old Pocket PC days were better. Updates were almost always avaialbe for recent devices just not the lates ones. And new devices lasted longer before being replaced by a new model.
  • No I'm blaming MS on this one. They could be putting more pressure on MFG's and carriers to encourage them to offer upgrades.
    As it stands MS's earlier language seemed to indicate they were concerned about WinMo branding, so only phones with a dedicated Windows key (meeting the hardware specs of course) were getting updates. So because my perfectly capable Touch Pro has a "home" icon on a button instead of "windows" icon MS doesn't seem to care about the top of the line phone I've purchased running their software. I'm using 6.5, but until MS rolls updates out directly to consumer (like Apple) I'm not buying another WinMo phone. Pre comes out soon...
  • MS really needs to freshen up their image. These guys are informative, but are horribly stiff in front of the camera, to the point of making mistakes in the operation of some of the sliding gestures.
    They're sort of indicative of the general consumer response to WinMo, it's for middle aged IT guys. A guy like Kevin Rose will watch this and think WinMo is even LAMER than he already thinks it is...
  • Wow! The two PocketPC heavyweights together. Chris and Dale, rockon!
  • I've been running a 6.5 ROM on my Sprint Touch Pro for just over a month now, and it behaves almost just like the device in this video. Which is, to be honest, a little disappointing to me, because while I like 6.5, I don't love it. It's just too had to do certain things. For example:
    Rearranging the icons in the Start menu is a pain in the butt. PointUI2 does this amazingly well, and 6.5 does this amazingly poorly. There is no evidence from this video that this will change.
    Editing the settings of the device is incredibly frustrating, because once you edit a setting, it dumps you back out to the Today screen. Again, this was not demonstrated in the video, but if the tech guys are saying that 6.5 is done - well, I'm concerned that this may not have changed. I guess you can say that the video underwhelmed me, mostly because I've already been running 6.5 on my device... but also because there's nothing here that makes me want the Palm Pre any less. The Pre has really divided my loyalties... and I'm not the only one (i.e. Dieter jumping ship from WMExperts to PreCentrail.Net). C'mon, Microsoft. I've been with you since the Toshiba e740 and have had the Apache, Titan, and now the Touch Pro... but the Pre is looking more and more likely to be my next device, and that's a damn shame.