Video: A sit down with HTC's Eric Lin (part 3)

A few weeks ago we saw an excellent interview with HTC's Eric Lin by Japanese site Akihabra News. The third part of that interview is now available. [via]

In the final installment, Lin gives a look at the HTC Magic, which runs Anrdoid, and the HTC Snap. He also talks about upgrades to Windows Mobile 6.5. You'll want to watch the whole interview, but here's a teaser:

"Microsoft has not announced any plans for 6.5 for Smartphones, for Standard edition yet. So, we cannot promise a 6.5 upgrade for Snap, because Microsoft has not offered 6.5 for Smartphones yet.However, we have absolutely promised a 6.5 upgrade for Diamond 2 and (Touch) Pro 2."And, in fact, we made changes to how 6.1 works and to the hardware of Diamond 2 and Pro 2 so that when our customers upgrade to 6.5, that everything will work the same, that they will not have to relearn anything."

Akihabra News interview with Eric Lin (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

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