Video: Tellme in action

Here's a video walkthrough of Tellme, the uber-Voice Command feature we expect to play a prominent role in Windows Mobile 6.5.

Brought you you by Techflash, it'sbeing shown on a Samsung Omnia and, sure enough, you can dictate text messages. Very cool. We're definitely looking forward to this.

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  • Tell Me - Do you think this will be available this calendar year on phones with 6.5? I like everything that I have seen and read about 6.5 and future 7.0.
  • considering the omnia is the greatest non-capacitive screen winmo device so far, tellme should be able to run on 6.1 :)
  • It's too slow. I'd rather type out a message then wait for it to find the contact and then transcribe what I'm saying. This is really a touchscreen-only phone app.
  • I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to respond to texts while driving in my car. Voice command will read them out to me but I have to wait to respond. Tellme might be slower, but at least I'll be able to text while driving without crashing into something! Tellme... no more trainwrecks! (too soon?)
  • It still seems faster than opening up your browser, opening the movie ticket site, putting your zip code, finding your movie etc. With that (if it really does work like they show) you just say the movie name and pretty much get a list. It would be good to text while driving, or pretty much do any function on your phone while driving. So I personally can't wait. The WinMo support for voice stuff sucks so bad and I always wished it would be better.
  • @Bcreekski: Yep. It's supposed to launch alongside 6.5. @Who?: Definitely didn't look quick. But it's still much safer than typing while driving. Not that we *ever* do that, right? :)
  • will it also work on 6.1?