Video: Touch Diamond 2 with WinMo 6.5

Here's 10 minutes from The Inquirer of Windows Mobile 6.5 running on the — ahem, Windows phone — known as the HTC Warhawk, aka the Touch Diamond 2. [via Engadget Mobile]

For the most part, it's nothing we haven't seen, despite the phone running what purportedly is the final build of Windows Mobile 6.5. But we do get a good (albeit brief) look at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, a nice run-through of Microsoft My Phone (which we've been enjoying for a while now).

Speaking of My Phone, the interview drops a line that My Phone will be a part of Live Mesh at some point, and that there may be a premium buy-in for more storage.

Microsoft Tag is included on the ROM, which makes sense if you're serious about pushing that standard. We also get a good look at Flash running on the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Peep the whole video after the break.

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  • Thats the Diamond 2, not Pro.
  • Wow, IE is still slow. Wasn't it supposed to blow Skyfire away?
  • lag lag lag its the qualcomm bullshit processor im getting a pre
  • Sadly, this device may end up being my best choice when it comes to future upgrades on SERO (as I think the party's going to stop with v7-based devices.) Throw a REAL chipset on there and it may be a different story - like we see with the supposedly very snappy Omnia II. But that's ok HTC, keep cranking out phones with that 2+ year old chipset and calling them upgrades. The OS itself looks nice. It's nice to see the stock OS is going to be attractive and usable enough in its own right that you won't have to rely on 3rd parties prettying things up unless you really want to. The glaring lack of showing off multimedia features is a big red flag that v6.5 is still just a stop gap though until v7 totally revamps things. I'll most likely have to continue to rely on Kinoma for the foreseeable future.
  • Sadly, I was disappointed with this. While I knew 6.5 would only be a minor upgrade, after seeing the Palm OS, and videos of the HTC Hero this looks incredibly bland. Further, the aspect ratio of the D2 looks funny to me. They should have made the screen a bit wider. It doesn't look like I'll be back until Windows mobile 7.0 err.....I mean the "premium version of Windows phone".
  • What's always struck me as really odd is that they made this conscious decision to go to the Zune/Media Center twist design interface. That's fine. That's actually one of my favorite interface designs of all time given its robust nature and ease of use. However, it was ideal in its being mated to a d-pad as it offered FANTASTIC one-handed functionality. Yet almost all major new WM Pro phones are moving away from the d-pad. WTH
  • I agree... I was really eager to upgrade from the Fuze to the Touch Pro 2, but not sure if I want to give up my dpad for a bigger screen... the dpad, combined with a touch screen makes a really great user experience.
  • It's not that big a deal though. I'm sure you've seen videos of the Zune HD and how it handles this shortcoming.
  • At the end of the video he said that WinMo 6.5 will be on the Touch HD pro. did he just give away what HTC's next touch HD will be named?
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