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Video of unreleased Windows 10 Mobile build 10151 reveals new app opening animation

As well as the new animation, the build seems to be more stable and sports a more fluid experience. This is something we expect with later builds of the upcoming operating system update, which is set to arrive sometime later this year.

It's not known whether or not build 10151 will be released to insiders, following on from the build 10149 leak. Sit through the video above and let us know your thoughts on the new animation in the comments.

Source: Neowin

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Still many bugs I guess ...
  • It is definitely androidish and appleish animations in that video, that zoom in stuff. Flip animation had always been windows signature element. I like flip better than this. But the new animation is smoother. Maybe they could work on making flip as smooth as they show in the Lumia ads.
  • If we watch closely, it still flips! But now, instead of whole page flipping at once, it seems like tiles disintegrate and flip!
  • I don't think it really flips, or at least I can't perceive it. Maybe its too subtle that its too hard to notice at a glance, and if that's case for me they need to tweak more.
    I agree that the animation is too similar to Android ICS. It needs to have noticeable 3d flip/tilt as it zooms in/out and make the zoom farther but still the overall animation faster, which as how much I live the current WP8.1 animation, its bit slow. Also its trying to animate like new Xbox One Dashboard, but it isn't there yet. This one is too conservative
  • Yeah it also looks like they flip FORWARD. I can't tell if its just a trick on my eyes but the tiles look like they have depth if you look at the top edge of the bottom row as they flip. NEVERMIND, they don't have added depth... What I see is the bottom row beginning to fade out and the bottom of the above and behind tile shows through the top of the fading tile. Anyway, I kinda like the current style over this but I'll wait and see how it goes. In this style I can hardly tell what app the person pressed.
  • Definitely no flipping in this video.. not sure what you're looking at.
  • Some are seeing flip, some are not. Is this another #TheDress?
    Also, I don't see any flip in this either.
  • Nope. It's just a zoom in Or out, depending on your perspective.
  • I always wanted to have Windows 8 animations in Windows Phone. :'( but now all these animations are gone
  • +930
  • Wow. Another one of windows phones unique characteristics gone. Not much else left to trash.
  • I think the flip animation is WAY too slow, this seems to fix that
  • Google will soon announce that next android update is called Android N code name NO WINDOWS!
  • Yes second that.. that bookish page opening flip takes 26 billion light years.. no sarcasm.
  • The Animation speed is a lot better - the flip was too slow - but that could hide the beginning of the app loading
  • It becomes much better now, much faster.
  • There's still live tiles but I wouldn't be surprised if MS has plans to ditch those as well. Windows 10 is basically Android with tiles and less apps at this point. What a sad joke.
  • Check this out and this one   androidsh and appleish? Of course not!
  • I hope that they will the animation like this one, especially on Tablets and who use Start screen on Desktop which its more immersive to look at but at the same time make a animations quicker, at least when opening.
  • actually they do. Some of my friends installed the leaked 10147 build and the start screen animation works similarly, in tablet mode
  • I could see that this animation is similar to leaked build on the video.
  • that time i really liked that android animation...and hoped that if windows phone contained it...but now i am liking the lollipop animation more than this one...i think windows phone will always lag in design and animation..
  • LOL Windows phone never lagged in design or animation... Whatchu smokin?
  • Windows phone always lagged in animations. In android they atleast have developer options to reduce/increase the pace of the animation.. We don't have that. I like flip, looks unique. But these animation are way slowyyy.
  • Dude, flip it's too slow, and in the ads, it's even slower
  • Yeah well they could improve animation speed and smoothness
  • No it is a heavy animation. Not a good one to use as a default one. This one is much lighter for your eyes.
  • I prefer this over what the current insider builds have done, which is fly off to the left side of the screen leaving a hole. That always rattled my nerves.
  • i like this one better than "flip"
  • Tbh, I think it's pretty good. Everything feels refreshed in the new OS. And as far as "androidish and ioish" thing is concerned, I believe it's just a part of an improvement. Stop comparing! Windows 10 is gonna be unique.
  • Hardly unique, and hardly an improvement. I'm not a fan of what they're doing with Win10 mobile thus far.
  • Windows 10 is completely unique. Everything is much better than wp8.1
  • And what hardly an improvement, stop trolling
  • Video deleted
  • Doesn't seem like much of an animation. Not sure the point of that video
  • Ditto!
  • I don't like the animation. It's bland
  • Ditto 2
  • Right,I watched it twice and was what am I supposed to be seeing? lol
  • If your mind is too slow to notice, it's your damn problem, not ours. Go see a Dr or something, this is miles different and BETTER than what we currently have!
  • Yeah, the video was short. That animation now looks like those of Android and iOS apps opening ones, to me.
  • Um... the loading animation has always been slow... this uses the same animation from Xbox, and it looks fast and much nicer!
  • Doesnt look any different to  me.  
  • I don't get what the video is showing and why do leaks gotta be blurry
  • The animation looks identical with the PC.. No more book-flipping animation.
  • Do you use a Windows Phone?! The animation is clearly different.
  • The existing animation looks like you just uninstalled the app rather than launching it.  It is very different.
  • You have to be an Android/iOS user to see no difference in animation.
  • I see the difference between the two of Windows, but the second animation will remind me of the same animation in Android :s
  • It's very different, and I like it.  It's the same animation used on Xbox! :)
  • This build will going to change the road route......
    And will bring us in first true step towards "The Windows Mobile" ^_~
  • Later this year@ typing mistake
  • Finally all those slow animations are gone.  It makes the OS feel more fast and fluid.  Now they just have to do something about state saves to keep Edge from logging you out of websites all the time like Internet Explorer does, and get the memory management improved so "Resuming..." is taken care of.  Switchers from iOS and Android are not going to stand for constant "Resuming..." when they don't have it on their platforms, regardless of the feeble excuses given by Microsoft.  Just clean out all the old Silverlight apps that don't have fast resume, or update the Silverlight subsystem.
  • Resuming is really frustrating especially where its completely unnecessary. Like where your phone locks the screen then when you unlock it, the app resumes and most of the time it does not resume to where you left off but it restarts the app. This is more annoying when you are playing a game
  • Exactly this! Why the hell should a foreground app be tombstoned once the screen locks after a few minutes? Apps that reset make it even more frustrating. I find this implementation the most offensive with devices with 2 gigs of ram. It's like the OS doesn't want to use any of it. I see it on my friend's 1520 all the time. Win 10 mobile is MUCH better about it but it rears its ugly head from time to time.
  • Guys, this is exactly the idea I suggested today morning on Microsoft listens to uservoice. I'd be thankful if you could vote the idea here:
  • Keep posting this link in upcoming articles so more people will vote for it..... :)
  • Thanks broda, I'll keep reminding people in every relevant article :D
  • +100 Microsoft needs to take care of the dreaded "Resuming...." Issue ASAP, like yesterday! NO other smartphone has it and we need to get rid of it. Even first party apps like Health, MSN news etc have it, so it looks like an OS level fix
  • So far I haven't seen resume screen in win 10 hope it stays
  • Its not the Silverlight bull crap they tell us, it's the way WP8.1 manages background & foreground tasks and they did a crappy job at it if you ask me
  • +1 I don't get why the resuming problem would have anything to do with Silverlight, as it happens with WinRT apps as well
  • Ehem... apps don't start any faster or slower, with or without animations. The apps are loaded while the animation is played. If the app completes loading before the animation is finished, the animation is prematurely terminated and the app shown. A faster animation changes absolutely nothing, except possibly requiring us to look at the "loading" message for a little bit longer. I'd rather have the flying tiles. This just looks boring and static.
  • Well, no. While in fact the purpose of animation is to cover app boring loading screen, but simple and native app should've launched instantly and lengthy animation just make the OS looks slow. Just try to open your Phone tiles on WP and on iOS, both are simple app that opens instantly, but the flip animation makes WP seems slower.
  • If you want to make an argument that is actually correct, you'd be better off arguing that the entry animations (often turnstile) shown by some apps on launch unnecessarily lengthen the loading durations (by about 0.2 seconds). Those really are shown only after the app is loaded, which would otherwise be ready to go. That just isn't true of the flipping tiles. This has been repeatedly confirmed by Joe Belfiore! So no, you're incorrect. Unfortunately, the fact that the phone app (a.k.a dialer) loads quasi-instantly on iOS doesn't mean it must also load instantly on WP. It doesn't. On W10M the flipping tiles are gone. The app loads no faster than it did before. The animation is over faster, but I'm then just left staring at a blank screen until the app is fully loaded... we can argue over what is the better way to distract users from the loading durations, but your notion that the animations lengthen those loading durations is BS.
  • Well now the animations give the appearance of faster performance which can have a greater impact for end-users.
  • My old Lumia 620 had a lot of resuming screens.
    My 640 XL is perfect. I haven't seen a loading screen since I bought it. Oh, if some android guys switch to WP and they see a loading screen will be alright for them. Cause their android is full of restarts and freezing screens ;) and that's why they are buying Lumias =)
  • That's why MS released a major reboot fix last week, right?! Also, I have a Nexus 5 with none of those issues you mentioned. Try harder.
  • As soon as I moved temporarily to the Android OS, I think they're worse. I don't know why, but... the way they manage their apps, their UIs, can sometimes boring, and only Windows which did all of this differently! I wish I can go back again to Windows Phones again... missed that. Was wanting 640XL, but on my country still wasn't available at that time.
  • Not sure what that has to do with the context here but OK.
  • Animation okay. But Whats the stability status?
  • The tiles no longer roll out of the way in a page turning effect when a tile is pressed but instead project directly out of the screen. The transition appears to be faster, thus reducing animation time between so opening and the interface. I like it.
  • Yes, I kind of like that.
  • Agreed.
  • Agreed. The old animation looks cooler but fast is more important.
  • Why not have both looks cool and faster? ;)
    But yeah, good thing is it seems faster indeed but I hope animation needs to tweak more. It looks too 'safe', at least make it similar to new Xbox dashboard, only faster.
  • It looks like a cut and paste video.
  • It is...
  • so be it...
  • It should improve significantly from July. Come on Microsoft its time to concentrate more on windows 10 mobile.
  • The animations are like ios though.
  • = Fast
  • Hey guys, I'm I the only one who feels that MS should add another start screen, like when you swipe to the left from the screen and you get another start screen?
  • You can scroll down the screen like a hundred times if you want but if you want it. Post it in the insider app/forum
  • As opposed to scrolling down or in addition? I'm not a fan of too many swipes left or right.
  • Yes, I find multiple scrollings a bit cumbersome than swiping. Besides its probably more intuitive to just swipe to the left to get the latest news than having to scroll all the way down to get that.
    My start screen is filled up, I have ran out of room. I already have more than 10 folders on my start screen to try make room and avoid multiple scrolls just to get access to information.
    And also win10 will have a large live tile which will take most of the start screen depending on how many tiles you have, maybe its time MS introduced the 2nd start screen. Ps I have more than 80 apps installed
  • on my time having Windows phones (missing my Lumia 620 though), I was having nearly 100 apps on that time, but the fact that the function of the Start screen is, you have something really important to be shown, and you just pin that app into the Start screen. That's what I know about the Start screen's one of the best practices.
  • I'm sure you're not the only one, but don't count me among them. I'm not a fan of the multi-page Start screen. I much prefer the single vertically scrolling Start screen on WP. I just use folders if I want to group apps together.
  • To add, I think we need grouping and semantic zoom also for phones. That way Start screen is more flexible when organizing tiles, combine with folders.
  • Just like "fastlane" we have saw in asha and X series phones......
  • No, just no!
    Because the stage after this is more screens and then you end up with the mess that Android is, with loads of screens and you don't know where everything is!
    One screen to rule them all, live tiles and W10 FTW.
  • I'm not a fan of multiple start pages in fact when I was android I only had 1 start screen, but I feel they would be more useful on windows mobile than on other OSes due to the live tile nature of the system. Lets be honest, the multiple vertical scrolls sometimes are tiring and less intuitive to just one swipe
  • I agree - I think they should at least give us the option - its basically multiple desktops, only on a phone, so its multiple start screens.
      They also need to allow us to save our start screens, and back them up to restore manually.  If i have a tile arrangement, and want to switch it up a bit, i should be able to choose a date/name of my old arrangement to restore should I want to do that.
  • You can't have multiple scroll pages, it's just really bad UX. You need mental consistency so that when you're trying to get to more app icons you either go vertically or horizontally. When you can do both/either you have no intuititve mental construct as to where you can expect to find something. I do think they could add something on the left of the Start screen though, it's sort of wasted right now.
  • I agree. It adds too many unnecessary complexity. Android is pagenated because by design, you can't scroll beyond the screen estate and anything can't fit will need new page. Start screen is by design to be scrollable vertically or horizontally, also its actually simpler since people who use you screen knows already you can scroll because of the cutoff, while pagenated isn't as intuitive, unless you put indicators.
  • I like the new animation..... Will there be options in animations like choosing new one old one....if it doesn't there , at least bring Windowsphone 8.1 system of live tile customization
  • "Hey Cortana ! download some fresh wallpapers for next build"
  • "Hey Cortana, update phone with the latest build" ^_~
  • Ohh, that's a much needed command ....
    I hope that dream will come true one day ! Y.Y
  • I rather like the current flipping animation. But I can understand the argument for using a faster one. Hopefully the end result isn't quite as bland, though.
  • Agree, hopefully it wont be bland which I'm afraid of. With little more sophistication it might be good. At least make it similar to new Xbox dashboard.
  • Nice!!
  • It's way better than the previous.
  • Blurry videos. That's all I have to say about that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • More smooth I guess
  • LOVE IT. Looks so smooth and fast! Just the way I imagined it'll be!
  • Yeah, its much better thn current one
  • Seems faster
  • Seems faster
  • Seems faster
  • Meh.
  • It's like when the first iPhone was announced
  • The only thing i did not like about the next build is black search bar in app list.. White looks better..
  • Lol terrible video but would love to try it out
  • LOL, what was that?
  • Seems worthless being an insider on mobile. My test device is stuck on the second, extremely unstable build and can't be rolled back. We were promised a fix on the bug that keeps it from loading the next build. Meanwhile, my daily driver is set only to install the buggy version, so I keep putting that off, even though it could likely be usable on the more recent build. None if this is acceptable, as it means can't even give meaningful feedback.
  • In the current build you tap a tile and it sits there for a bit, makes an animation like the tile is coming forward and then opens. It's super slow.
  • Same way as it opens on PC.
  • I love it !!
  • I had a mini heart attack when there were a toast titled "Get ready for Windows 10" on my phone. Turns out it's just Lumia Help+Tips article to promote Denim update :(
  • I like the current pivot and flip animations! They are a signature feature of windows phone. I hope msft doesn't actually implement this. Here's hoping atleast we'll have a option in the settings
  • I had downloaded WP10 preview, but was so damn buggy that I had to revert back within 24 hours of installing it.
  • Um..... WE DONT CARE
  • M using w10 preview since February, and m never gona use wp8.1 again.
  • Poor animation. There is no continuity in it. Some people say it's like iOS... not even close. In iOS the animation is a zoom-in in the icon of the app. A 'one-step' animation. Here it's a 'two step' animation : first, the tiles go out to give a black screen ; and next, the blackscreen change in color to become the splashscreen of the app.... This make me crazy... in 2015 developers continue making 'two step' animation... In W8.1 (not WP) it was far better : the tile flip to go fullscreen. This is a good animation. Just one-step. No black or white screen in the middle of the animation.  
  • This. Wish Microsoft would take note! Completely agree.
  • I fully agree! Animation needs continuity and they already done it on Windows 8, so why not on Windows 10. iOS and Android Lollipop now have a beautiful animations already.
  • This!!! If only they could at least remove stupid splash screens! Uuughh, I hate splash screens. Completely irrelevant. And yes, I want only one step animation too.
  • It's either splash screens or loading screens (well, splash screens are just more visually appealing loading screens).
  • Can't agree more. Fianlly someone said it!
  • This is just like the PC. They are very serious about Windows 10 running on all devices! It should also look the same ;)
  • Exactly
  • I like it
  • Great. It sure beats the App opening animation that says "Loading..." I so often see..........................
  • Wow
  • Horrible. Just horrible.
  • Cause this news is more imporant than the all day outage yesterday.
  • Animation looks good..
  • Is this at all stable yet? I'd like to try it, but don't want a mess of an OS on my only phone.
  • I use it on my daily phone... it's stable enough.  BUT as WinCentral posted, a new build is coming any day now... so you might as well wait for that.
  • A little duller than the old animations but should be alot smoother and faster.
  • Really need more icons in the settings..
  • Wish we had more control over OS animations!
  • I'd personally like an option to shut down all the splash screens on startup.
  • Me too. It slows down your app experience. For me, it'd be best if I could disable all animations altogether. I hate them.
  • Don't compare the design and animation of windows with Android and's a great to see changes,good changes to windows itself.
  • Well its great indeed to see changes but comparing it to Android and iOS is quite relevant since both of them are already adopting same Metro UX principles. Especially when we actually already have beautiful animation only thing is its a bit slow.
  • Is Microsoft is planning to provide launchers in win10mobile???
  • And I am also surprised that this time Windows central didn't cover the Mobil built 10136 much
  • .....resuming...... and/or .....loading......  are TP things, which I expect will disappear once WM goes final.   I didn't see much of those things on 8.1, and I accept them as a part of the TP experience.  I assumed that they used those irritating words as placeholders, in part, because if they instead showed a splashscreen from the loading app, users would be tempted to continually tap and swipe, further delaying full launch.  I don't much care about what launching looks like.  But when you hit the back arrow and get the screen that shows you the apps runnign in the background, it has been a frustrating UI for me, and reminiscent of how BlackBerry 10 and WebOs worked.  The problem for me is that half the time I try to close one of the background apps, I wind up launching it instead. 
  • Looked like it wasn't working at all to me...tap a tile, it explodes, shows the Windows logo and nothing, go back, try again, same result, insanity.
    And could someone make one of these videos using a WP with Zeiss optics? Please? The quality sucks.
  • I don't like it. The current animations are beautiful.  
  • im i the only one that thinks that the apps shouldn't have a splash screen, i hate it
  • Yes. Animation and splash screen is vital to cover app loading screen. What they shouldn't have is animation that longer than app's loading screen. If you can launch calculator app in 100ms why the animation last for 500ms, that's what's wrong with the current one.
  • What camera did they use to make this clip? The one that came free with the food processor? :O
  • You know, Chinese's..
  • About time they changed it. Personally, I think it looks pretty nice.
  • Where are flippin' tiles?
  • Why the Chinese always get the update ahead of us?
  • They don't... somehow they got a leaked version.
  • They're good at leaking stuff. Something I love them for, lol.
  • Isn't this pretty much the same the Xbox One opens apps and games? I think people saying it looks androidish or appleish is looking too much into it.
  • That's what i thought, it feels very familiar.
  • Not a huge fan, but it has potential. Add more sophistication but keep the speed.
  • They just don't want to give up on those stupid splash screens... MS remove splash screens from both Win 10 and Win 10 Mobile!
  • It looks so fast too..
  • Old animation sad looked Good than this.... Why you dont use both of them
  • Make the different animations optional damnit!
  • Is it just me, or does that "animation" resemble what the Zune (R.I.P.) looked like?
  • This animation seems faster no delays. That's good. But resuming is also a problem with WP. We need app resuming to be optimized.
  • Seems faster like Windows 8.1
  • In the video it looks like he's opening Xbox not store, because the store tile doesn't center and enlarge as before.
  • It's the same as current animation, selected tile animated the last
  • Apps Android
  • It would be nice if end users could configure the speed of animation, currently in Windows Phone 8.1 (Denim) the version I have the animations are too fast, and the same on the video. If you could choose a bit slower (like 200ms or maybe 500ms) I think it would be epic.
  • The first one is better, but the second one is the same as Android's animation :/
  • Is it stable on 512 mb ram devices ??
  • I think it's nice, yeah, the flip one was part of the whole "Tile" effect and was really nice, but sometimes the flip animation slow down or bugs a little and stuff. But hey, let's do this then: When those builds arrive sometime in the next week, just throw away your feedback, just like the adress bar in Edge was putting down in the screen, meaby they can change the animations. Remember, these are not the final builds and a lot of things are still going to change.
  • Certainly more stabilisation of the os would be welcome. Loving Most of current build...... But, has anyone else got a small image of a horses head next to the time on the lock screen... This is really random!
  • so store app will need splash screen? nice?
  • No instant auto rotate?
  • I am really happy to see that! Flip animation is way too slow and gets boring after sometime. Thank you Microsoft!
  • Reminds me of the animations on my old Android phone from 2011. That's not a thing to be proud of. I guess we can now add smooth and stylish flip animations to the list of unique things that MS has removed/f-ed up from WP/Mobile/whatever.
  • I really, really, like the flip / page turn animations. W10 4P is looking more like an uninspiring pile of cack every time I see it...
  • Lovely Windows 10 Mobile like Windows 10 on PC  
  • Why all that finger waving before pressing (just) the Store button? Does no other tile work?
  • they remove all the windows phone 8 animation and design ._.