In VideoLAN versus fans of Windows Phone, no one wins

A few days ago, VLC – the popular video app for playing odd Codecs – made its appearance on Windows Phone for the public. At the time, it was not clear if this was the official release or the public beta of the app. As it turns out, it was the latter. As such, some negative user complaints came in, at times unfairly targeting the developer, Thomas Nigro.

What followed next was an interesting – and disturbing – back and forth between VideoLAN (who own the VLC property) and the Windows Phone community. Although this incident is technically old news, the point illustrated is very relevant.

VideoLAN takes offense

In a series of tersely worded tweets, VideoLAN took to Twitter to berate Windows Phone users over their behavior:

"Dear WP community, If you want applications, maybe you should stop acting like this…This amount of lack of respect is unbelievable...Especially against a young open source developer, who owes you nothing."

The "this" in the above exchange was referring to a negative review of the beta app that called out Nigro for being "very slow".

Following that exchange, some users took VideoLAN to task for what they thought was an overreaction. Indeed, in one conversation (since deleted) VideoLAN even threatened to pull the app (and the project) all together, while saying some not so nice things about Windows Phone fans.

Poor behavior

Although I think VideoLAN was overreacting to the criticism, I do get their point. Windows Phones fans have shifted from the 'scrappy newcomer struggling against the world' to the 'curmudgeonly old guy who hates everything'.

And I get that. Windows Phone fans have been kicked around the block for years now, seemingly getting shunned left and right by companies, manufacturers, and even the carriers. This, despite the fact that many people like Windows Phones and the experience.

Still, the behavior and tone lately has been rather nihilistic, especially around such apps as VLC. The amount of haranguing we receive about an app we have nothing to do with is, well, it's impressive (or maybe de -pressive).

VideoLAN does have a point though. You can look right at the comments section on this site for such behavior. How many times to people mash letters on the keyboard in an infantile gesture to share with the world that the app in question "should be free"? I have spoken to devs who would rather not interact with some of you in comments due to your aggressive nature. People don't want to pay anything, people want games to work on their budget phone from two years ago, and developers should damn any platform restrictions that Microsoft has put in their way.

Of course, VideoLAN's reaction was not right either, in fact, it was downright poor, but I get the feeling. Thomas Nigro is a young, talented dev, often working against the restrictions of the platform. In other words, a lot of this is not his fault, but rather Microsoft's for not making it easy. You can ask quite a few developers about such situations, but does it matter when people won't even pay for something?

One thing you can do is leave proper reviews for apps in the Store with constructive criticism (if warranted). No one wants to hear you can't afford an app, so that does not count, sorry. Also, if you see a trashy review, simply take a second to respond appropriately under the 'Was this helpful?' feedback area. You are the best police against such lousy behavior, whether it is here in comments or in app reviews.

Finally, I'm not sure what the long-term answer is here. I just know that both sides are acting poorly and in the end, this platform will only suffer for it. The level of negativity needs to end, but it is certainly not an easy ride to stop.

Update: Thomas Nigro, the developer behind VLC on Windows Phone, has shared his thoughts in comments about the situation.

What say you? Sound off in comments on what you think of this situation and the user behavior in general.

Thanks, Trevor M., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Really not acceptable!
  • It's not acceptable from either party. I do understand users' frustrations about VLC though. And similar apps that label themselves as Betas and then turn out to be early Alphas. Developers need to stop getting people's hopes up, and then they won't get this kind of reaction. Devs seem to be forgetting the 'under-promise and over-deliver' mantra, but those who do follow this principle are always received very well by their users.
  • You shouldnt also nt forget, these cheap comments DISCOURAGES the developers too. I am also an user & nt a developer, so i think users should have patience to an extent. There need to be a balance & a mutual sense of understanding & respect.
  • I'm sorry Thomas, if we made u feel bad. But we love vlc so much just as we love scrollboard. Fans just feel cheated when an app does not meet expectations. I don't think the issue is whether its free or not. We gladly pay for great apps and don't complain (at least I do). I would have loved if Thomas took more time to make something better. It's unfortunate, he was a victim of Winphone fans long accumulated frustration.
  • And that's one of the stupidest things you can say about this mess. Really, see, here's the thing: developers like Rudy Huyn that actually do brilliant stuff and many others are applauded and welcomed. I dare say there's no platform as welcoming as WP for developers that put effort into it. I see a lot of support. Heck, even I e-mail developers with (positive) feedback and things like that. I would never do that on Android, but with WP I love it when a developer makes a beautiful app that makes my Lumia shine even more.  And you know what the point here is? Rudy and other developers don't put turds in the appstore two years after asking money for it. And they don't piss all over users for pointing that out either. Developers like VLC make WP look bad. People install the app and see it function like this, it's bad for WP. People see the VLC rage; it's bad for WP. There should be mutual understanding and respect? Yes, if it were deserved. Nobody (besides a few lunatics) have anything bad to say about developers that put an effort into their apps. And those developers don't ask money before the app is even made either. VLC with their idiotic behavior every step of the way doesn't deserve respect. They have started a kickstarter; that means they have an obligation towards those that invested into it. So far they failed at that and we're over two years further. Remember, back in december of 2012 they said it was going to be easy. Well, it was. For their competition. So far we have no functioning VLC. VLC took two years to fail at what other apps (Moliplayer/CCplayer) did a long time ago. Yet I didn't see Moliplayer and CC player ask money beforehand, now did I? And I remember the rage from VLC when some websites explained how downloading, compiling and installing the source of this opensource application made you able to test VLC a while back already (and it hasn't improved since then really). Raging about people doing that is not just pissing over your users but pissing all over the open source community as well. There was a beautiful discussion about it there. A little rough and harsh for my taste, but I did get the point. I'd post a link to wmpu here to the discussion, but I bet some people here will go mental if I do. If there was no kickstarter... then maybe things would be different. But you can't ask money for a product years beforehand and then produce nothing. Then people will get pissed off and they have a right to be. Think about it. If you paid me to build an app for approximately 60.000USD and I wouldn't produce any notable results for two years, you'd be pissed off too. (note: I know VLC originally only said "win8 metro app" with no mention of WP in their kickstarter, but december 10th, before the kickstarter was fulfilled on december 29th, they made a public announcement that the Windows Phone version was looking good and easy, and no I'm not a backer, as I don't care about VLC, but I dislike all the anger here as I can completely understand how people can be upset and annoying.)
  • You, sir, have just spoken my mind. The developer here thinks that they can treat WP like a minority and they are doing the platform a favor. What they fail to understand is that they have failed to make an acceptable app despite getting the kickstarter funding and then they don't admit it and blame it on the users who will ultimately rate the app based on its performance. Very very poor choice of words by VLC.
  • Exactly,   Given the developers attitude even if the app makes it out of beta it will most likely never receive updates after it's initial release.
  • Agreed, there should be respect on both sides. The developer should respect the user enough to accurately describe their product and deliver on the perception they create, and the user should respect the developer enough to be appreciative for receiving what was promised. In this case, what was promised (a Beta) was not delivered and instead an early Alpha was released. And the developer was treated badly by the user. So there is fault on both sides. However it's important to note that if the promise had been delivered, or if the promise had been more reflective of what was to be delivered, then none of this would ever have happened.
  • The stupid app bricked my phone. What do you want me to say to the dev? Its okay, i can get another expensive 1520? We're not their parents that we'd tell them that its okay even when they screw up. And they aren't doing WP any favor by giving this app because its virtually useless. That guy is getting paid for this and is acting like god. Jugheads. If Moliplayer can do it why cant vlc?
  • Agree! Devs shouldn't set users hope high then they will bring surprise and will be loved. I bought MoliPlayer Pro immediate after its release because it was released in the right time (2013 when there was no good media play on wp) and there was never an expectation to see that. I was quite surprised and excited and I still thought highly of the developer.
  • It's been a trend for the past few years for the big companies to have public "Betas" where the whole thing is treated more as a demo for the game, this has skewed people's perception of what a Beta is, or testing in general. Devs should not over-promise, but they certainly shouldn't under-promise, especially when your livelyhood, and any further development, is at stake. It is just disgusting how some people have gall to attack the devs who are creating free apps for the platform. VLC was right to react. P.S. although, IIRC VLC did take the kickstarter -money, so people are kind of entitled to expect something
  • Yep, and those public Betas are stable and largely bug-free. That's what a pubic beta is: the developers have fixed pretty much all the bugs they can find, and then they release it to the public to find things that the dev (who knows how the software *should* be used) can't find but a user can (because they try things they dev wouldn't or can't). Compare that to VLC which plain didn't work in almost all cases. I'm not speaking as a user but as a professional with a lot of experience of what a Beta actually is. It's also completely out of character for VideoLAN. VLC is very powerful and stable everywhere else. They would never dream of damaging their brand image by releasing a half-baked beta that didn't do much of what it was meant to. And then they let this out? It's almost like they have rinsed their hands of it and are letting one person do what he wants without quality control, just because of the low market share of the target platform. No offence to the developer. VideoLAN should be managing this project with him rather than leaving him high and dry and open to this kind of criticism.
  • Trolls are trolls... Anyone on the net should know better than to respond to it. And no, no one is entitled to an app that is free. However, does anyone seem to remember there was a Kickstarter for this? Someone somewhere got PAID to work on this app, right? If anyone has a right to complain, its people who contributed. With that said... I tried the Beta on a Lumia 920 and it doesn't work. At all. It doesn't make me mad, simply uninstall and move on. I may try it later when the bugs are fixed... Or I might get turned off by frustrated angry developers and not go back to it. This kind of drama, EVERYONE loses.
  • Some people straight up discriminate this community, I am so embarrassed... No matter how slow a developer may be, be appreciative!! As a fellow developer, I ask for respect as well.
  • I've never had mouthed any developer here or in any community, but there is a dignified easy to express frustrations on both sides. The question becomes: Has VLC updated there Android/iPhone apps in this the 2 year period since collecting seed money so to speak to create a WP app vs the initial beta first released. If so, I would just ask him if he could devout a little more time focusing on a specific set of needed features.
  • Im not referring specifically to anybody, but id say even if a developer favors a certain OS, still... Be appreciative. It will only tick off the developer even more. Recently I've had reviews on my apps of just a guy saying "**** you" just because and its very misleading rating to other users... It ruins careers sometimes, take it into account my friends.
  • If a random app review can ruin a carreer, which I doubt, you're either working with the saddest people on the planet or the dumbest people on the planet. Either way, your situation can only improve. Beyond that, one review is one review. If you get a lot of bad reviews, maybe it's not all the reviewers that are crap but the app. There's enough bad apps in the WP store, we don't need more of those. Ok, not everyone can be a Rudy Huyn, but that doesn't mean you have to be happy with crap in your app store either.
  • But im not complaining about myself here, im just saying its in general, reviewers on apps. The same guy put that on 2 of my apps and on other apps in the store. It doesn't generally ruin a career, but can gradullay cause one to lose money. Plus, im not trying to be a Rudy Huyn, this is just a hobby to me, but I work hard and right now im working on an app that is needed on the store that the service never released an official app for, so at least give me kudos for trying and taking initiative.
  • Go for it man!! You are another Rudy by the sounds of it!! ...and thank you ;)
  • Thank you for being an incredibly amazing user! PM means ill give you a free Windows store gift card.
  • Cool!! :D but no need for PM...
    I hereby donate the Windows Store gift card to you! To aid in your quest for bringing needed apps to our community! ;)
  • Haha well thank you very much for being an awesome addition to this community. I hope I can help build and fill the app gap as much as I can, and people like you is what motivates me. Thank you my friend, I really do appreciate it.
  • It's my pleasure, good luck :)
  • Cheers Zack, we got your back! :D
  • It's actually pretty interesting how reviews can affect an app performance. Now I only have about 300 downloads of my app, but haven't really marketed it so it's pretty much people just happening upon it in the store. It took forever to reach the first 100 downloads and literally no one had put a review either way on the app. Then someone put down a good review and downloads more than doubled. I did notice that the store was now putting me at the top when searching for the app name, "My Car Log", and actually on the listings for keywords like "Car" and "Fuel" Unfortunately there was a bug (no negative reviews) and when I put out the update that patched it, downloads dropped from 3-5 per day to 0 for a while after that. Now I get 1 or 2 every few days, but not sure where because the only way it's showing up in the store is if you put in "My Car" or "My Car Log". Now if that one review had been negative or even average, the app would probably still be floating around 100 downloads instead of 300.  
  • Reviews really relate to downloads. I have an app in the store for a couple of months now and I just hit the 100 downloads. Most of them are from China. I also didn't really market it, because it's not completely done. (I'm very busy with school and things now). Chinese and Russian market started with the same downloads. Then my app for a five star rating in China and a one star in Russia. Now China counts for over 50% of my downloads while Russia is just 10% now.
  • I just think its that people rate the developer or the pace, not the app. That's what bugs me.
  • Off subject, but is My Car your app?  
  • No, but I have multiple apps, and working on some more important ones.
  • I feel where videolan is coming from. They're willingly pouring themselves into an ecosystem with bad press, and charging nothing for it.
    They're trying to better the situation Windows Phone is in... and they're bring met with destructive criticism. It's like that guy with no game who gets bitter and defensive when his guys try to help him get better with women.
  • Get the facts straight. They are charging those who have invested in kickstarter (2 years ago, around $60k). Users should not be mislabeled alphas as betas, and users have a right to ask to speed things up.
    I am a developer. If I were like the guys at videoLAN, asking for your money, I would be disgraced with the level of service I was giving.
  • But here's the funny thing about Kickstarter, its a donation, no one made you donate. The app on WP is labeled beta and guess what the Android one is too. So please everyone quit complaining and maybe submit constructive feedback. You're a developer, you should know the struggles of development and how tedious and hard a process it is. Sure they had two years but they had to mess around with the compiler and rewrite 90% of the app because its ARM based. So give the guys some slack
  • I would say that 2 years is a lot of slack.   
  • They said it was easy. Not me. Their problem is over promising. I would rather be told the truth than a lie. Otherwise users have a right to complain.
  • THAT STATEMENT IS SO TRUE! It seems like us WP users are lied to a whole lot. I'm sick of it. So sick of it I contemplated switching to Android (actually I tried but failed, too much lag for me) Carriers, developers, manufacturers, and even Microsoft lied to us over time and it seems like the lies are becoming more frequent. PEOPLE NEED TO FOLLOW THROUGH! We wouldn't have near as many pissed off people within our community if everyone who promised us something actually followed through! It would also help if they followed through in a timely fashion. Also, I am a WP dev and I can not believe how we are treated, rude comments/bad spam ratings are everywhere in the store. I work hard to deliver my newest quality app, took two whole months of my time and I have seen no return. I decide to monetize via ads and a 1$ purchase to remove ads. What do I get? A "fuck u should b free". Windows Phone community, you should know, if you want apps DO NOT piss off the devs. I am really pissed at both sides.
  • An issue with the platform is that Microsoft only recently introduced their gift cards. And they are still barely available in most locations. The problem with that? Many regions don't use credit cards. Including major first-world countries. Gift cards are literally the only way to buy apps there. (There might be Paypal, but if you support Paypal you would sell your soul for Satan's support) That's why certain groups of users are enraged. They can't buy any apps, because everything is locked to credit card. Gift cards do exist, but their low availability makes them rather hypothetical.   Then again, I wouldn't know what I'd buy on the store, anyway. Nothing seems worthwhile enough. I would prefer if we regained proper 1st party apps, with their fast behavior. Speed used to be one of WP's advantages, but 8 and especially 8.1 completely broke that. I got into the ecosystem because it was the simple OS. Not because it's the wannabe that tries to follow the leaders. They didn't even implement new features properly. But the WP community is such a fucking circlejerk that Microsoft will likely never get any criticism for that. Why are live tile notifications not bound to the notification center, for example? Manually dismissing a notification should also remove the message from the live tile.   P.S. What the hell is up with Indians and always shouting in the comment section?
  • Nonono... Microsoft already at work for Carrier Billing in lots of countries... Mine already support all 4 major Carrier, and I see news of it spread more. Me myself don't have credit card, but I buy apps by Carrier Billing. (though not since Cortana coming, now I don't want to go back to my Country's region anymore). I think lots of comments of an app should be free is from a dump user who are saying excuses for wanting things to go the way they want.
  • Circlejerk...nice lol Developers also have to deal with a lot of platform restrictions which makes their work a lot harder.
  • Actually, I wouldn't enjoy that. I clear notifications manually all the time without looking to see what they are. I would forget. I think that that is a subjective opinion. However I do agree that it should be an option whether or not the phone behaves like that. Also WP has been that same speed for me since WP7 and that speed has been blazing fast. 8.1 for me is just as fast as 7 was.
  • Yeah, options is probably the word of the day. That's the reason why I upgraded to WP 8 from WP 7, for example. I wanted stuff like wifi in the background. It seems to be a current trend for Microsoft to not include options. A big issue of Windows 8 was that the file explorer would open to libraries as default. And there was no way to change it. 8.1 changed it to "My computer", which I vastly prefer, but there's no option again. And Windows 10 has a "Home" view as default, which I despise. And yet again no option.   Microsoft should re-consider giving their customers more customizability. I remember when the entire GUI color scheme could be adjusted at will. I don't like Linux. It's a mess if you use a GUI. But customizability is something it does right, as long as you don't do anything graphical.
  • Here in Indonesia, Microsoft is working with three major carriers to support carrier billing. No gift card here. And yet we can still buy apps that we need or want. And it not limited to postpaid plan. Prepaid simcard can also participate as long as they have enough balance.
  • But people like that will always exist. If you, and others, as developers, can't see through stuff like that, then, and I'm sorry to say, you shouldn't be a developer. Actors, politicians, musicians, celebrities etc. get trashed ALL THE TIME. Some people just do that. Is it nice ? Nope, but it happens, a lot. And if you aren't old enough to ignore that trash talk, you shouldn't get involved with things that could include things like that. Again, I'm not saying it's okay to be a douchebag and trash peoples work like no other, but, the earth has 7 billion people on it. Of those 7 billion, there will be an average IQ of the entire population. And pretty much half of the earths population will have an IQ that's lower than the average. So to expect everyone treating public people, like a developer, as a queen or king - well, then you are in for a treat, because that is not going to happen. Just ignore the douchebags, and stop whining.
  • I really don't understand why the developers get offended so easily
  • I certainly can't speak for all devs, but I think part of it probably comes from the fact that developers get into developing because they like doing that: developing apps. But there's a lot of 'junk' that goes along with that related to interactions with users and trying to meet requests while keeping things updated and resolving just the problem issues that come along. Some people are really good at programming and terrible at human interaction and that's where you get things like this. It's as simple as some people get their feelings hurt easier than others. There's many devs that wouldn't have given this review more than a glance and would have just went about their work.
  • Very well said. People, as humans in this world and how things in life work, need to learn to deal with those kinds of people. They're everywhere you go and will ever be. There are always going to be a lot of negative noises outthere, as well as positive one
  • I am writing these not as a reply to Abhishek but to make my comment visible at the top.. I really appreciate the efforts of vlc team To release an app on windows store. But the real factor is I am not at all able to play a single video in my phone (L525) using vlc, everytime my phone gets freezed and dead.. I don't know what are the limitations that are mentioned on the article ( because I am not a developer), but there is an app named QUICKPLAY in the store which can play both music and all videos on my phone, it also have an option to select music or video folders from SD card. Then why vlc can't
  • I only thing know is that the app is not finished just yet.
  • Haha that's funny!! But it is true how people can be dicks on the internet
  • .... and then everyone is so upset that developers aren't giving shit about Windows Phone... you get what you give...  What is funny about Windows Phone Community is that the most complaints on Windows Central and over the WPStore are coming from people who own budget Lumias with 512MB aboard.... That's sad :( It might -and hopefully will- end soon, as the newest budget phones are coming with quad core Snapdragons and and 1 GB of RAM.
  • If devs can work with apples 512mb limit there should no excuse for WP devs.
  • People are upset that Lumia 520 is not first in-line to get an update, they are upset that the improved Lumia Camera app isn't available, they are mad that Lumia Cyan/Denim brought no significant changes to their devices, they are GIVING ONE STAR REVIEWS because app is PAID. For example: ''great app, it's awesome but give it for free'' 2 stars out of 5, ''cool, but paid" 1 star out of 5..... It's really f***ed up. 
  • 1) You can't always compare memory usage between different platforms 2) Apple's last 512MB phone has been discontiinued for more than 2 years.
  • I do not favor bashing anyone especially developers, but if I read the article right, didn't it say they collected start up money or crowd fundraiser of $xx,xxx.xx to develop an app for WP? If so, I he isn't working for free, instead, he received what amounts to a deposit up front. However, it doesn't justify negative behavior from the WP community, instead professionalism from both sides would be nice.
  • They've raised money to create a metro-styled app for Windows 8. I know that it isn't that hard to port the app, as universal apps share more than 80% of code as I remember... but still Windows 8 ≠ Windows Phone 8.
  • Im a developer that actually gives a crap. Right now im taking the initiative to build a needed client application whereas the service itself wont...
  • You're right ... they're dicks!
    I've never understand why there's a lot of whining in WP community :(
    There's no official youtube app but you can buy mytube.
    If you want to play mkv or display subs you can buy moliplayer.
    Etc etc
    Please don't be a whining cheap asshole.
  • Oh common the fact that you are using a windowsphone is enough cross already. That's why fans are aggressive. U wait patiently for an app that you've been missing on other platforms only for them to arrive and its like drinking hot water on a very hot summer
  • Think about it.
    VideoLAN has created an app for Windows Phone for free. Our OS is not that attractive to developers. There are a lot of limitations, also there is a very limited userbase compared to iOS/Android. They could have focused on improving their apps on other platforms and desktop, but yet they are here... when even companies like Snapchat (very popular and demanded app, top 10 of downloaded apps on Android and iOS) aren't seeing any potential profits of investing in Windows Phone at the moment. We've got XBOX Video and Moli Player as for now, just give them some time to improve. I'm thankful that they've decided to develop an app. More people will come to WP when they realize that more and more popular apps are here.
  • Honestly, in my opinion if there's more than 2 million users on any platform, it's worth developing for at $1 per download if he sells 1 million out of 2 million users, divided it by 2, and took half as profit and half for developing costs, that would be 500k labor and 500k profit.
  • Good luck with that. The reality is maybe 1/1000 will hear about your app, of those 1/50 will try it if it's free, or 1 / 100 will try if it is paid but has a trial, or 1 / 500 will buy it if it does not have a trial (assuming 4/5, or 5/5 reviews).
  • Just ignore them.
  • LOL I even saw a comment asking the developer is out of his mind....
  • I hope he realizes most of us aren't like that. Just ignore the idiots and at some point you get an app out and start making some money if that is your thing. That pretty much applies to every platform, right?
  • Problem is he's new to Windows Phone, so he's coming in with a pretty crappy first impression.
  • I understand both sides. The VLC team (Thomas in particular) has done a poor PR job with the constant broken promises and poor communication between the devs and the community. On the flip side.... It's a f*cking video player lol. The WP community should deal with it
  • Jas00555 you know you sound pathetic right?
  • To which side may I ask? Lol your baseless claims sound pathetic too.
  • Don't be rude, UgnSam.
  • Well, it's a video player people pledged 40.000 pounds/60.000 dollars for two years ago. And I don't see a kickstarter campaign as a donation really.
  • No, you paid that much for the Windows 8 version. Then Microsoft introduced Universal apps, which threw off their whole plan. Then they generously said they would use that code to make a WP version. That included making it compatible with the WinRT runtime (where most others use Silverlight, which means that they can't be Universal), to code the Audio to be compatible with the runtime (which they literally had to create themselves, as Microsoft didn't have one), then to code the apps themselves. If you honestly thought that you were getting this app within a few months, then you spent your money unwisely.
  • Ah, you missed their very first announcement!
  • That link literally confirms what I just said. It was initially only for Windows 8, then they later changed their mind to offer you guys more than what you "paid for".
  • I've been using a WP since the announcement :)
  • What announcement?
  • Since WP was first announced I guess. Maybe he was an early adopter . Good guy Thomas :D
  • I'm happy just too have your app on my Lumia (regardless it's still beta or not), I've been telling myself that nowadays many people have been acting like a**holes who forgot how to respect the others' hard work but are very good at complaining. I just hope that what the whiners said to you didn't affect you much. I really want to thank you for all the efforts you've made for releasing VLC on our beloved WP platform, you'll always have my trust in me. Cheers! :)
  • First of all: I don't know weather I posted a bad or abusive review about the app, but if I did please forgive me as I had a lot of expectations from my favorite video player of all time since Windows 7 days. I did commented for suggestions to work upon so you would make the app better and smooth quicker. I know that it takes a hell out to work for those bloody cheap people who abuse you and want you work for them for free and you have to work on it day n night. I have just started to learn programing language and I am already stressed out with basics. I am really grateful to people like you who work day n night to maintain standards of the app.
  • Thomas their are well behaved people are their are jerks, but also WP users have been beaten badly our only hope is W10. Just so you know I bought Moliplayer pro and am still anxiously waiting for VLC. We are sorry Tom.
  • The app was not refreshing :) I'm sorry. Vlc is very popular, fans expected it to be the liberation for music and video experience on windows phone. Alas...!
  • Maybe he should ignore you for idiotic sentiments
  • Criticism is necessary but not at a level that someone loses his hope that he had since 2 years... Give him time to prove his worth... We too waited long for the app let's wait a few more months before the app is truly what we expect it to be...
  • Indeed.
  • I had some apps in the store and pulled most of them because the users were so demanding and unsupportive. Some emails I got were borderline threatening.
  • Sadly enough, I believe you.
  • I definitely believe this. Some users are such jerks.
  • Sorry on behalf of every jerk mail.... Sigh... But we are turning old and grumpy... Sadly
  • We are turning old and grumpy, because we as a community are literally "turning old" and sick of "waiting" and using a system that is always catching up to the competition. I personally condemn agressive behaviour of selected users towards developers, but I can understand the agressive behaviour of the WP community as a whole. I love WP, but I think of selling my one and a half year old Lumia and switching to competition just because it gets so much more support from app and system developers.
  • The funny thing is, the store for Windows Phone is very healthy. There have been many named brand apps released over the last 12 months. The store story is much worse on the Desktop/Tablet side. No Paper Boy, no official BBC app, no official LinkedIn app!   There is no excuse for the hate, other than the kickstarter money. If they hadn't of taken the money, I suspect the anger levesl would have been lower. Funny thing is, half of the haters probably weren't even donators. This isn't just an app either, its an entire toolchain, but this is lost of most of the head bangers on here.
  • I'm so sad, the WP community lost amazing apps of a talented developer. Developers are so sensitive, like artists.  /s
  • @tiziano27, developers like artists are still people. Some can shrug off irksome users otherwise not so well.
  • People have to tolarate critism, It's part of life. Just check the review section of any product sold online. If I'm wrong maybe one of these days Samsung will be saying, "oh, an american bought one of our phones and gave us 1 star in his review, just saying 'It sucks'. Americans are so mean, lets retire all of our products from the US, they don't deserve us!"  
  • Saying people should tolerate criticism is no excuse. There's a difference between valid criticism and being rude.
  • @tiziano27, The presumption that everyone should be able to tolerate criticisim as that is as you put it "part of life" is beyond borderline naiive. Not everyone is thick skinned and that plus combined with other factors is what makes each individual person unique.
  • @TechFreak1, VLC for Android has 31.069 one star reviews. I guess they are doing quite well with their tolerance in Google Play. They have problems only with WP.
  • What a way to go off tangent from your intial comment lol. What you just pointed out is a portion of the total reviews, which currently stands at 533,855 therefore compared to the windows phone version the lower and negative reviews will stand out more as there is alot less reviews. Therefore it may appear indicative of a user base as whole because without any form of feedback from everyone who has downloaded the app it is impossible for a developer to determine how well their app is doing. Lastly, what you said " @TechFreak1, VLC for Android has 31.069 one star reviews. I guess they are doing quite well with their tolerance in Google Play. They have problems only with WP." Twisting facts to suit your modus operandi, just proves how naiive you are. If they did have a problem with Windows Phone, they would have not taken the time and effort to even develop the app let alone even have a closed beta.
  • Finally someone mature. Thank you.
  • are you trying to say that the dev isn't human ? have no such feeling ? cannot be depressed like you ?
  • Same here. Well, I didn't pull them because they are functional and free. But the criticism was overly harsh and never constructive. Just saying it looked like a preschooler designed it. I ended up going in and removing all the colors and images and probably won't update it again unless the functionality breaks. I guess the lesson is try your best to find a constructive message from reviews that aren't helpful. In the end I'm coding for myself, I'm not getting paid to do it. So its not worth getting stressed out over it. If people were calling me out by name, or getting too personal, I'd probably pull it. The internet is a scary place.
  • That sucks, maybe make them ad-supported? At least this way you would get something for your effort and troubles.
  • ^ ad-supported ? you may see some user crying around and said "why it has ads ? its piss my eyes off" or something
  • My first app is ad supported with an iap to remove them. The other two are just free because they were for a couple organizations I like. I learned to code with c# and i honestly like it so I dont mind putting in the time. But if I were personally attacked then id probably stop and move on to something else. Its just not worth it in that case. This news does have me considering Java and android though, or at least wondering where this open sourcing of .net is going...
  • You're probably not going to like this, but there are a lot of bad apps in the store. I see some developers ask for feedback in their apps directly, with e-mail address and everything and when I see the quality of the apps I think "this is a risk". Because you know, there is a lot of crap out there. Usually better to just use the store for feedback and reply to people there. And you know, a lot of app builders can code stuff, but know jack all about design. That can annoy people. Sure, they shouldn't be so harsh, but you know, sometimes I can understand it when a developer is like OHHH EMAIL ME!!!11 and then they made a turd for an app. People just can't be trusted with personal interaction like that. And neither can some apps ;)
  • Brave up man! That's what comes with being a celebrity!
  • Sorry to hear that. In addition to some bad WP users, the sense of entitlement I see on the Internet is disappointing. These people exist in all corners of the internet. Entitlement and emotional immaturity are at the root of this problem. I remember the unjustified anger when Netflix raised their prices by splitting DVDs from streaming. If you don't like the price and service mix, then don't buy it. Stop being a child. No one is entitled to pay a price they wish. If it's not a basic utility, housing or health care, then I wish people would step back and wonder why they feel entitled. Especially to something like a free app, or even a working free app. Constructive feedback is fine, and helpful. But there really are man-children out there and that's too bad.
  • Thank you! Its like the Michael Brown case, how about instead of mindlessly protesting why don't you read the facts? Guess what! If you rob a liquor store then charge a police officer and try to take his gun, you're going to die, sorry, dont do that.
  • That is a terrible analogy. Shame on you.
  • Analogy FAIL.
  • Sorry, you had to face that, but 90% of the people here are not that way.
  • There are many nice WP users out here though... Keep that in mind :(
  • I heard about this. It really is poor on the developers part but the fans always complaining about an app not being free should be happy the apps are coming since a year or so ago we ran into the issue of not having many apps at all.
  • God, like when Minecraft came, everybody was bitching about it not being free.
  • That was incredibly unnerving to say the least.
  • Great example. I hate that people think the equivalent of a soda and a burger is too much to pay for an app they will likely get many hours of use from.
  • I appreciate such childish comments can agitate you. Such reviews don't help at all. Hopefully the developer in question will respond better to actual constructive criticism.  (Post edited to clarify what I meant)
  • How on earth is giving someone a 1 star review and attacking someone personally constructive criticism??
  • Did you actually read my comment? The "childish comment" part is about the review. But if he receives constructive criticism, hopefully he can take it better. To tarnish all WP users with the same brush is just as childish.
  • Not sure if serious...
  • They should have made it seem faster... Both of the parties.
  • Lmao!
  • I feel bad laughing at this.
  • Man it was hilarious...
  • Lmao
  • People need to get into reality, it not a finished app and we have to wait get over it.
  • Shame...
  • I am out of this vlc system since long back... On PC KMplayer(most underrated soft) owns it... On droid MXplayer owns it... On Wp Moliplayer owns it...I have no issues with vlc team. It is good that major apps are coming to Wp. But if a app is absolute junk then a new layman buyer will install this app and think WP is junk. So it's a vicious circle. Good Apps make bad OS look good which make it sell which brings critical mass which brings more devs. Bad apps turns off ppl. They sell their phones and buy phones of competing OS which halts the sales which turns off Devs. So IMHO.. no app is better than incomplete app. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • To users: If you must leave a negative comment, please leave "postive negative" feedback (also known as constructive critisim). Your comment will be respectly considered and usually included in the next version. To developers: Use the "repy to comment" feature in DevCenter. You will directly commuicate with the reviewer. 9 times out of ten you'll get a great experience. Here is my proof:
  • I've sent a number of responses to reviews, and thus far have had 0 response.
  • They might have clicked the "dont send me anymore stuff" link, which I think blocks all DevCenter replies. Also, I think DevCenter blocks sends if you write replies that are too similarly worded. i only send oneor two a day and make sure the text is very different. Unfortunately, I had to keep an eye on the reviews that I replied to to know if they updated, otherwise I wouldn't know. Only about 5-10% actually send an email response back to me.
  • Really? I've actually gotten feedback quite a few times on apps i've reviewed. It always makes me happy because it shows they care.
  • I can't confirm this, for me it's about 0.2 times out of 10 ... I gave it up already, as it seems like a waste of time.
  • To be honest the wp community and the internet one in general is full of retards, however I must say without any accusation that this is the poorest development of a beta application that I've been part of.The main functionality is severely crippled.
  • Agreed
  • While it's true the app should've kept the Beta level (*remember *, BETA means *only* feature complete). Sadly a lot of people sony know what a beta is. VLC is still buggy. Oh well. It will get better
  • From my knowledge in every beta development you have to make sure your main functionality works at least from time to time! VLC now can't play 1080p videos. No offense to the dev, but I am pretty sure he has no resources to test it on real high end devices.
  • It cant even play low quality videos. Basically the app does nothing, it doesn't even qualify to be beta
  • ​It is not buggy, it plays absolutely nothing on my L820 (music included, it hangs on the beginning of first song )
  • Wow retard fans retard apps what a great retard that would be!
  • Sadly I have to agree with you.
  • All this commotion over ONE comment? Not to mention, you were given donated money to complete an app for WP and you threaten the whole community by threatening to pull the app...seems unprofessional and childish to me.  I'm no developer, but you can't be thinned skin and take these kinds of comments to heart.  If anything, thes kinds of comments should have been ignored in favor for constructed criticism.  These type of comments are everywhere on every app store; I can attest to this because I own all three OS platforms.  I've seen comments 10x as worse as the one he flipped out on.  Sad that he let this and any meaningless comment get him so riled up like that.
  • I agree. The fact that you receives donation for the app and you threaten to pull the app will only draw boycott to the developer. The negative comments are due to the great expectation to the app not met at the time being (Not even able to play mp4 files). I don't think the developers had had enough communications with the end users as they hardly use the reply function in the app store. Communications can really ease off misunderstandings and prevent further fight between the 2 parties. The community don't even know if the release is a public beta or a private beta and this proved that fact that there is a lack of communications.
  • It's not even about communication here. It's all about not letting empty comments like that one dictate how you work on or develop your app. If it doesn't add to what can make the app better, then it needs no attention.  Plain and simple.
  • That was not just "one comment". The guy was using an example. I've seen far worse stuff on WP reviews (and even worse stuff on this very site) than on the other two platforms, and I've had all three. Remember when Minecraft came out? Or Flipboard? And no, those weren't the only apps to get flamed by entitled infants, just examples. And don't get me started on the reviews for the only Google app in the store...
  • Yup, exactly. This is indicative of a larger trend, unfortunately.
  • I've said it previously elsewhere that Windows fans are beginning to get a bad rap among developers and reviewers due to their attitude. I've actually had a friend tell me she no longer reviews Windows products on her YouTube channel because when she gives one a negative review (even well deserved) she gets flamed with insults and threats more so than she's ever experience from other fans.  Just look at Daniel's and WC's CES coverage. Windows fans have such an irrational hatred of Samsung that even when they release what looks to be a great laptop for the platform, fans are still creaming themselves to insult the product almost to the point of asking "why even bother?" I think the developer definitely over-reacted in this case but only god knows the kind of abuse he's had to endure in private correspondences. This is just the things we can see. Daniel is absolutely right, this is a larger trend. The problem, and I see this mostly on Windows to be honest, is that fans feel like as early adopters and constant patient supporters, they are entitled. It's like people complaining when a product offers new deals to new buyers and you always get the "I feel cheated as an early adopter, I bought it day one and they should reward us by making these deals (that they are offering months after release) retroactive for us!" That is an unfortunate sentiment I see played out over and over again in these comments. It's disheartening to see such entitlement.  
  • To be honest, developers also try to find excuses to ditch WP development of their apps. I've seen plenty of excuses like:
    · user base is not big enough (millions of users still not enough)
    · we wait for WP 8.1 80% adoption (they now will wait for W10)
    · no incentive from MS (they want more money just to be onboard)
    · "hard" to code (they only know JavaScript)
    · store procedure is complicated (they didn't even check)
    · WP has no future (and yet WP still grows)
    · we need time to see how WP goes (after 4y already)
  • I don't disagree with your overall point, but your complaint about vitriol confuses me--have you ever been to an Apple community? On Facebook or anywhere? There are far more people who were promising to send threatening phone calls attorneys, cursing their existence, because they dared to take consumer complaint cases against iTunes.  There are more people who will vitrolically hate anything that even crosses the iPhone ecosystem than there are active people in the entire Windows Phone community.It's odd to complain about Windows Phone people being angry at Samsung when you can far more easily find Apple people who curse the company as never having an original thought of its own in its history. For years, that was literally the public discourse for Samsung in such circles (and it may be the reason Samsung produced a WP7 handset).  Neither of these groups helps developers (nor does failing to deliver on a Kickstarter, in truth, but that's practically the norm for a Kickstarter). Of course, the Apple community is different than the Microsoft Mobile community, because it's much larger (and has far more advocacy and, unfortunately, hatred) and, equally importantly, far more profitable. They should come out and admit as such: "We won't tolerate insults from a insignificant marketplace." I'd respect them much more for it than dancing around the issue as if they were the first developers to ever face useless, short-sighted criticism on the internet. 
  • "I don't disagree with your overall point." Right back at you ;) I didn't mean to say that Windows fans are any more vitriolic in their fanaticism than Apple or Android fans, and if that's how it came across then I should have chosen my words more carefully. As for the friend, that's her story not mine, but (thin-skinned or not) she absolutely swore off reviewing Microsoft products because she said people were calling her out of her name and were generally abusive towards her gender, more so than any other platform she’s reviewed thus far. Now, that's more of an overall tech industry problem but she said it wasn't worth the hassle for the amount of views she gets when she reviews Windows phones. It's not a competition, fans are fans, and angry dogmatic fans are the same the world over. It's a bit unfair, to be honest, because as you said the fan base is essentially the same but it's more noticeable in the Windows community precisely because the community didn't start off that way. When I first joined the community (online) it was more about supporting development and interests. I know people that bought apps (that they don't use) as a show of appreciation, took the time to rate and review, to recommend to friends...all that. I think in part, because it was so small, that it felt more welcoming and appreciative. Now, it's becoming just like Apple and Android, and because the shift is more recent and the minority are more vocal, that slow wave of cynicism seems more like a tidal wave. I think part of the problem is/was Windows’ (Phone) smaller fan base. If I have an app on Android and 5,000 of the 100,000 that downloaded are negative and abusive then it's easier to ignore. Whereas, if I have the same the same app on Windows and 5,000 of the 10,000 that downloaded are negative and abusive, then it seems like I'm getting more grief from Windows fans. It's unfair and the developer definitely acted unprofessionally in this case (he should have found another outlet to vent his frustrations) but in the end it's all perception. I don't know. I hope I explained myself better :)
  • Why pay attention to comments that have no value other than being nonsencical no matter how many? No matter how well--or not well--apps work, they will still be idiots that make comments like this.  I will admit this though: There are many people here that feel that they are entitled to the latest updates and apps NOW NOW NOW and FREE FREE FREE.  There's no denying that.
  • I don't agree with leaving rude comments, however, as a developer I belive it is disrespectful to the users to publish a product with glaring bugs and deficiencies. I did not try the WP8 version of VLC, but I did download the Windows 8 version a long time ago and was surprised that it would crash half the time and never show the "library" the other half. It felt like there was plenty of productive internal testing that could have been done before it was released for public review. I would never release one of my products in such a state, beta or not.
  • This. Simply, pride. If this is an open source project and he's and open source dev how about they let other devs fork it for patching? Why aren't the 'veteren' devs working on it?
  • Boohoo. Someone said something about you on the internet. Reacting to that review like that is just childish. Everyone knows the internet is not always nice. Get over it and move on. You're a company; act professionally and fix your buggy app.
  • It's a beta app. Beta apps are often buggy. That's the whole point. You don't just say "fix your buggy app" you feedback to the developer what bugs you're experiencing. That is what being a good beta tester is about. Not bitching about stuff not working. Because stuff in beta apps often doesn't work properly.
  • Buggy is one thing, non-functional is another. I thought betas at least perform but with bugs
  • Your doing exactly what's not to be done..!! And that reaction was a build up of thousands of negative reviews..comments..etc..etc..!! Well a single person reacted not a whole company..So STFU..!!
  • WOW. If you are reading this, please don't pull the app. Don't let a few bitter trolls with no life ruin this for the rest of us. I've got VLC desktop/Modern running on all of my computers and now phone. I was even thinking yesterday of donating and how you should be charging $0.99 cents at a minimum for this app.
  • The only problem is... this was a presumed to be a kickstarter project so charging invariably may open another can of worms. However if approached correctly it might work out. Edited to clarify what I meant.
  • It didn't matter. Apps should have a cost. Why shouldn't they?
  • Well your free to explain to the hordes who always cry "why is this so and so app not free" :P.
  • "When is Denim coming..??" And some are still whining/crying for Cyan for Icons..!!
  • As someone who frequents both Android Central and Windows Central, there is a noticeable difference in the comments between the two sites. WP users are definitely more jaded. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Hmm, probably the difference between over-eating (apps) vs hungry. Hungry folks are probably grumpier. For me personally I have given up on apps and am satisfied with outlook, msn apps and endless runners.
  • THIS. that's the reason I bought an android device. My WP L920 is my business phone. And my Asus zenfone 5 is for media, games, local apps, work apps. MS is the biggest culprit here. I guess it's not givng devs good tools to develop. Notifications of viber hike what's app are haywire some times you get it after hours. When MS treats it's own OS as a stepchild(office music videos) why will 3rd party app development come. It's like webOS. Had great potential but only developed by enthusiasts. The difference between WebOS and WP is that Palm was no MS. MS has cash to burn for decades and that's the only reason WP is alive till now. You can't make users wait and be deprived for years and years for a app of your local bank or a candy game or your work related app. wp app scene is just hopeless. Have been a WP user since Sammy Focus. I have just given up and started using 2 phones 1 wp and 1 droid. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Tired of waitin for leftovers..That's us..!!
  • Thank you Daniel for this great article!
  • These idiots should have read that the app is a first beta as written in the description.
  • Two problems with that presumption a) most people never read
    b)some can't even type let alone speak or read english.
  • The second point of yours is worthless..
  • Agreed, no one should be attacked because of their language. 
  • No..I actually meant that when folks can't read/write/understand English..How can they review in English..??
    I mean how can a person without legs ride a bicycle..??
  • +920
  • I don't think you even understood what I meant, the description is english but they obviously won't be able to tell it is a beta app as they can't read it. (Let alone type a review in english). For example this, "Não abre! Não funciona!" The problem with that review, is it doesn't explain if they tried once or several times and how they tried to open it. So to a developer that really doesn't help as they may not be able to even replicate the bug. So if the person was able to understand it was a beta, they may have left more info (I say may, because some are just lazy i.e Good, works well + 1 Star) @MERCDROID I wasn't attacking anyone for their language, I was stating the obivious - people really need to get out off their negative mindset.
  • Ohk Ohk..Got ya point..!!
  • Excellent response.  The age of entitlement has permeated the technosphere.  We see the same behavior particularly in reviews of the "Display" app, where Microsoft Lumia 520 users howl at the moon because their device doesn't support "Color Profile".  We see it in reviews of "SmarTone Call Guard" where users leave useless reviews because they think the app is a call blocker for all carrier phones instead of the Chinese carrier for which it was developed.  This despite very CLEAR descriptions describing the limitation of the apps in question.  These are just two examples of users behaving badly. I remember Windows for Phone users being a lot more measured just two years ago during Windows 7.
  • Well said.
  • Just look at Google's Store. It's all the same story. Users ...
  • If I put two and two together I think I'm finally making out the puzzle... Where the hell instagram for Wp developers must be (they abandoned ship and took cover!)
  • I think they are just following the lead of tech "journalists" on other sites who pick apart the platform for for every minor thing that is different from IOS or Android and somehow think it's cool to curse in everything they write (ehem Gizmodo), negativity breeds negativity, personally every WP user should start with "thanks for supporting the platform but have you considered...x"
  • Age of entitlement is right BUT its not just coming from the user side. Microsoft, carriers, and devs often express the same sentiment and see nothing but green. I think a lot of WP fans are pissy partially because its in their DNA but more so, lately, because of the shoulder-shrugging happening all around. Look no further than the Verizon/Cyan debacle. That is seriously a horrible, inexcusable situation, yet nothing is being done about it and Joe B. doesn't even have the balls to discuss it. This platform needs a champion.
  • I was going to make this same comment. I've been a dev for over 15 years and seen the dev landscape change a lot. From the perspective of WP users (and some would say that's the reality), the entitled are actually the majority consumers and the developers that feed them. Mock Ballmer all you want, but he was right with the "Developers! Developers! Developers!" bit. It used to be that there was really no shortage of devs for MS platforms. Don't get me wrong, there are never enough devs, but today, on the mobile platforms, there is not enough money to sway them. Many of the skilled MS devs jumped ship within the past 3-7 years - many more so in the last 3-5. Many of them will have been early adopters, who swore off WP after 7. And another large group will have been jaded with abandonment of 6.x, or was advised against it by someone who was. They got jaded, upset with a lack of communication, and no clear direction. XAML seemed cool but not enough customers were comfortable enough, and devs weren't convinced of the value. Silverlight seemed like a sure thing and had lots of buy-in because web 2.0 was taking off but tooling and tech for HTML+JS simply wasn't mature enough, and desktop devs could easily transition without having to learn and understand the ASP.NET web forms stack as it's patterns and practices started to EOL. But then the communication breakdown happened again as plugins were pitted against mobile browsers and Apple took a stance against flash for a convenient reason - battery life - but ultimately because of platform lock-in, as their store would have had to compete with (and somehow control**) an openly available web 'store' (**Note these kinds of store-based restrictions are examples of what MS's bread and butter customers swore up and down they wouldn't want and couldn't stomach. Aka, the influence of Linux and pie in the sky notions of open source, almost like cloud is to most people today. Good or bad depends on perspective I guess.) And so as android phones got more feature rich (if only more buggy for a time there, plus fragmentation), IOS actually got apps, copy and paste, and slowly grew through AT&T's ridiculous restrictions and pricing hikes, and all the while nothing is coming from Redmond devs became angry that their 'non-techy' friends who were buying that crap up were besting them, practically driving a wedge between the MS and the dev. Or they found themselves using those alternate platforms and became curious, and started writing apps on the side. (I'd wager some Google Search history scanning would indicate the peak exodus of Windows devs to Apple, specifically, would be marked by peak searches for hackintosh VMs.) This exodus didn't happen because developing for Android or iOS (or early-mid web 2.0, for that matter) was 'easy' compared to Windows development. Far from it. And that is certainly not the reason Windows vNext is struggling now. If you think there is a better alternative to VS you are sorely mistaken. And every one of those seasoned Windows devs would do just fine back in modern windows. API restrictions are not what stops the mom & pop store from having an app, or that random coffee store, or the major national bank, or Candy Crush Soda, or whatever it may be. And perhaps above all else, once the consumer mob started listing away from Win vNext, the alternative platforms started having better compensation and an opportunity to do and try new things, while probably not having to be all that good at it to start, as well. And with no existing customer base to support, those competitors had nothing to lose and everything to gain. We already know what happens when your OS runs the most desktops in the world and you try to change it up to compete and stay relevant. And it's especially ironic that you know the majority of those users already dip their toes into the competitors' pools. To sum it up, it makes sense that the WP community is jaded. Carriers duck them over. Reps at stores and on the phone duck them over. MS ducked the devs over who in turned ducked over the users.
  • It clearly say vlc beta , what is the meaning of BETA? It's like the dick head people, who had nothing to do but WASTE THEIR OWN TIME AND EVERYONE'S OTHER
  • Where does it say Beta? Yeah, it actually does say that now, when I check, but it didn't when I first downloaded it (see the original WPC article for confirmation).  Regardless, are you not allowed to review Beta software?
  • In the show more details. This is the fist (typo for dev) beta of the vlc.... However my phone should not stutter on files the phone itself created. To date my 930 has played 0 video files on this app.
  • yep, every video file I tried to play on my 920 froze my phone until the app force-closed.  Files created by the phone.   I would be perfectly justified in giving this a 1-star review, if this is a public beta it should be nearly finished.  If this is the state of it at this late stage in development, perhaps VideoLAN should be taking the criticism as an indication that it needs more work, rather than bitching and crying on Twitter.
  • "Regardless, are you not allowed to review Beta software?" There is a considerable difference between reviewing an app, and saying "it sucks" or "crappy app."  The point of a review is to present the pros and cons of the app.  That is vastly different from throwing mindless insults at the developer, which does not help to solve any issues.  Giving feedback about specific bugs experienced is a great way to help a developer identify the issue, and fix the bugs.  There is no need for offensive feedback, as it gives absolutely no indication about what specific problems are present. At the end of the day, the more comments which do not provide any constructive information to the developer only make it more difficult for the developer to sort through and figure out what is actually plaguing the app.
  • Of course, but you get terrible reviews like this on any number of other apps on any number of other platforms.  VideoLAN are acting like this is a new thing. Go to the Android store and check the reviews there.  It's even called "VLC for Android beta", and there's reviews in there just calling it crap.  Did VideoLAN throw a wee hissy fit with Android users and threaten to bin the app?  Unlikely, so they shouldn't be treating us Windows users like fools either.
  • First of all it's not a public beta..And folks like you volunteered for the buggy..sluttery and hanging app like this..So bear with it or delete it..!! And for Droids..They got substitutes and app making on it is easy..!! I get your point but you need to get theirs..!!
  • What are you talking about?  It is a public beta.  Anyone can download it and install it.  As for the rest of your rant..!!  Too much of this..!!  Too few coherent points..!!  Don't understand..!!
  • Anyway it's a Beta..And it's not supposed to be a perfect app..One should download it on his/her own discretion..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a sort of message for WP Community to improve and help the OS grow..So you cut the "it's also happening on other platforms too" shit..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You need to reign in that punctuation, mister.  And yeah, it's a beta app, are you not allowed to review beta apps?  Or are you only allowed to give them 5 stars? And if you'll look at the BETA VLC for Android (as it is still in beta too) there are thousands of reviews, including "crap - 1 star" reviews, so you're making a bit of a fool of yourself.
  • Say who..No point in arguing when ye don't get the point..
    And mah punctuation is mah problem..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • BS elyl. On no other platform have I ever seen a review where they call out the developer by first and last name.
  • Well you probably haven't been looking hard enough.  I think Thomas is probably the only (or main) developer working on the WP app.  There is probably a larger team working on other platforms.  When the name of the developer is known, chances are they'll be referenced rather than "VideoLAN" or some other anonymous entity.  Check any of Rudy Huyn's apps and I'm sure his name is dropped multiple times in the comments (in a positive manner).  Any other one-man-show will likely be called by their name on any other platform.
  • Well he isn't the only one who is working on this app..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scroll down and read Rudy Huyn's comments yourself..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well as I said if he's not the only developer, he's the main developer.  He has been name-dropped in the VLC stories for WP all over. I don't know what your point is with Rudy.  His name is clearly used throughout reviews, generally in a positive manner.  I've read the comments, I was suggesting you do too.  What's the deal with using the developer's name?  Is it OK when you're praising an app, but off-limits when you're criticising?  Seems a tad contradictory does it not?
  • Nope. Rudy is called out because he uses his name as his dev account. This app is released by "Videolabs", so someone called him out unnecessarily to insult him. Look up Rudy Huyn, then look up Thomas Nigro and tell me what developer pops up.
  • That's just a weasely argument.  Thomas' name has been used in multiple news stories about the WP app.  The fact that someone knows his name rather than directing it to an anonymous entity is hardly proof that the sky is falling in.
  • +1
  • on one hand, we should take what we can get. Official app selection can be weak. That said, there's no excuse for rude or threatening comments. No excuse at all. Surely the Android devs get more of that type of feedback, no?​
  • I would gladly pay for VLC if it was working. The app is not even close to final release.
    I wanted VLC so bad but it could have stayed on closed beta for more time.
  • Same I have paid for free apps like metro tube and paid games that were free to support them. I wont pay for an app that cannot play a 7sec file my phone made. 930 here
  • You know nothing.
  • Good point. Perhaps the developer should pull the app as long as it's still in beta and make it available only to registered beta testers? Making a beta public just doesn't seem to work, too bad.
  • I used to love the olden days when we used to jape about facebook seeming speedier or instagram/vine/snapchat being unavailable, but recently, the general mood seems to be down heartening and negative since we've became a certified 3rd place OS user base, can we start being more positive in regards to things that people are trying to bring to our beloved phones?
  • That's my perception of how things are in 2015 too.
  • I don't see that ending anytime soon, unfortunately. I am really hoping the Jan 21st event will start a process of change but I'm not holding my breath.
  • So true. I always enjoy the feeling that expecting something, and I don't really care about being left out by major apps, ever since 2012, I've bought 4 WP devices... but WP fans recently are just too negative. However, I still love my phones, and wont consider switch in near future.
  • I'm sort of in the middle. I'm completely bummed about the state of Windows Phone--the hardware, software, and ecosystem. However, I don't blame developers for this. Developers have to follow the money. Bigger companies aren't going to spend money on something that will have little to no returns and smaller developers can't afford to waste resources. If something is available or up-to-par on Windows Phone, it is because the money isn't there. The only exception is Microsoft. This is their product. They should be putting every effort into making it a successful product and it is very clear that they aren't.
  • Have you seen the tools available made by MS to make a program successful? I have that line of yours is a load of crap. Sorry I am jaded about an app that cannot play a phones own video file. Yet Moli can, and my internal app can.
  • Can't believe the issue gets this big because of one single tweet... Really sad. But in the end it's the WP platform which is going to suffer as you rightly pointed out Daniel.
  • It's really not because of a single comment. It was shown as an example ;)
  • Why are you taking this personal? They said you're a young talented dev, so just show it instead of heartbreak about what some people said
  • Hi Thomas, as you mentioned yourself that you are still young, I think this can be a lesson learn the special way on how you deliver things from one end to another. And it's not just the WP community that act these way. I've been in IT for such a long time and I learn (still) that people will offend you if you don't treat them as good as promised or the same as the other. Just ignore those hates and take to goods. Keep doing the good job. And we'll see you among the top developers. You can learn from Rudy Huyn and others. Good luck. God speed.
  • Ready to buy the app, in a heart beat, however my 930 hasn't been able to play a single file it recorded in the app.
  • I'm glad you did it, Thomas. And I'm happy to see such a large discussion come from it. I have criticized this site in the comments lately for their lack of coverage in regard to the problems this platform has. Microsoft has yet again abandoned WP8 like they did with 7 and returned to spouting "just wait until you see the next version" and Windows Central is just regurgitating the bullshit. That just contributes to the frustration... Unfortunately that anger was released on you. I hope you do continuing working on VLC for WP as there are like 10's of us outside of the haters ;) that ate very grateful for your efforts and dedication.
  • Keep up the hard work mate! Glad you could join us ;)
  • But it wasn't right on your part to insult the entire WP community and threaten to boycott the app Thomas. There will be idiots on every platform but they are not indicative of the entire community. That is not professional dude.
  • Based on my own experience: just ignore it. I created an app to follow the last brazilian elections results, as the government released only web, Android and iOS versions.  I published the app free with no ads and started to receive some bad reviews, like "the app is a piece of crap", "does not work at all", "completely useless", and stuff like that. The reason? The votes counting hadn't even started. There are stupid people everywhere. Don't let them stop you from doing great things. And many thanks for bringing VLC to the platform!
  • In the developer community, things are pretty straight : Public Beta: Report issues, nail down the bugs, comment on features and useability to help make the software better. Official Release: Criticize as much as you want. What an unfair treatment for a public beta. What narrow-minded people, ready to open a war rather than help you go the right way.
  • There's always whiners, but to specifically align the entire WP community with a few jerks is only going to cause more WP users to set their minds against you and your products. I have been anticipating the release of VLC for WP for a long time, but after being told by VLC to basically bow and scrape, shut up and be good or VLC will screw all of you. I don't think I'll ever purchace VLC, now.  
  • Happy winking aside, I do find it a little perplexing.  I wonder how many developers pull their apps from the AppStore because of rude, even hateful remarks--because there's no shortage of them, especially among those that get several thousand of the lowest rating (since people are naturally more inclined to skip typing anything at all).  "Well, that's because they can't afford to--it's the iPhone."  That's a reasonable answer, people should own it. They should come out and say it: "I don't think this is worth my time--Kickstarter aside, development period aside, the returns from this are paltry and I'm not going to take any lip from this community. Android? Apple? Well, naturally I'll take insults and abuse from them.This is a business, not a charity."  It may not be polite, but I doubt any developer is that worried about it. What's stopping them? Ego?  Mr. Nigro, you're right--you owe Windows Phone nothing. Conversely, why does the community owe you anything? I suppose those people from the Kickstarter do, and two years is hardly a shortage of time for any phone app (though that's not a realistic measure either). A Kickstarter failed to provide on what its donors expected, an app was released well before it was  Mr. Nigro, I'm confident you're very talented (far more so than I'll ever be in this area), but your case is not particularly special. If AppStore developers reacted to harsh, even unfair criticism as such, the AppStore would be missing 2/3 of its apps, liekly more.* Why don't they? Well, a different response to criticism (no two people are alike), and the profit motive, both of which are fair. But it's hard to sympathize with your case when it feels like you're trying to disguise that fact, as though we owe you something, and should be grateful for the privilege, and that you should publicly shame people for it. How would the Apple community respond to a developer pulling one of the equally hateful reviews and declaring, "You people don't deserve my app." I doubt very forgivingly.  In the meantime, I've got both (free) Molliplayer and Metrotube on my phone, both of which got far harsher feedback than you did, and both of which are, in this particular case, much better than your app was (albeit only one of them over a 2 year period).  It's not a perfect comparison, but it's hard not to make it. Windows Phone has a serious defficiency of apps--but this is become a personal manner, just like you absolutely have the right to pull your app from it. Whether or you or don't isn't going to change that defficiency in the slightest. I definitely wish you all the best in your development, but in light of Molliplayer and other apps, I think I'll agree with your sentiment: That app should not have been released in the first place. Best of luck to you, Thomas Nigro in your development. I'm sure you'll do splendidly, just as I'm sure people will have one less headache of a video app to rave at in the future.  *Still making it bigger than Windows Store! I think I'll put my own winky face here. ;) 
  • Great article! Many people should ponder more before spreading their narrow-minded opinion on the internet. Unfortunately, this applies to every facet of life, really.
  • Is it also the same with snapchat??
  • I can see both sides of this and neither of them are helping the situation. We do expect things to work like advertised, example being bug that caused no audio with vlc. That doesn't mean you just automatically jump the guys shit. Report the problem and wait. I've uninstalled the app as updates wouldn't come through without un/reinstall, but at least the guy is working on it.
  • Having done lots of research on app stores already, I can say this behavior exists on every platform. A minority of users with unreasonable expectations will unthoughtfully trash an app. The difference is, Windows Phone being a minority itself, these types of users seem overrepresented in our community compared to others. That said, it's to a developer's benefit to take a step back and try to do two things:  1. Accept not everyone will be satisfied, even if your app is perfect 2. Take the high road - if someone gives your app a bad review or feedback with no useful explanation, try to reach out (maybe after punching a wall?). In most cases aimless comments get fired off into the void, but opinions become more civil if you can actually engage the person. They're dissatisfied for a reason, and you can sometimes find real value if that person can expand their thoughts. It doesn't make them right, but you still got something out of it.
  • I hate to say it, but the main reason for all troubles around WP is that Microsoft is constantly focusing on low end phones. Produce high end technology and you will have high end users, which will impact overall behavior too.
  • No that's an excuse, low end or not iPhone has 512mb and a soc just as old, this is a dev problem. C++ is highly efficient. I am just learning it but I can only see this as an excuse.
  • I think you meant C#.
  • I can't see VideoLAN's point of view on this.  Getting pissy over a bad review?  How many bad reviews have they got on the iOS and Play stores?  Do they threaten to pull the apps from there because of them?  They acted like children, they were called out on it.  They need to grow up.
  • I noticed alot of these things in forums and it's really sad. When someone is doing everything he/she can do to help i think we should encourage that person. I'm really disappointed in Microsoft, windows phone OS is really buggy n restricted making it very difficult for devs to access certain features that they would on say android. The Vlc app has improved with every update,just some minor playback issues. Please lets be patient and lets be nice to people.
  • The "restrictions" on application development in Windows for Phone are currently in place to protect the user experience, not restrict it.  Microsoft don't want to end up in a "free-for-all" Android environment, where you have a significantly fragmented ecosystem where OEM's and developers determine the user experience, as opposed to the patent holder. Microsoft is determined to strike a balance between flexibility and stability to protect the Windows ecosystem. Time will tell whether this was the right approach.
  • WP is "really buggy"?? I think you may have faulty device.
  • This is not android, and they are just as restricted on IOS...where is the complaint there?
  • The problem is the "owe you nothing" attitude. Really? So the money you took from the Windows Phone community on KickStarter was for tap dancing lessons?
  • People often say things they don't mean when they are at the brink of losing their temper. Often what is said at that moment, rarely makes any sense.
  • VideoLAN claim that Kickstarter was just for the RT version of the app, not WP. Take that as you will.
  • Good call. I'll be opinion of them dropped when they took the money, and then the only thing heard from them for two months, was one of their employees taking to social's to say what garbage Windows RT is. Don't remember which one it was, but don't take money to do a job then tell those who funded it that its garbage.
  • I'll take it as the lousy excuse it is. If it really was just got the RT app then they have not only done a tremendous job giving us the impression that it was for the WP version, but they have also focused on a WP app "given to us for free" before the app we actually have money for.
  • Well, that's not what I can read here: This is the first comment on the project, Dec 10 2012, 19 days before the end: "...this fundraiser will help developping a version of VLC for Windows Phone 8..." But in the end, I'm glad that VLC comes to WP :)
  • And where is the RT app? In as much as I don't condone with those threatening and disparaging comments here, I would say that many users feel very disappointed with VLC team after raising about $60k with such enthusiasm and high hopes only to wait for two years with almost nothing on the plate. I waited impatiently for 2years for this app to be released for my Surface RT and 2 but I had to eventually purchase Surface PRO3 because I have over 3tb of movies on storage which play nice only with Vlc. I very much respect the developers in the platform for their hard work and dedication but I sincerely don't understand why some indie developers can write such flawless apps like Moliplayer while the big guns like Videolan continue to struggle with an app which already has its footprints in the ecosystem ( Vlc for x64,86).
  • Except it was, but okay.
  • The fact that many Windows user constantly donate to them and that they may miss the next big thing should be enough incentive.
  • Regardless, I think the main issue here is simple decency between fellow human beings. It is important to be courteous while interacting with other people. Heck, its not like it was a life threatening affair, it's an app!
    Reminds me of 'celebrities read mean tweets', the anonymity of cyberspace can be nasty!
  • I wouldn't mind paying 5.99 for a fully functional App. I encourage the developer to work harder at this app and charge for it. I'll happily pay!
  • I know few Android guys who owns Windows phone as their second device, and they use it just for trolling Windows on forums, discussions etc like how much Android is better than Windows Phone and those kinda stuff.
  • Lol c'mon... Though it's not surprising. Always people who like asking that since the first discussion board!
  • I don't know if what he's saying is true, but lets not forget that samsung was sued for planting people in forums to do faulty shit like that.
  • Thomas, I can only apologise for the negativity which I am sure is born out of frustration by us WP users who appear to get a raw deal from a lot of devs. I eagerly look forward to the final vlc client when you feel it's ready to be released. Thanks for supporting the WP platform, I wish more would.
  • If you can't deal with internet randoms that might troll you, you need to realize it is always going to be that way, regardless of platform and don't get your feelings hurt. Devs should 100% expect, and ignore, these types of comments. Same for the "it should be free". Also, wasn't this a funded kickstarter project that met the the goals for windows phone support? And they threatened to pull the app? I don't follow kickstarter or vlc, so I could be wrong here.
  • They claim the Kickstarter was only for the RT version and not WP. I have to follow up on that.
  • Yep. In the kickstarter it was only said the "W8" version could help to bring also a WP app. And then universal apps came, and it was the new plan after the W8.1 release :)
  • IIRC, the kickstarter claimed that if they raised above a certain amount then they would create a WP version. I can't recall, however, if they reached that goal.
  • Enough of this Kickstarter-talk. The fact that many Windows users constantly donate to them and that they - VideoLAN - may miss the next big thing should be enough incentive. VideoLAN also should and could be more precise with their communications. Where is the official roadmap? What will be delivered and when? Where is the reasoning about development problems? How do they expect to incorporate external knowledge and help? All I read was telling people: "WinRuntime is crap" i.e. "go, get another platform". To what it leads is people reading "VLC Player BETA from VideoLAN", expecting the content of the desktop version with just a couple of glitches to be fixed in a months time. Apart from this, the W8-version ***out of beta for some time*** itself is unstable, the DLNA-stack utterly broken (after the last brutal DLNA-crash, it doesn't plays videos anymore regardless how often I re-install), and is missing features such as m3u playlist support. Nothing has been improved since mid-2013, despite Feedback in the Store. @Daniel: VLC isn't just a "pirated movie viewer". Tell me, how can I view rtsp-streams through m3u-playlists on WP8?
  • The sense of entitlement from some of the user base is just unbelievable. Always clamouring that everything should be free just because they can't afford it, I say that is bullcrap especially if they couldn't afford an app then how earth would they have been able to purchase a smartphone in the first place. Also those who received them as gifts should realise nothing made by people appears out of thin air, especially apps which take alot of time and effort from indie devs. Therefore they should be rewarded for that and furthermore devs need to make money too. Otherwise it becomes unjustifiable.
  • Yeah, that behavior really irks me too. Some of it is cultural, some of it economic. Either way, it's unfortunate.
  • It is indeed unfortunate and not to mention some of these users believe the entire world revolves around them. Once a person is stuck in that mentality, nothing can influence change as the process of change must come from with-in.
  • I find it hard to believe that any of it is economic. We are talking about $.99 apps here. Anyone with a smartphone is spending hundereds of times that per year on the device and wireless service.
  • You have to agree that our community has taken a swing for the worse.
  • To me the 'it should be free' idea is just a joke. I think developers should just ignore such demands or remarks. Like seriously, who on earth works for free? How is the world supposed to operate if your effort is not rewarded materially? If devs give their apps free if they choose to, it's all good, but it is by no means an obligation. How do people come up with these ideas anyways???
  • Thank you for this article I've been on this site for about four years. In the last year I have been irritated and the amount of whining from alot of individuals in the community. From the forums to the comments alot are rude and not constructive feedback. I especially hate the " if a,B, and c don't happen in leaving WP. Like apps and features are just made overnight. Self righteous entitled punks smh
  • WindowsCentral is very mild, you should go check out Windowsphone subrredit... Folks there are sometimes ridiculous.
  • Thanks to Daniel too for being able to read past the crap to deliver us the most important and relevant information all the time. Even if not directed to you, all the negativity flying around wears on you and it definitely feels like you get some bad days. Soldier on! :)
  • Thanks, even I have to face my own trolling/teasing on the internet, it does take some reserve to hold back ;) Part of the job though, can't complain!
  • Man, you are one of my favorite, cheer up.
  • Daniel, I think it's appalling clear how much frustration there is coming from the WP user base- not just about an app here or there, but rather the platform. Surely, the topic gets old quickly, but I truly miss the coverage on WC regarding what WP is lacking. You used to have some hard hitting articles that, I would like to think, reached MS and had an impact. I'd love to see more of that. I'd like to see WC use its strength to blatantly call out Verizon re: Cyan, and to ask Joe B uncomfortable questions re: XBox music, etc and not just accept the bullshit "you're gonna love what's coming next" responses. A quarterly feature on "the 5 things that need to change" could be very interesting... Not to mention give ppl an appropriate for to vent.
  • Hi! There's no WP Fans vs VideoLAN. I am a WP fan, since my Optimus 7. I also love VLC. That's why I joined the team in december 2013 and tried to make what I could to bring VLC on Windows 8 and WP. And those fools criticizing our work are not WP fans. They're just fools, who call us 'slow', 'silly, 'shitty dev', and are also harrassing us by mail, and even by phone at 3AM!! I repeat, those are not WP fans, just fools. As long as I like VLC, and WP, I'll make an app. I'll do the best I can.
  • Thanks Thomas.
  • Great! Don't let some bad apples get you down. Looking forward to the final product.
  • Well said,
  • Thanks for your post. I'll quietly keep looking forward to your app :)
  • Man, thank you. I appreciate what you are doing. There are just too many fools around.
  • WP fans appreciate your hardwork. You're a good man. :)