The New Xbox One Experience is due for release for all Xbox One consoles on November 12, and Microsoft continues to educate users with videos that show off the major update. Two more clips were posted on the Xbox YouTube channel that show the redesigned OneGuide, along with how avatars will work with the update.

The new OneGuide has been designed so that it offers users faster access to content and apps that they already use and access. People who have live television configured will see a list of what channels are currently the most popular across all of Xbox Live. The app channels menu selection is new, as it shows what's currently available on media apps that people own. Also, switching between live TV and listing is much faster, and there will also be picture-in-picture support so people can check listing while still seeing their live TV channel running in the bottom right corner.

The look of the 3D avatars has also been improved in the New Xbox One Experience, with better looking graphics that have fewer "jaggies", along with better lighting and shadow support. Avatars can have their body shape changes via sliders on the Xbox One, and they can show up more in the UI, including in the Activity List and more.

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Source: Xbox (YouTube)