Vigor is a new Xbox-exclusive survival title from DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive

During Microsoft's Inside Xbox broadcast at E3 2018, the company debuted a brand-new Xbox exclusive title from Bohemia Interactive. Called Vigor, the game places a heavy emphasis on survival with player-versus-player action at the center.

The backstory for Vigor is that a nuclear bomb has devastated central Europe, causing survivors to look towards Norway for survival. Players will have their own shelter, which operates as the main progression system, allowing you to upgrade it along the way.

Of course, as a survival title, and with Bohemia Interactive's roots in DayZ, there's a focus on gathering resources and materials to keep yourself afloat. And from the sound of things, you'll want to hoard as much as you can find because you'll risk everything in combat encounters with other players. Fortunately, Vigor differentiates itself from other titles by giving you an escape route from combat through exit points on the map. Crafting will also play a crucial role in Vigor and acts as one of the main gameplay hooks.

Vigor is expected to hit the Xbox Game Preview program this summer.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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