Vine as we know it will shut down on January 17

We've known it was coming for a while, but Vine has announced that it will officially be shutting down on January 17. On that date, the Vine app will transition to simply "Vine Camera," an extremely pared down version of the current app.

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Vine Camera will still let you record 6-second clips, but you'll only be able to share them to other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. A for Vine's own repository of videos, they will live on archived on Vine's website. If you want to save any of your previously uploaded Vine clips, now is a good time to do so from the app before it transitions on January 17.

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  • 6 seconds just wasn't long enough
  • Is that why she left you?
  • Nah she good with 6 secs, more or less I am good with it haha
  • Vine sucks anyways
  • What's Vine?
  • Short video hosting services
  • Prism is the best, much, much better.
  • Good riddance
  • That why for me app gap is nonsense. People get excited for some time then they forget and let go
  • Sadly this was a good app on Windows Phone
  • This app was on Windows tho.
    And enjoying while it last is all humanity had ever and probably will ever do.
  • Who cares? Never used this app or cared for it to begin with.
  • At least 10 memes were born from Vine (some quality, some not). Where do we get our memes from now?
  • 4chan, like we always have.
  • "didn't used it...."
  • Same here....
  • I don't even know what vine is.
  • I hope snapchat is next to shutdown.
  • Glad to hear, my girl is satisfied with my 7 1/2 seconds ha
  • Good