Virgin Media announces MVNO extension with EE

Virgin Media and EE have both announced an extension to the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) partnership for Virgin Mobile, the UK's largest (and oldest) MVNO to continue operations with over three million customers to boot. EE has the largest network coverage in the UK, along with the controversial head start with 4G, both likely played a major deciding factor in the deal.

The partnership between EE and Virgin Media dates back to 1999, when Virgin Mobile launched as the world's first MVNO. Gerry McQuade, Chief Marketing Office at EE, had the following to comment on the deal:

"We’re delighted that following a competitive industry tender, Virgin Media has again chosen to partner with EE and build on our longstanding and successful relationship. By choosing the EE network, Virgin Media will ensure its customers and around 14,000 employees continue to have access to the UK’s biggest and fastest mobile network."

EE recently snapped up ASDA with an MVNO deal, taking the UK supermarket away from the clutches of Vodafone.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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