VLC beta for Windows Phone updated with background audio and UI fixes

If you are using the VLC beta app for Windows Phone, version 1.0.7 just went live in the Store. With it comes numerous fixes and improvements to make the favorite video player even more stable.

The changelog for version 1.0.7 is a bit sparse, but the developer leading the VLC for Windows Phone project, Thomas Nigro, did go into more details via Twitter.

VLC beta for Windows Phone 1.0.7

  • UI bugfixes
  • Background audio playback bug fixes

Nigro though reveals more noting that Lumia x20 devices should no longer experience freezing when video playback is initiated. Nigro also points out some limitations with the update, including this:

"While this update provides fix for freezing when playing videos, it does NOT fix the lags on HD videos. Another fix will come. Rotation lock is still on the way for the next update. Same for incremental music loading. Same for embedded album cover. I also HIGHLY recommend you to uninstall/reinstall the app..."

That last bit is very important. Users should uninstall VLC for Windows Phone first before taking this update to ensure that everything takes. All is not perfect though, as a bug was introduced with 1.0.7, which will be addressed in the next update:

"It seems we introduced a little bug with the TaskCompletionSource (devs will know). We're on it and we'll send a 1.0.8 version."

So far, early reports seem to suggest that this version is a level of being better than the previous one. Hopefully, with a few more updates, VLC for Windows Phone will be ready for primetime.

QR: vlc

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I love updates, waiting for 10
  • All I ask of it is to be able to (recognise &) play songs downloaded from MixRadio :/
  • Ditto!
  • But on accounts of update mxplayer is dead already!!
  • anyone knows how to send feedback for the VLC app?
    i wanna notify the developer about software keys overlapping the app bar, but i can't.
  • http://trac.videolan.org
  • seems faster. the only thing lamer than this joke is the app itself.
  • Hahaahahahahaa, you are cruel man!
  • Well its not vlc's mistake. The wp os is slow. Even the flagships don't perform fast like other os flagships. No media player on wp os runs the videos as instantaneously as other oses. I have always been a windows fan but what is truth is truth.
  • That is not true. I have not had any lag when playing videos on my 1520. No problems with audio either.
  • Windows phone is a total lag-fest compared to Android and iOS.  That is definitely true. And not just video.  Apps open and resume at a fraction of the speed as on the major OSes.
  • What a liar! It's a universal fact that Windows phone OS runs smoothly even on an entry level hardware. Android is laggy as hell, even though they promise each te that the next version would be smoother! Fact, deal.with it. Are you here to trill and defame Windows Phone OS? Windows Phone OS has some problems (lack of apps for example) but lag is not one of them. Try again.
  • If you mean things like scrolling, yes, WP runs smothly because the UI is given precident over background processes.  But I don't know what you mean by "universal fact" because I use the HTC One M8 for Windows and my friend has the Android version and let me tell you, plain and simple: Everything runs faster on his phone.  Launch Skype on both phones at the same time, mine shows "loading......." while his is already up and running.  Navigate to any Web page, and Chrome (and Firefox, BTW) will show it and let him scroll through it while IE is still chugging along. To see a huge performance difference, use multitasking to go *back* to some biggish app you've recently launched and switched away from for a while.  Most of the time WP will display a "resuming...." notice while Android goes right back to it, instantly, every time. And this is on absolutely identical hardware. So no, WP is laggy as hell compared to Android.  And that's a fact.
  • Launching apps has nothing to do with lag, I don't care how fast an app launches as long as it works perfectly. I do though agree that this whole resuming apps that have been launched already thing is bull shit and Microsoft should really find a way to sort it out.
  • I consider any time the machine has fallen behind my commands to be lag.  If I launch and app and it takes a while to come up, I'm just waiting, and so that's lag.  If I tap the Start button and the tiles have to "fly in" from space, that may be a lovely animation, but it's still lag. By the way, going back to the Home Screen (Android) vs. Start Screen (WP) is much, much faster on the former.  This is no doubt due to longer animations, not any real difficulty posting the Start Screen.  It is probaby a matter of taste as to whether a user wants those animations; they are nice to look at but, honestly, I'd rather responses be instantaneous. But as to the overall point of whether Android or WP is the "faster" OS, it isn't even close.  Despite protestations all over this site, Android is markedly faster than WP across the board.
  • it's a beta
  • Rather call it an Alpha version..
  • Comon dude a whole blog was written bcos WP fans don't appreciate developers.
  • Blog post was written
  • sorry mates - I could not miss the joke opportunity. I've tested it and provided actually honest feedback in a later comment. Bottom line - it's stable now, and the best audio player on WP - though they still have to work on the video features.
  • Thank you for your patience and constant testing. Good to know it is stable now.
  • Never thought I'd ever be able to say this but umm, Xbox Music is better.
  • @Korbea Go develop an app and let's find out whether or not you are lamer than your stupid comment.
  • I actually developed a Chuck Norris simulator. It's so awesome it basically crashes 105% of the times you try to run it and uses the PCI express port on your phone to blast farts that rip through the spacetime continuum. It also converts AIDS into cancer, runs emulated PS4 games and brings half-life 3 into existence provided you give it offerings of anal bleach and baby goats. It's also an early beta guys, so don't be so critical.
  • Haha +1030 Nice one there..!!
  • Omg, that was creative.
  • Awesome reply dude
  • It's a free ap and still in Development, you are the only lamer around here
  • Hello, I am Korbea - the lamer. Nice to meet you! You must by max-ecs, the bad englisher.
  • LOL :D
  • *be. Karma.
  • Lol
  • For god shake, we are pathetic. I wish we could appreciate the effort. VLC wasn't in development= all time bitching, vlc is beta= all time stupid bitching!!!!!! YOU KNOW ITS BETA. THERE WILL BE PROBLEMS!!!!! WHY THE HELL DID YOU SING UP TO IT?????
  • Yes, how dare he make fun of a beta program. That's the worst possible thing.
  • Auto-Corrects in the first and the last lines..
  • What's so good about this app? Is it kind of like YouTube? I've never user it.
  • YouTube streams videos from, well, YouTube. This is for local playback of videos on your phone. Its strength is supposed to be in its wide-ranging codec support for things like MKV, etc. Alternatively, some might suggest that it is used by people (mostly outside of the US) to watch pirated video content downloaded from torrents.
  • Oh, cheers, Daniel!! Now I know it's no use for me :P
  • Piracy is useful (not that I'm supporting it) because most of things are available in U.S. only.
  • Thanks for pointing that out, Daniel. Now I can watch pirated video contents that I'm going to download from torrents as you suggested. :-)
  • We the pirate :-
  • @Vinit Aaj se pehle kabhi ye baat realize he nahi hui..!! :P:P
  • Vlc is used the most to watch hd porn :B
  • ..."used the most to watch hd porn"... My kinda app! haha
  • For that I use Moliplayer 3:)
  • It plays (well, not on the phone because it sucks right now) practically every video format you throw at it, including .mkv
  • This app is something you will love after sometime! Oviously when bugs are fixed and it is out of beta! :p
  • No subtitle support for MKVs.
  • Probably the most requested feature and the very top of their priorities.
  • I have tested a few videos with subtitles and they came up fine...
  • Appreciate frequent updates. But mp4 videos still lag as hell on 1520
  • As noted in the article "it does NOT fix the lags on HD videos. Another fix will come."
  • Before the update the videos didn't work at all for me, now it at least shows a couple of frames per video (still not very useful, but at least it's some kind of progress)
  • Great stuff, my thnx.
  • People complain too much, at least they have been updating it.
  • Yup. But the self-entitled bunch is active in comments today, so there's that...
  • Many have changed..You just need to '+' em now..!!
  • I admire your ability to humor under such circumstances. I would be furious. Not that it would make any difference to them (edited for clarity).
  • Mods on comments... When? Or at least a like/dislike option...
  • What was the developer twitter again? I really want the xbox music api included, I really don't understand why developers don't use it. All my music is on xbox subscription.
  • Sad thing is , most of WP user are kinda brutal one... Have no manner at all. No need to mention which community it is. Editors know more. I hope that the developer didn't mind about negative thing that they say.
  • To be precise almost communities of the internet are brutal.
  • I'm sure a lot of comments aren't from Windows Phone users...
  • I'm not surprised people are complaining. It's difficult for a lot of people to see the difference between a regular (working) app, a beta (working) app and one that does not work properly. I believe the VLC team released it too soon. A developer should only release a beta version to help him find elusive bugs. In this case the devs know things are bad and still they share it with the public. Obviously the crowd will complain.
  • Man it still sucks. Cant watch a single hd vid without it freezing. I know its a beta but I can watch a single video.
  • There is gonna be a long chain of updates only then it will be called a normal video player..!! Patience is the key here..
  • Hope everyone gets it.
  • Moliplayer is the key here.
  • It too lags while playing big videos though is a lot feature rich and has that 10 days thing..SMH..
  • I understand your frustration but you have to realise that this app is still in its early beta stages...
  • Not true mpeg2 ts HD coming from a pro camcorder play perfectly!
  • Running 720p videos no problem on my Lumia 920. Did you uninstall before getting the update?
  • Awesome. I love VLC on my PC, will look forward to a completed version on my phone. Thanks for the support VLC
    Edit: Wow, it's gotten a lot better. Videos play without freezing my phone now. God work VLC team! Can't wait to continue to watch the progress.
  • I have no need for the app (yet) but would like to thank the dev for supporting my chosen mobile OS!
  • Yes same no use for it yet. I don't download movies illegally from torrents. Not do I rip my blue rays.
  • It's useful for more than illegal movie downloads and DVD rips. I use it for watching WRC and the Dakar Rally because we can't get decent TV coverage, if at all, in the States. They're sent to me in a format that VLC will play and WMP will not.
  • Good to see such a Rapid progress, keep up VLC.
  • This doesn't mean anything. I can illegally download tv series or movies and convert them in mp4 so I can watch them with wp's player, and I can illegally download mp3 or aac music and again use ms' player.
    At the same time with vlc I can listen my flac rips of my legally owned cds.
    Piracy and players are two completely different things.
  • See what you've done, Rubino...?
  • He himself sees pirated podcasts of WC..
  • Hopefully I will get rid of the annoying text "can't enable background audio" yes I know It's the title but you never kniw
  • so why hope if you know it has been fixed?
  • If is sucks then uninstall it and stop bloody moaning. IT IS A BETA.
  • It should be considered an alpha. Beta products work much better than this one!
  • It is also free.........
  • You get what you pay for, or don't pay for in this case.
  • To me it's pretty visible that the VLC team is working to complete the app and make it have a worthwhile experience. If I were you guys I'd reserve judgment until a fully functional app was released before bashing it and being unfair.
  • Actually, it is the single developer working on it. His name is Thomas Nigro.
  • Nope, Thomas Nigro makes one portion of the app. VLC has a bigger team.
  • Thank you VLC... Better and better!
  • Great job with all the frequent updates and improvements.
  • Cool that we have VLC on WP!
  • Did they add a way to back out of the app?  How about a way to go to 'Now Playing' once leaving and going back in?
  • Let them make it do the basic task first like playing a simple video..?
  • Lumia 520 owner here, installed VLC from scratch as recommended. MP4 playback is still jerky as hell,  Nonetheless, there is a silver lining in here. While the first iteration of the app simply crashed, now it's at least stable enough to play most things I throw at it. No lock screen or backround issues when playing audio, too. Also fairly snappy - except for the long startup time - and impressive looks (and that on the lowest end WP) As an audio player - though it's a bit too early to say this decisively - it's quite better than everything I've seen so far on WP (and clearly topping XBOX): - picks up album up (seems to also download it)
    - beautiful last.fm sync (even adds a background image of the artist to album art when playing) - no abnormal battery consumption :) - looks purdy Almost sorry for initially bashing on the developer.
  • Kudos
  • no worries. As long as someone makes a feedback (on twitter, reddit, website, blog, mail) I'll read it one day, and consider for improvements. Just like your feedback. so thanks! yeah startup time is really long and this is also a thing we'll adress before public release.
  • Ok, I take back the "almost" from "almost sorry" in my previous comment :) Would it be realistic to expect smooth HD video playback on low-end phones - such as the 520? I'd say HD MKV and subtitles can be a bit too much for a 1GHz processor. Also, thank you for getting involved and venturing into the comments section - as well as for your hard work. I guess a lot people (or at least myself) were overly critical the first time around - we fear another Opera Mini kind of beta, if you know what I'm saying.
  • There is no need for HD content on a Lumia 520, the max it outputs is 480x800 and I dont think VLC oversamples so you wouldn't get anything better.
  • Nigro needs to wear Kevlar to venture into the comments section!
  • I think 720p, maybe. I think for the Lumia 520 that would be a GPU limited thing. But my Lumia 920 is able to handle 720p videos without skipping a beat already, and the beta is still in early stages.
  • Please, please! I will donate if needed, please include xbox music api. All my music is on xbox subscription, I cant listen DRM songs.
  • It can't play Xbox music content, can it? I always get the "can't enable background audio" error and all songs are shown as 00.00 in length.
  • uninstall and reinstall, the background audio issue has been resolved, and no, only local music files, no xbox music
  • Wait, what's going on? I have VLC installed since I was in the closed beta. But there is no update, and going to the link from the article brings me to a second version of VLC... Can't they merge both instead of just updating one of the two?
  • One was private, since depreciated (my guess) and now there is the public beta (this version).
  • exactly.
  • Perhaps you could put this in the description of the private version, the fact that it is deprecated I mean? I don't follow development of VLC or app news that closely, though I was happy to send in crash reports.
  • you are   great.. !! if you keep an eye on websites like this for feedbacks, i'm sure we will get a perfect VLC soon :) ... Good Luck Tom !!!!
  • Can people stop complaining? This is a beta so provide your feedback on how the VLC team can improve the app. We need to support the developer, not bash them. This isn't like Instagram Beta where it hasn't been updated in 10 months...
  • ^This
  • My sentiments. VLC has encountered roadblocks in the app development but what i am impressed most of is the fact that the developer is not giving up on it. There are OS imposed limitations and the developer has to work around that. And these frequent updates mean the support and dedication to get this app working as expected is solid. So kudos to the developer. Don't get discouraged. And take all those complaints as avenue to improve and deliver.
  • I don't understand all the asshole comments on this app.  We've lived without it for literally years.  It's a BETA.  The developer is clearly currently working on ironing out the bugs, and has aknowledged them.  Why are all these people so impatient? I can understand the lack of patience for something like the Denim camera updates, which will make a HUGE difference day to day for those of us that take a lot of photos.  Not only in speed, but in photo quality, on something that people will never have a second crack at. But this is a video player.  Surely anyone who finds the functionality essential has already either found an alternative that works for now (moliplayer works just fine for me?) or has left the platform instead of waiting for years? Then to top it off, there is known contention between the dev and the community... why do the people who supposedly wanty this app the worst keep throwing gasoline on the fire?  It seems illogical to alientate the one person who is trying to get you what you want.
  • Not to be offensive, but the lack of patience might relate to their personal lives. People seem to be finding a tad bit of their own success in apps' availability and updates for their phones. :P
  • +1030 Totally Agree
  • +1520
  • What's with the+1030? Snorting pixie dust, cause that phone ain't happening?
  • I think you are mistaken here..
    Seeing your Username yes you are..!!
    There were reports as well as pics of a clear successor of 1030 (can't be a 935 or a 1530) some days back+My inner voice tells me there is one in development+A recent interview of a Microsoft employee (imaging/camera head of Lumia series) taken by Danny Boy gave hints that there is one in development for sure..!!
  • +1020
  • I don't get the bitching about a beta app. Don't like it? Doesn't have what you need? It's not done yet. I have this app. I've played with it. It isn't very useful for me. YET. But I've used VLC's software since before I had ever heard of an "app," and I'm glad they're developing an app for my phone. So hooray for updates. Keep at it. And when it's done (or as done as software ever gets) and it IS useful to me I will probably pay for it, because these new-fangled app thingies are much cheaper than what I used to pay for 1s and 0s that came in a BOX that I bought from a STORE back in the X86 stone ages. Rant over.
  • Daniel/Thomas lets disable the background song scan as optional in settings, till we get the basic things done. Everytime its scanning the entire music library, album art, artist etc. Please consider this as we are almost having builds daily, so this setting will be helpful. Thanks!
  • Ohk that's a feedback..But if a video player doesn't recognize the number and types files it's gonna play then..? If the search manually thing doesn't work then..? And this happens on the initial run only so..
  • Any word on the Windows Store app?
  • Thanks for supporting the platform!! VLC is the best on Windows (still using 7, sorry MS) and I can't wait to be able to use it as my main video player on WP!
  • I for one won't bash Mr. Nigro for his hard work on this app. As a guy who has zero programming skills but understands the complexity, I appreciate the devs that are puttting in the time and effort to bring apps to WP.
  • It's still far from "Prime Time".  It's been many updates and only now I can display the 1st frame of the video without hanging my 920.  Still can't see any MOVEment, just a still picture.  I would consider this Alpha.  Guys, let's be fair, while VLC is famous on the PC, if this app were not named VLC, I would have uninstalled it since day one.  So don't lower our windows phone quality scale for a famous PC app.  If anything, we should raise the bar.
  • On my 930 doesn't load musics from my library, hope fix this soon.
  • People need to stop complaining that a beta app is buggy. And yes there is a difference between reporting bugs and being a jerk about it. Be glad the dev is actively working on a requested app for WP to begin with. I currently don't have a need for the app but I'm glad a dev is willing to take the heat from a community with a surprising sense of entitlement. I just hope the jerks that take the complaints too far don't end up running potential app developers off.
  • +1030
  • It's a shame that the most of us already forgotten the article Daniel wrote about vlc.....http://m.windowscentral.com/videolan-versus-windows-phone-fans-no-one-wins
  • Some do remember it..
  • Thanks Mr Nigro.
  • *Thomas Nigro
  • omg dev in the house
  • Huh..? Didn't get you bro..
  • I love VLC but this app looks thrown together.....even for a beta. Poor interface, looks like an android app and bares no resemblance to Windows phone...the folder view looks unstarted nevermind unfinished. They shouldn't have bothered (and I suspect they didn't really).
  • You sure you're using VLC..??
  • Just couldn't resist the urge to be a complainer could you??? If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it!
  • Works pretty fine now, looking forward to more updates... Kudos Thomas
  • Meh
  • Is the beta open to all now? I didn't sign up but now I can download it. U couldn't before this update. Anyone know why?
  • They made the beta public. Simples.
  • Can u these people ever stop complaining this app? Use another(moliplayer, etc.) apps, if u don't like it
  • I want to personally thank the developer of this app. Lets not start bashing this gentleman (I forgot his name), but thanks again!
  • So you forgot his name right after reading the article?
  • Tried opening the app & all it does is show the VLC icon onscreen for couple seconds then closes & goes back to the apps menu
  • Great going VLC team.....VLC has been the best player on windows and mac....thanks for workin so hard to bring it to windows phone
  • i know this is a beta version, bu i cant play any of my videos with this APP. No Full HD Videos, no 4k Videos, not one
  • Great ! Now it closes before opening!
  • Good but phone videos will not play. Is there any planned support for playing over LAN does anyone know?
  • Good update but player is still bad
  • Lumia 1520 here.  Installed from scratch.  Load time is not bad... about 2 seconds For mp3 files: Pinning album tile works Album art and info works on live tile as well as last played song is displayed when not running. Only detects embedded artwork on mp3 files that is exactly 500x500.  Any other size be it smaller or larger is ignored.  checked 25 mp3 files to verify.  A couple mp3's that were not 500x500 had incorrect artwork pulled from the internet. Lyrics embedded in mp3 is not detected. Would like a preference to not check online for artwork if an embedded artwork is present or just be able to turn it off.  All my mp3's have embedded artwork in them before I sync to my phone.  Very good mp3 player so far with the exceptions above. For movies: For flv, mp4, mov, avi, wmv and mkv all displayed a preview upon loading VLC.  flv - slight fuzz when started to play but within 3 secs the rest of the movie played with no problems.  Scrubbing worked smooth.  mp4 - movie started up no problems.  Scrubbing was jumpy.  mov - movie started up no problems.  Scrubbing was jumpy.  While playing mov, ran it in the background upon resume got a green screen but movie continued to play and sound was still audible but movie never recovered from green screen.  Pressed back button then played the movie and it resumed from where is was playing. avi - movie started up no problems.  Scrubbing was jumpy. wmv - movie started up no problems.  Scrubbing was jumpy but faster than the others above except flv. mkv - movie started up no problems.  Scrubbing was the slowest on this format and took about 2secs to play  Resume from background worked but the picture took about 2-3secs to be clear. Movie pauses when played in the background and automatically resumes when in focus.  Screen rotation worked on all files while playing.  Back button does not exit the application. I'm impressed with this update as I'm not having any issues playing any file formats except for what's noted above.  This might be due to me having a Lumia 1520.  Also, all files were played from my SanDisk 32G microSD card.  Resume from background played on all files. Hope this helps others.  Too bad I missed the beta registration.
  • Nothing there in Beta version..Nice post there..!!
  • Nice feedback there..+1030
  • +Microsoft 1030w/builtinBandSurfaceandNtrigphone.....come on people, use phones that exist.
  • +1030
  • What about SRT subtitle files? I have to load them manually when playing MKV vids. And seems like VLC is unable to scan for all video files under the Video folder and its subdirectories in the SD Card.... Still need lots of improvements to be on par with MX Player on Android.
  • Good question.  Just synched an mkv with srt subtitle in a folder to my Lumia 1520 .  I  know from using VLC on my PC that the only way to autoload an srt subtitle is to ensure it has the exact same name as the mkv file, otherwise you have to load it manually.  With that said, I named both files the same, loaded vlc and the mkv played perfect with the subtitles enabled.  I can confirm this works.  I also loaded an mkv with multiple language srt file and it too worked.  I just needed go into the settings and select the language I wanted.  The key to making this work is to ensure both files have the exact same name... different extension.  Also, confirm VLC does not scan subdirectories in the video folder.  Subtitles still needs some work.  I tried switching the subs and it failed and the subs stopped working altogether.  Scrubbing also messes with the subtitle.  If multiple subtitles are in the srt file... scrubbing causes random switches to another language or just stops working.  I need to test this more as it is not consistent.
  • I can't play any videos recorded by the phone L920 in the app. Is that because they are 1080p mp4 files?
  • Yes, if you're using the default settings.
  • now plays videos smoothly even MPEG2 ones!!!!
  • +1030
  • What the!??? I uninstall it.. Now its saying item not available anymore?!!!
  • Owned. They temporarily released the closed beta to everyone but removed it shortly after. 
  • I hope folks here were nicer to the developer this go around.
  • Thanks vlc!
  • There is still a lot to be fixed. A lot
  • When will this app start actually play video files? Just shows the first frame only. I uninstalled the previous version b4 installing the latest update. Previous version crashed every time I tried to open a file so I guess this is some sort of improvement...
  • No album cover recognition
  • Can't download
    Says item not available
  • The subtitles don't get to load by themselves when playing vids? I have srt files having the same filenames as the video files located in the SD Card, and I need to open the srt manually??
  • My testing is inconsistent regarding subtitles.  Only one file it worked automatically with the same name and other files it does not work.  The only file it worked the first time was the srt with multiple languages.  Tried srt with avi files and it does not work automatically.  Also tried with mp4 and it does not work automatically.  The back button is inconsistent as well.  When playing vids the back button exits out of VLC for me.  When playing mp3's sometimes it does not exit out of VLC and sometimes it does.  
  • Looks like I'm not the only one facing the subtitles issues. Both the vids and SRT are having the same file names but it just doesn't work. Not sure if it has to do with the length of the file names. Anyways, it is on the right track. Hope to see improvements coming soon.
  • Indeed, VLC is on the right track and that's why its a beta.  The length of the filename is not the issue.  I've renamed the file to less than 8 characters and it did not help.  Still, we can play vids and manually load the srt's so it's not like we don't have options.  It works, jut need some manual intervention.  Again, that's why it's a beta.  I'm not having any serious problems with this release.  I can play all my files as well as my mp3's.  No crashes so far but I think that's because I have a more powerful phone.  Looking forward to more updates.  I suspect that the current version is not optimized for low end phones yet (<800 snap dragon).  I would like to see the eq that the desktop version has. If people on this forum actually test the program and report the results Thomas can make it better.  That's the purpose of a beta.  Otherwise why bother downloading just to complain.  We all need to report our issues and the phone we are using so that improvements can be made.  I think Thomas Nigro has done an excellent job so far.  Thomas, put me on the beta program... :)))
  • Finally played video.it was lagging.but still first time it played video. Nice work
  • I can't play any video in this...
  • Am not able to download the app
  • Thank you Dev.  As I've said before, don't release this until you feel its ready. Haters gonna hate.
  • Still crashing.Video thumbnails show "?"
    Videos play as still pictures.
    Regardless I appreciate the effort being put in.Thanks
  • Not for public?? Gives a feedback that item not available while trying to install!!
  • I can't speak for video because i don't watch many videos on my phone, but as an audio player Xbox Music is better. Never thought I'd actually say that about Xbox Music but it's become a much more efficient app. I tried to play a song in VLC and it was lagging. After 10 seconds or so I just pressed the play button and it crashed.  This seems more like an alpha than a beta. Still glad to see VLC onboard though. Keep at it guys.  
  • I'm not experiencing any lag at all on my phone playing mp3's.  I actually like VLC version over Xbox Music.  My only issue right now is that VLC would read existing playlists, correct display of album art, read lyrics and automatic thumbnails of music files on the SD card tab (displays correctly on the VLC Home and VLC Music tab).  Right now you have to manually go to sub directories on the SD card and that is tedious.  VLC should just display the entire music folder in the SD card either in song, album or artist view.  What phone do you have?  Lumia 1520 here.
  • Still stupid !!
  • Am I to only one whose album arts doesn't show on VLC?
  • What a useless garbage app, why is Windows Central knowingly promoting this shit that does not work...i know they getting paid to!
  • Keep em coming Thomas!
  • Why exactly is this app's performance still bad? Is the OS really that bad that the dev is having problems with it? Or is the dev just a little behind in his studies? Honest questions. Is Android version this buggy?
  • Because it's a beta...
  • Dr sp, you have *never* used any wp device
  • Download is freezing in middle...not able to complete the installation
  • I've seen this happening for VLC very often.... may be you can cancel the installation, restart your phone and try again
  • Same here, have tried cancelling and installing again several times with no luck.  Maybe VLC knows I was trying to use it for no good use. 
  • M loving it... Even though its still nt playing all my videos.. Bt its better dan before... Hoping nxt update will resolve rest of d issues n bugs.. Thanx !!
  • Dude this update made my day,loving the app.Still a bit of hiccup here and there but I believe they'll fix it soon..
  • Daniel, can you just start banning non constructive abusive assholes? Its not a democracy, just start owning people.
  • *facepalm
    A beta version software (here, application) is a preliminary release of software for initial testing prior to its final release. So, beta versions may contain bugs. They are testing it for finding bugs and they will fix it in the final release. All you have to do is report the bugs, so they can fix them. Stop moaning like retarded donkeys. If you cannot bear seeing bugs in a beta software, you f***ing uninstall it.
  • POW, I totally agree with you
  • still not good, but better than the last release.... Im a Lumia 930 user , so not a budget phone criticism, we want better apps, and this vlc app is so far than the android vlc:( Im so sad, I believe is so many work with this app but the good way is to start the project sooner and now the situation would be better. but I admit that at least Microsoft is striving..... Hurry up Microsoft!
  • Finally!! Now I can watch my videos :D
  • Serious question on this. Is there any ETA/thought on getting this on WinRT, e.g. The Surface and alike tablets. Would love to finally be able to watch a video with embedded subs ;-)   But great to see the WP version maturing.
  • ​Finally works on 820 for most videos. Faith in humanity restored.
  • Says item isn't available in the store.
  • Yeah. It does the same for me too, it's not available in the store...
  • I got it now.
  • Previous does not play or recognize flac. Now plays flac, but does not on background. Screen turns off => music stop. L930
  • Same problem. It also can't play another song (even mp3) after playing flac. L920
  • Local video (audio OK) not playing on HTC 8X, 8.1 developer.
  • Hey does the VLC is public or closed beta?
  • Public, as mentioned in the article.
  • I like the UI it's cleaner than WP music player.
  • "I m happy with default media players...."
  • Vlc team is kidding what the suck made by video lab
  • it still freezes and crashes on my 620 =/
  • It still cant run my videos, when I tap on a video it hangs the app.
  • All I want to know is why the hell is this an open beta? Apps like these should stay out of the public eye until they are at least usable. This is the worst open beta I have ever seen in my entire life and that's not directed at the devs. I highly commend them for what they have done so far but I really don't think it was a good idea to make this an open beta.
  • Superb app, better than Xbox music n video
  • I am not able to download this one, it prompts : "you don;t have permissions to download"
    ....... Please help???
  • I am not able to download it, it says you don't have permissions .... please help ??
  • Can't download why?