VLC for Windows Phone

If you are using the VLC beta app for Windows Phone, version 1.0.7 just went live in the Store. With it comes numerous fixes and improvements to make the favorite video player even more stable.

The changelog for version 1.0.7 is a bit sparse, but the developer leading the VLC for Windows Phone project, Thomas Nigro, did go into more details via Twitter.

VLC beta for Windows Phone 1.0.7

  • UI bugfixes
  • Background audio playback bug fixes

Nigro though reveals more noting that Lumia x20 devices should no longer experience freezing when video playback is initiated. Nigro also points out some limitations with the update, including this:

"While this update provides fix for freezing when playing videos, it does NOT fix the lags on HD videos. Another fix will come. Rotation lock is still on the way for the next update. Same for incremental music loading. Same for embedded album cover. I also HIGHLY recommend you to uninstall/reinstall the app..."

That last bit is very important. Users should uninstall VLC for Windows Phone first before taking this update to ensure that everything takes. All is not perfect though, as a bug was introduced with 1.0.7, which will be addressed in the next update:

"It seems we introduced a little bug with the TaskCompletionSource (devs will know). We're on it and we'll send a 1.0.8 version."

So far, early reports seem to suggest that this version is a level of being better than the previous one. Hopefully, with a few more updates, VLC for Windows Phone will be ready for primetime.

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