VLC for Windows Phone 8.1 updated with support for m4a files and more

While we wait for a true Windows 10 version of VLC, the team at VideoLAN continues to support the Windows Phone 8.1 version with an update. This brings the version number up to 1.7 and has a number of additions, changes and improvements.

Here's a breakdown of what's new and improved in VLC version 1.7:


  • Rewrite of the thumbnailer process
    • Speed up of the video decoding and output, and removing deadlocks
    • Support of acceleration activation per-file
    • Faster input support


  • Support of m4a files
    • New gestures and keyboard controls
    • Control of audio/video/subtitle delay and synchronization
    • Better hardware acceleration
    • Support for chapters control
    • Support of a light and black theme
    • Important interface update to prepare for Windows 10
    • Fix support for SRT and SSA
    • New mini player design and widget
    • Fix support for Windows RT

The main developer of the VLC Windows apps, Thomas Nigro, stated on Twitter that the universal Windows 10 version of the app is still in the works and the team hopes to have it out in November. It's possible that same app could be released for the Xbox One as well.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

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Source: VideoLAN

John Callaham