VLC for Windows Phone updated with 'force landscape mode' setting

VLC for Windows Phone has scored an update this evening, bringing along a new "force landscape mode" setting for the video player and bumping the version number up to 1.8.2. Here's the breakdown from developer Thomas Nigro on Twitter:

VLC for Windows Store v1.8.2 should be available on Windows phones. Brings "force landscape mode" setting for video player. With this update we'll get the firmware version of your device, as we suspect the green screen issue is related to GPU driver.

Overall, this is a minor update, but it brings a handy feature nonetheless. And if you're experiencing the "green screen" issue that Nigro describes, hopefully that'll be cleared up soon. As always, hit up that Windows Store link below to grab the latest VLC update.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

Download VLC from the Windows Store (opens in new tab) (Free)

Source: Thomas Nigro (Twitter)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Wow this is a really nice app.
  • Vlc still cant play the videos on my phone. It mostly plays the video with green screen and the sound. I uninstalled and reinstall yet same thing. I thought this update would correct that yet still.
  • Subtitles isn't working anymore on version.
    Please fix it!
  • Still waiting for Sort by "Genre" and "Recently Added"
  • That will be very handy
  • Remember when vlc was just launched for windows phone and everyone hated it. Lol
  • Nothing changed since 2015 February. It still is semi-functional bug collcetion, and nothing seems to improve this situation anytime in the future.
  • True.
  • This app has yet to work properly on my L925
  • Good
  • it still can't play video in L620 :( it crashes more often even while playin audio no matter how many times i reinstalled it
  • Would be really cool if this could access OneDrive, since Groove in fairly unreliable.
  • I am getting a green screen in landscape mode any body else getting this
  • Yes, it's even mentioned in the article!
  • Now we can increase volume by swiping up and forward/backward without buttons ! Just like on mx player.,!
  • Still needs too much work to do. It crashes frequently. Brightness control still not working properly. Further onedrive integration, shorting of audio also need some look into.
  • I think brightness control doesn't coming.. Because API not available for WinRT..
  • UI is superb. I have seen growing this app. Finally got stable .
  • sadly i cannot download the app. after being added to the download queue it simply gets stuck. (lumia 720)
  • You need to reinstall the app. I have to do it every time there is an update... Your fellow 720 owner. Please someone say that they are also having this issue!!!
  • Yes
  • At least am not alone on the green screen part, but good app anyway.
  • No haven't
  • Vlc has been crashing since I installed it...f***n s**t
  • Need better app like moli player for free of cost because moli player is just brilliant app and vlc is just scrappedjust don't stand behind moli
  • I didnt get any green screen bt i cannot play any media file with vlc on my lumia535. It crashes and then automatically close.
  • May be vlc is not best yet but it is improving with good speed .
  • No, its not improving. The single core feature of this program: play videos without crashing. It still cannot do its primary job. Yes, fact is fact: there were many updates since 2015 February. But I dont feel the quality is so much better, than 8 months ago. Not counting that this VLC project started 2,5 years ago, in 2013 January. Yes, 2013 January, and we still dont have a fkin stable video player on WP8.x.
  • Awesome work! Flawless no bugs no crashes plays all on my 8X!
  • Once again I will say that only Molo player is the app everything else sucks even the mx player is useless.
  • Major couple of updates. Now able to play 3.7gb mkv in correct AR 656x578 on my 520. Don't regret spending a couple of quid on Moli and CCPlayer because they got the job done for a couple of years when nothing else could but with these updates VLC has pretty much caught up in my opinion. And it's free.
  • On my Lumia 1020 I have uploaded around 30 albums (mp3, wma, m4a) but the vlc database is corrupting the metadata of about a 1/3 of the songs. When it tries to play a song with the incorrect metadata it crashes. The corrupt metadata usually has the correct title but shows the artist as a shortened version of the song title. Resetting the database doesn't fix the issue and trying to "Send Feedback" crashes the app as well. Other than this annoying issue the app is great. Keep up the bug fixes.