VLC for Windows Phone updated with 'force landscape mode' setting

VLC for Windows Phone has scored an update this evening, bringing along a new "force landscape mode" setting for the video player and bumping the version number up to 1.8.2. Here's the breakdown from developer Thomas Nigro on Twitter:

VLC for Windows Store v1.8.2 should be available on Windows phones. Brings "force landscape mode" setting for video player. With this update we'll get the firmware version of your device, as we suspect the green screen issue is related to GPU driver.

Overall, this is a minor update, but it brings a handy feature nonetheless. And if you're experiencing the "green screen" issue that Nigro describes, hopefully that'll be cleared up soon. As always, hit up that Windows Store link below to grab the latest VLC update.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

Download VLC from the Windows Store (Free)

Source: Thomas Nigro (Twitter)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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