VMware Horizon Client app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile runs virtual desktops and more

VMware has released a new Windows 10 PC and Mobile app version of its VMware Horizon Client. It allows people who have VMware Horizon 7 at their business to run virtual desktops and applications on their Windows 10 devices.


VMware, which as of this week is now part of Dell Technologies, has this to say about the Windows 10 Horizon Client app (via Winbeta):

  • ENHANCED USER EXPERIENCE The VMware Blast Extreme protocol used with Horizon 7 is designed and optimized for mobile users. Blast Extreme leverages H.264 hardware decoding to deliver the best remote experience while reducing power consumption.
  • LEAVE THE DESKTOP BEHIND WITH HORIZON HOSTED APPLICATIONS Use VMware Horizon 7 hosted applications, leave the desktop behind and run remote applications with delight experience.
  • WORK SMARTER WITH CONTINUUM Attach your Windows 10 phone to a monitor, mouse and keyboard through wired or wireless accessories to get complete workspace experience without productivity compromise.

Again, this app is only designed to work for customers who have VMware Horizon 7 and use a VMware Horizon 7 virtual desktop or hosted application. This is also a public beta of the app, and feedback can be given at VMware's forums.

Download VMware Horizon Client in the Windows Store


John Callaham