Vodafone migrates all monthly plans to 4G for boosted super speeds

Vodafone is also changing the way the network is selling the monthly contracts by talking about bundles. Bundles for everyone! Starting with Standard Bundles, these are the most affordable options available, containing only a mere 500MB or 1GB of 4G data. Red Bundles are where the action is, however, offering as much as 20GB worth of 4G data.

Should you opt for the Red Value Bundles, Vodafone will throw in access to one of the network's 4G entertainment packs (excluding the 2GB bundle - you still with us?).

As a slight cheeky dig at EE and O2, Vodafone will provide you with £20 as a welcome gift should you switch from either network (valid until June 30). Remember, they're not plans. Bundles. Vodafone bundles. So, how much will upgrading cost for existing customers on 3G plans? A one off fee of £20, or for free if your new 4G bundle costs at least £5 more each month.

The company also confirms that the price you see is the price you'll pay throughout the contract period. There will be no nasty bill shocks showing mid-term price increments.

Source: Vodafone

Rich Edmonds
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