Vodafone migrates all monthly plans to 4G for boosted super speeds

Vodafone is also changing the way the network is selling the monthly contracts by talking about bundles. Bundles for everyone! Starting with Standard Bundles, these are the most affordable options available, containing only a mere 500MB or 1GB of 4G data. Red Bundles are where the action is, however, offering as much as 20GB worth of 4G data.

Should you opt for the Red Value Bundles, Vodafone will throw in access to one of the network's 4G entertainment packs (excluding the 2GB bundle - you still with us?).

As a slight cheeky dig at EE and O2, Vodafone will provide you with £20 as a welcome gift should you switch from either network (valid until June 30). Remember, they're not plans. Bundles. Vodafone bundles. So, how much will upgrading cost for existing customers on 3G plans? A one off fee of £20, or for free if your new 4G bundle costs at least £5 more each month.

The company also confirms that the price you see is the price you'll pay throughout the contract period. There will be no nasty bill shocks showing mid-term price increments.

Source: Vodafone (opens in new tab)

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  • Assuming this is Voda UK only with the prices being in sterling?
  • Yes.
  • Maybe check the your country variant website for Vodafone? (e.g .co.uk; .com etc etc) (just guessing... Idk since I don't have to look being in the UK but just thought I'd suggest :) )
  • Vodafone is all over the World though. I assumed from the title that it was, or could be, in Australia as we have Vodafone here too... it should really specify "Vodafone UK migrates..."
  • That should be specified...
  • Now does this count for all of Vodafone or only in the UK / whatever? Also what is the difference between bundles and contracts?
  • Rich usually writes about UK news so I'm guessing UK.
  • I see. Thanks for answering me :)
  • With EE ending Orange Wednesdays I am now open to moving (I never would before) this is an interesting option. Especially as they pay £20 for changing over and promise no price increases. Keeping an open mind until my contract comes to a n end with EE.
  • DO NOT MOVE TO VODAFONE. Can't say this enough. As a Lumia user that has been in a legal dispute with Vodafone for several years now because they "can't unlock my Lumia" (read: want me to keep paying extortionate amounts), it SUCKS to use WP on Voda. Also, if you're on PAYG, data prices? £2/50mb/1 day, then 10p per 10mb after that. Yup. If I use 2 megs in a day, I pay the same as someone who used 50 megs, and it doesn't carry over. tl;dr don't move to voda - service is awful, prices are awful, they're just trying to lure you in.
  • Agreed. VodaFone are terrible for service, and terrible for network performance. Search out the Rootmetrics recent survey. EE and Three out in front. O2, then last place Voda. If O2 and Three merge, that will make them the biggest. Add in Google trying to co-op Three into their global roaming mobile network, interesting times ahead! But yer, Voda are bad. They claim to have everyone moved to the 4G network. Not the 735 sat right in front of me on Voda they haven't. Shambles of a company. I will be getting rid of this network very shortly.
  • I just love sponsored news like this one...
  • I just love people who make unjustified, baseless, and pointless comments like your one...
  • And I love even more the people who comment on unjustified, baseless and pointless comments with even more unjustified, baseless and pointless comments.
  • So much love! :')
  • Make love, not war. :D
  • This sounds like Vodafone still covering up the fact that they are still the only UK operator that charge extra for 4G.
  • They dont, compare the tariffs online and you'll see more bundled data on a 4G tariff than a similarly priced 3G tariff. I know initially they made out it was £5 extra at launch but last week I checked and it was like 7GB of 4G for the price of 4GB of 3G.
  • Brill. Just need a 4G Lumia now.
  • Three, unlimited 4G for £28/month. Unlimited texts and mins too. Cant beat that now. You can also get SIM only if you want to wait for that flagship Lumia with Windows 10 preloaded.
  • Did you just say ... unlimited? :-o
  • Probably pretty good for new customers but charging either £20 or at least an extra £5 per month for existing customers is pretty rotten.  Either way, as a Windows Phone user I'd avoid Vodafone as they have failed to support the platform with an app, and now don't let you access your account from IE on Windows Phone. 
  • While there's no 'my vodafone' app which is ridiculous; they do have a cloud and discover app. Almost pointless but they aren't web wrappers at least.
  • The network sucks in UK too. 3G is barely usable even in major cities. Worst network by far Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 2nd fastest 4G network in UK dude.
  • Ushae, where did  you read that, the VodaFone brochure? Vodafone = the worst.  See here: http://www.rootmetrics.com/uk Their network is awful. I can tell you sat here right now, I am getting 1M down, 1M up on Voda. O2 5M down, 3M up. My GF on EE 40M down, 20M up. I have a Three SIM coming this week, and I am going to test in 5 places on 2 phones (Android and WIndows devices)
    I will publish my personal results for anyone interested. I am also in a fairly typical urban area in the South East, so should be getting good coverage from all of them.
  • Major cities? Like Manchester, Bristol and Belfast? Fine coverage in them when I'm around... Ive used Vodafone on an HTC Mozart, Lumia 925 and Lumia 930 over the years so I'm set.
  • I get it in MZ
  • Wish Voda would make a damn WP app.
  • Yeah, they had one in Australia for WP7 - but it sucked as prepaid customers couldn't use it. I can't find it in the store, so it looks like they've abandoned it
  • Nope, works fine on my Lumia 830. Need a Vodafone AU sim Card to get access to the suite of Vodafone apps however
  • Oh, maybe that's it... I looked on my WP8 device which is supposed to have a Telstra SIM in it, but I've removed it and just use the phone as a gaming & app device. I still have a Vodafone SIM in my main WP7 device (HD7)
  • They do not have one? Here in Germany there is one. Irritates me that there is none in the UK :-o
  • Not exactly news. Vodafone notified me of this upgrade to 4G on 16 March 2015.
  • I love the way "Bundles for everyone!" has an exclamation mark just like an advertising feature.