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Voice-activated 'Hey Cortana' arrives on Android, with limitation

Microsoft is continuing to expand Cortana their future information hub for all things Microsoft with an update to the beta Android app. Version went live in the last few days and with it comes an interesting feature: Hey Cortana.

For those on certain Lumias and Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Hey Cortana is old news. The voice-activated system lets users call Cortana when their phones are in standby giving a hands-free search experience. Windows 10 Mobile is getting the feature as well, but as of now it is disabled likely due to some device-specific drivers needed.

On Android, the option for Hey Cortana is found under Settings and is the first option.

Hey Cortana....?

Although this sounds like a big blow for Windows Phone, in reality, we can see that Microsoft is running against some of the same limitations on Android phones. As of now, Hey Cortana only works if the phone's display is on, and the screen is unlocked or you already have the app open. This is much the same situation as "OK Google" hotword activation on most phones, which require the phone's screen to be on, or at least plugged in, for voice activation to be enabled. Very few Android phones offer always-listening modes.

In practice, for the Android version you would have already had to turn on your phone and unlock the display and then say 'Hey Cortana' to enable the personal assistant. This limitation makes it more of novelty, with the ability to match the "OK Google" detection on some phones, but come up short compared to others.

Microsoft opened Cortana for Android to a public beta back at the end of August and anyone in the U.S. can sign up, test and submit feedback. If you are running Windows 10 on a PC, you can have Cortana sync up settings, preferences, and reminders between the two versions.

It is unclear when Microsoft plans to launch Cortana for Android officially.

Thanks, Jon R., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Lol.. Before Windows 10 mobile
  • Yeah, but read the article. This is a neutered version, which doesn't work as it does on Windows 10 Mobile. The delay for us is due to drivers needed to get it to work when the device is off/standby. Can't do that on Android, so this is like "meh".
  • Hope it launches on Windows 10 Mobile on supported phones before RTM :)
  • Hey Cortana doesn't work on either of my Lumia 1520s with Windows 10. Wouldn't that be before?
  • I would really appreciate you read the article first, then comment. But to humor you: (1) This is in beta, you need to enroll on Android just like W10Mobile (2) On Android it doesn't work as really Hey Cortana on Windows, you need the device on/unlocked meaning it's not hands-free. It's more like Hey Cortana Lite, not truly functional. To say it has arrived on Android implies full-feature set for Hey Cortana, which is what W10M will have. That is not the case, so no. Additionally, you are talking about two beta-enroll systems, making the point moot.
  • The thing that matters is all android phones can have 'hey Cortana' but all wps can't. IRONY
  • You mean Hey Cortana Lite. That's not irony. And you're kind of wrong too. On Windows Phone press and hold the search button and what happens? Voice-activated Cortana. That does not happen on Android. Quit trolling.
  • Well no offence but there is still scope of improvement of cortana in wp/wm10 and you have to agree to that.
  • I can't keep in search on my 535. Because of sensitivity issues it registers it as me repeatedly pressing the button
  • Pressing and holding the search button isn't "Hey Cortana" though.
  • But faster than unlocking.
  • Mmmm no. Only windows 10 insiders doesn't have this and they only made up 5% of wp users(and i don't think most of them have required hardware for it). If you are using 8.1, you have had this feature for some time now. Only win 10 mobile insiders does not have this, and they will get this before RTM. So, normal wp user already have it.Kinda like "It is inside the OS just not activated".I think the problem is people just don't get the fact that wm10 is not officially launched. 
  • Dude, chill out. It's in beta on both platforms, its already on W10, and Cortana is coming to XB. Naturally there are going to be some development differences, and nobody is going to die because android got a feature before WP. It's a first world problem to the highest degree.
  • People are so frustrated that emotions are flowing.
  • Omg! Shut up and read the article tool.
  • I'm confused! Hey Cortana was only available to some phones due to hardware limitations or firmware issues?
  • Hardware limitations. Older wp phones were unable to keep the microphone listening all the time without draining battery. That's why that only the Lumia 950/xl/930/icon/1520 can do it
  • I understand drivers are needed but werent the drivers arelady present on windows phone 8.1? If they can port other stuff over how hard this driver can be anyway i hope they wont push it for later update or second update...
  • Ok, but, let me ask.
    Can they use the Hey Cortana with screen on and phone unlocked WITHOUT an Snapdragon 800 or superior?
    If yes, why WP8.1 phones (W10M due to drivers needed) CAN'T have this "limitation"???
  • Dude, have you ever press and held the search key on Windows Phone? What do you think that is...
  • So it should be called "Press and Hold Cortana"...
  • Lol. You may as well speak to a drunk Irish man
  • Yeah, exactly what I want to know! But couldn't place my views!
  • on Windows version, there are an alternative: tap Start and hold it until Cortana arrives.
  • I have Lumia 640 and can't activate Cortana with "hey Cortana". This phone is one of Microsoft's latest phones out there and it was out after Cortana was available. So you are telling me Microsoft knows of this requirement for 'hey cortana' to work and never bordered putting it in this phone. I wonder if it'll be available in their coming 950... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, it's a hardware/firmware thing. Your phone can't do it. Most Android phones can't either. We have a topic page that explains this, please read first.
  • We should be able to activate Cortana by saying Hey Cortana atleast when the screen is on as with Google Now. Much more convenient then pressing and holding search button.
  • The Lumia 640 has a Snapdragon 400 processor. Hey Cortana on Windows Phone requires a Snapdragon 800 or higher. Despite the 640 coming out after the 930 &1520, it's not a flagship so don't expect it to have all of the same features. ​
  • My mom's Moto G 2nd gen also has a Snapdragon 400 but it can still do OK google and Hey Cortana when the screen is on. But we can't.
  • So because it's nuetered it's supposed to make us feel better? This is just wasted resources. Does MS really have developers to spare and waste time on a halfl-implementation on other OSes?  
  • Your question clearly says, "I have no idea how businesses work" like gov't, you have money and branches that go towards different things. A biz as big as MS doesn't have all employees that work for them on any one particular thing. I swear, people lack common sense.
  • "This limitation makes it more of a novelty" And I thought Android was the novelty :)
  • So why doesn't it work on surface pro 3, then?
  • Seems faster
  • Waht matters: after Windows Phone 8.1. That's almost 95% of Windows phone share.
  • Not really, there is no official Cortana, and IMO Cortana is a good, strong reason to get Windows device instead of Android. If my calculations are correct, Project Astoria will be ready in Spring 2016 and Windows 10 mobile users will never have to worry again about running an app on this platform. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, any other popular iOS/Android app and all those hundreds of Android games not supported in Windows today will be available, it will be epic.
  • Those apps still have to be ported. You're never going to see direct access to Google play out ios app store on Windows phone.
  • Except Cortana is not available in enough countries. Really annoying how they keep adding xyz feature to Cortana, but do not focus on making more global availability. For many Europeans Cortana really doesn't exist. Guess that's how MS wants it.
  • Only a matter of time before its fully functional. And this level of attention is in stark contrast to what WP received over the last 4+ years and is exactly what has led to the abysmal state the platform is in today.
  • Not sure that is the case. Does Android let apps run in the background when the device is in standby/display is off? That sounds like some deep level access that most OEMs would not grant through their system. I think this is as far as they can go with it unless they tie it into Cyanogen.
  • I'm pretty sure Android supports it as I can say commands and wake the phone up easily. Microsoft needs to be diverse, not sure why all the hate and paranoid fanboys.
  • Once again, they too need the right chipset and firmware to allow it. Samsung's allow S-Voice. They don't allow OK Google. Wonder why?
  • Motorola has had full access for a few years allowing users to say a command and have their Moto X devices respond while the screen is off since the original Moto X.
  • Yeah, we know. And Samsung and LG? No.
  • Well, considering that you can manage exactly what can run in the background at all times (at least on LG and Sony phones) I'd say yes, Android does allow apps to have that sort of deeper access and OEMs probably don't really mind. And with Marshmallow allowing for deeper control over permissions, I'd imagine that the responsibility of what apps can and can't do is being passed on from Google/OEMs to the consumer. I think it will, however, be something that changes from OEM to OEM with Android. As is the case with other stuff (for example, Samsung and LG opened up their cameras to Google's camera2api to allow third party apps deeper access to the camera, but Sony locked everything there and didn't allow apps to access it).
  • Once again, this is a hardware/firmware thing. It is up to the OEMs. Samsung allows S-Voice below the lockscreen and not OK Google, for example.
  • Just as I said, it will probably change from OEM to OEM. And all other OEMs seem to allow it so, in the end, it may be a case of "it works everywhere EXCEPT on Samsung phones". Which is nothing unheard of...
  • So now we're supposed to hope that Microsoft will fail on their work?
  • In fact WP can run apps with the display off, for example GPS apps like Navigon & Here still give commands with the display off. So actually this functionality is something that could have been implemented on SD400 devices like the "affordable flagship" L830 at least with the same caveat of being plugged in. Its damning though that in the mere months that Cortans has been available on android Microsoft has iterated faster on that platform than their own. Thats the real pointer to how they view their mobile OS.
  • Sigh, it is the "always listening" feature that is needed in the chipset, has nothing to do with "apps running in the background when the display is off".
  • It's a large whiskey moment
  • Perhaps just down the bottle on one lol
  • It is also interesting that since MS has started making all things available to all platforms that their services components are making - $1 Billion. I understand the complaint that MS should focus on WP before the other platforms, but MS arrived to the party late. And sometimes you have to forsake yourself for the sake of ours to improve yourself. Anyway WP wasn't really forsaken, it was busy getting a new powerful multilayered OS that allows it to do stuff no one else can.
  • Yeah, like a boss :)
  • Believe me that I tried to use Android with Microsoft ecosystem on it but it's not possible like on WP. It's just a horrible experience.
  • I've recently started testing the waters of using a Microsoft Ecosystem on an Android and it is far better than expected. What problems did you run into?
  • I wouldn't say horrible. I find Picturesque amazing. Hoping something like that will come to WP. But some of the integration with the apps isn't as refined, also the Bing web browser is slow and sometimes doesn't open websites. So they do need to work on that.
  • It is fantastic on iOS. Just waiting for Cortana!
  • It will be nice that Cortana will arrive also to the other half of windows phone users. U know... the one that lives in Italy but prefer to keep the phone in english, for example.
  • I tried that with an Android phone, and didn't work either. Couldn't change region to US without rooting the device.
  • I am romanian, i live in Italy but i prefer english rather than italian and Cortana doesn't work. I have to change my region to states but that affects also the store. It is a small detail that won't be changed for a loooooong time. I am not a hater but i had to choose betwen windows phone and ios and i choosed windows phone because in that moment i loved the stability of windows 8 for pc. For now windows 10 gave me a lot of troubles.
  • Implying that HALF of the WP user base is speaking English in Italy... ;)
  • Implying that if you are from Maroc and you are going in Cina, you will be much happy to have the possibility to have Cortana, in english.
  • Totally agree. Microsoft have gone to sleep pushing Cortana to more regions.
  • It will have zero effect on Android platform but it will do a lot of damage for WP/W10M platform,  good job Microsoft...
  • It's not supposed to do anything for Android, but it allows a person with a Windows 10 computer to continue their Cortana experience to their phone. If they don't have a WP, they still need to have access to Cortana...hence being available on Android and IOS machines.
  • Cortana on PC and Tablet and Laptop and Phone and Android and does Siri or Google Now (or whatever its called) do all that.....NO! Now that will be a positive for W10.
  • Ohh it's see Microsoft y put in out the white flag... What a pity I really like windows mobile hope don't die I still believe in this OS what do you think Dan if Microsoft preparing the way out of competition? Or is just a Trojan horse?
  • Yes been waiting for this on my galaxy edge Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can HTC One M8 have this?
  • Microsoft needs to leave some exclusive features for their own WP. They are killing their own phones! Wake up Microsoft.
  • They are so awake they realize they can't survive on just supporting 5% of the mobile market. They need to do this, you should really be happy to see services being offered to more devices if you truly want Microsoft to be successful.
  • I'm Ok with Microsoft developing for other platforms. It shows a little more class than what Apple and Google show by restricting certain apps of theirs from Windows Phone. However, I would like to see a little more push with their own platform, too.
  • They are pushing their phones...but the phone they want to push has to be made. Until they have a phone that pushes their unified OS message they aren't going to spend a lot of time on anything else. Notice how all the articles are about Windows 10 Mobile updates. You rarely see an article for 8 or 8.1 updates. MS is moving on. They want everyone on Windows 10...beginning next month.
  • Please
  • Lack of apps has kill Windows Phone, not cool features that MS brings to Android/iOS. I love the UI of WP the best of all of them. Thats why I stay. And this spring when we get Android emulation apps should come to WP and run better and have a superior UX.
  • That's the spirit.
  • Beautiful UI experience just can not be beaten by those rows and rows of dead icons.....
  • What about fixing it first on your own platform for all countries.. Pfff frustrating stuff sometimes same goes for the Kinect...
  • Yeah ms doesn't give shit about the netherlands. Frustrating sometimes
  • Oh but hey, Cortana can now predict xyz sports or competition... Isn't that more important?
  • Well, truth be told, I never use "Ok Google" with the display off anyway. I've the "always listening" mode turned off on my phones so it will make no difference between the way I'd use Cortana on Android and the way I use Google Now.   It just means there's more possibilities with Cortana on Android and that's good for users and ultimately for Microsoft. Now, of course, Windows Phone fans will be pretty p*ssed off...because until now, the lack of "Hey Cortana" was seen as one of the things that made Cortana on WP better than on Android. And I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Microsoft manages to get Cortana to get always listening features too.
  • The former lumia fanboy is here^^
  •'re probably mistaking me for someone...I am a Nokia fan. Was never a Lumia fanboy ;)
  • I'm not pissed off at all. The fact that some other "os" has crippled copies of the functions already available on mine doesn't mean my os will start to lag and crash every 5 minutes, so I still have the best experience
  • At least until you realise that the other OS doesn't lag and crash every 5 minutes as the old myths lead you to believe.
  • Eh, it's getting better, but even on my $800 Galaxy S Edge there is waaaay more lag than I would like. Ever try to use Android when 10 apps are updating? Good luck.
  • DJ gotta agree to that. Android locks out and crashes everytime play store updates apps and i try to do something else.
  • I have. No on a Samsung device though. I never had such problems neither with my former Z3Compact from Sony nor with the G4 from LG. But from what I know, Samsung has a rather aggressive memory management on their new Galaxy line which might contribute to that. The OS is constantly killing processes which most likely leads to those lags as it keeps restarting processes.
  • It's largely (but not entirely) a Samsung Touchwiz issue.     I've had a Moto X, and still use a Sony Xperia tablet Z (which is still getting updates!) and haven't really experienced any performance issues.  The occasional stutter, sure, but you get that even on iPhones on occasion. But honestly, my Lumia 1020 on 8.1 was pretty laggy as well.  The constant 'Loading...' and 'Resuming' was urgh.   Haven't owned a phone that lagged like that since the old Galaxy S3.  
  • Me have it and want to roll back to KitKat since Lollipop makes me upset every time. If I have a chance to buy, I would switch back to Windows. iOS? Meh, not my choice, and yeah, I have a reason why not choosing iOS.
  • My reason...iTunes.
  • iOS isn't perfect but certain baked in features (iMessage, Facetime and visual voicemail) have me hooked.
  • Hey Cortana works immaculately on my Lumia 930 - you will love it if you get it on Android. I find it quite magical to just sit there and say Hey Cortana and my 930 responds, whether the phone is on or off - just love it!
  • I love this feature: "Hey Cortana, when are you coming to the Rest of the World?" (No reply)
  • Another reason why I have a Band 2 coming and am selling my LG G Watch. I bounce between platforms frequently and have really been missing my Band 1 after I sold it. Now if only they can work it out with Google to allow Cortana to work from the Band when paired to an Android device.
  • "hey Cortana" Why not to my Lumia 1020 ? I will feel happy even if it works only when I open it.
  • Dat device with windows = killer combination
  • No Windows 10 Mobile. Lol
  • You really sound ignorant. You do realize on Windows 10 Mobile you can press and hold the search key to get voice activated Cortana, even under lockscreen, right?
  • Cortana also comes to life when my Lumia 930 is connected to my Bluetooth headset - just long press the answer key and Cortana is activated and ready to go. I can send texts, answer calls, play music etc etc - she reads texts to me and lets me reply - all without ever touching my phone.
  • Even USB OTG and background downloading totally not supported on windows mobile which is already available on android.
  • In how many countries?
  • In Mexico, Cortana will arrive for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile in Christmas. I can't wait, my first question for Cortana will be "Which company is better, Microsoft or Google?" , and I'm sure I won't be dissapointed with the response
  • LOL It will be worth the wait - I use Cortana a lot when driving. With a Bluetooth headset, just press and hold the answer button and Cortana activates and you speak your instructions. She also reads texts automatically, if the option is selected, and you can even reply - without ever touching your phone. Enjoy :)
  • We're waiting for the "hey cortana" for the Italian cortana that was announced a lot of months ago also for Italians... But they activate it on android. I bought the 930 also for this and I have to wait for nothing... Okay, well played Microsoft.
  • Only Lumia 9X0s will get hey Cortana, and all phones WON'T support it, even when screen is on. That's a shame! Even the cheap Android one phones support "OK Google" feature. Not talking about it with screen off, but even if the screen is on, windows phones just can't support out due to its hardware! And coming windows phone OS limitations, all developers just keep saying "due to OS limitations, bla bla bla"
  • As i Said before..abandon ship.. Windows is so dead
  • . If Windows 10 Mobile dies, the Windows 10 store dies with it. That will take all the incentive to make 2in1 devices away from the OEMs and Microsoft themselves. That means no more Surface. No more Yoga Pro. The PC will devolve back into a mouse and keyboard only interface. Who will buy the same apps and games on their PC that they can get on their phone if there's no universal connectivity. The end of the Windows 10 store will make the PC old and archaic. Only graphics designers, game developers, and movie makers will buy a PC. Everyone else will move on to mobile.
  • Yet you are still here...
  • He must be the Captain and has to stay around to sink with this illusionary sinking ship lol
  • Why is windows rolling out Cortana for android, when we Windows phone users have yet to delve into the world of google apps/ android apps. They are Soo backwards with things. No love for us Windows user from google at all. And there are so many more apps and games for android, than any where else. I'm getting ready to jump ship too, if Microsoft doesn't step up their game with these phones!!!!
  • What bothers me most is how willing MS is to offer their software/apps (which at one point was exclusive to us WP users) to other platforms. Meanwhile, you don't see Google or Apple returning the favors. Will we ever see Youtube or other apps from the competition officially arrive on WP? Likely not anytime soon. But MS is trying so hard to bring Cortana, a better Office experience, Here Maps, Xbox and whatever else to the competition. Seems a little unfair to me.
  •  . If Windows 10 Mobile dies, the Windows 10 store dies with it. That will take all the incentive to make 2in1 devices away from the OEMs and Microsoft themselves. That means no more Surface. No more Yoga Pro. The PC will devolve back into a mouse and keyboard only interface. Who will buy the same apps and games on their PC that they can get on their phone if there's no universal connectivity. The end of the Windows 10 store will make the PC old and archaic. Only graphics designers, game developers, and movie makers will buy a PC. Everyone else will move on to mobile.
  • As drastic and alarmist as your comment sounds, you might have some merit here. SInce I've been test driving a Note 5 (leving my Lumia ICON behind for a while), I am surprised how much less I am touching my Surface Pro 3 and Desktop PC. Mind you my desktop PC is always at work as my file and media (Plex) server and I have several NAS units for my personal media collections. My Surface Pro 3 is my real MAIN PC but sicne going to a Note 5, it is kind of my "go to" device and have hardly touched the Surface. The PC will reign at work because we live and die by it (design tools and Microsoft Office). The Note 5 is like having a PC in my pocket and I am very impressed with it. And it does PAIN me to leave WP but I may have no choice.  
  • Why Microsoft??????
  • I think Microsoft is intellectively stupid. They do not understand, that if they cut a deal with google, and brought more apps to the windows store via google, their phones would sell like hot cakes. People wouldn't be so hesitant to buy their phones. That would gain them so much more revenue.
  • No new flagships (yet) announced for T-Mobile. Check. Great services and apps from Microsoft. Check. Continued development of Windows features for Android. Check. It's as if Microsoft is telling me there's nothing wrong with your Sony Xperia Z3( wish the camera was a little better and had manual controls). Just keep using it. Thanks Microsoft. You're making it easier and easier to not be worried about getting a new flagship. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It works the same way that OK Google works on ALL Android devices. Including low end devices. Yeah you have to have the screen on but thats more than what cortana can do on windows phone and it works much faster too. My moto e can get to OK Google faster than my lumia 930 can do hey cortana even on 8.1 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hey Cortana works under the lock screen - so you do not have to have the screen on! On my Lumia 930 anyway. Also, with a Bluetooth headset connected you can activate Cortana with a long press of the answer button - again the screen does not have to be on! Both these give full access to Cortana and with the Bluetooth headset there is even the option to have her read texts and reply, again without ever touching the phone or having the screen on!!
  • I have no ability to NOT sound like a fanboy...........But it is just my personal viewpoint that sees farther down the road than a week, month, or a quarter. Windows 10's success will not be judged in 2015. (extremely short sighted in my opinion) Not even 2016, although 2016 will determine what 2017 will be like. Microsoft has meetings. They have strategies. They know the beating they are taking in "real time". But I can't help but sense they made a decision(s) MONTHS ago to pay this price to get where they are going. We can keep comparing WP to Iphone and Droid on the terms we compare them on, but I don't think Microsoft's startegy is anything like it has ever been. They conceded that they got their butts kicked in their previous attempt. This time it is completely different. They can't succeed hoping the cell phone salesman will convince the customer to try Windows Phone over their current choice. (history proves this)  But someday in the future, the consumer will look over at that "mobile device" (instead of just a "cell phone") and see for THEMSELVES that it is something recognizable. It looks just like the other technology devices they use. The decision won't be is it the best cell phone compared to Iphone or Droid, it will be "hey, I already know how to do stuff with this thing! I already use all these features. I can carry this around anywhere I go?" I think it is brilliant. Painfull for us right now, I agree. But brilliant. It plays to Microsoft's strengths. (Which are NOT Apple or Googles strengths)
  • That's probably the idea with W10. And with ubiquitous software, this will be the familiar part, I know Cortana, I know Office, I know W10 as an OS and it connects with the software and OS on my fridge, toaster, PC etc. IoT's running on W10 and a billion overall users and happy days :) This will make the phone more popular!
  • That's me who tipped this story. I feel famous now
  • Every single developer at MS should be programming for Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. MS does not have time to fiddle around with half-implemntations on a platform that is wiping the floor with them and will continue to do so.  
  • Ubiquitous software and the cloud is the number one priority, because you are the hub, not the device, so you are wrong there. So wherever you go in the future, Tablet, PC, Laptop, Android, Google, Windows, IoT's - you can take the software and all your cloud based info with you or have access to it. This is the future and is where the money is...... as a business Microsoft are in the right place right now!
  • This is not how ordinary people on the street, that don't comment on pro-Microsoft forums think. They want something here and now and tangible, they want a great smartphone with apps for all services, popular global ones and probably more importantly local ones. This "you are the hub" is vapor talk. It implies that most people on the planet already love using Windows... Problem is most hate it, it is still not attractive despite its enterprise presence... People hate it in the enterprise too. I enjoy it, I enjoy making apps for it... But I am in the minority, as are you, as is everyone reading these articles. This vision will not save Windows Mobile.
  • I would defend my comment by highlighting once Office was available on Apple's AppStore, the Word and Excel apps went straight to the top of the AppStore. I believe that MS producing the best in class Software (or any other company) then success will follow with user growth. These users will be aware of all services and products available from MS and MAY choose more services/hardware from a great experience. These services like office will be used on whichever device/OS the user preferences. On this basis MS's ubiquitous software will generate income and possible interest and use of other services and/or hardware. The Office software IS here today and so is the Cloud, Azure etc - but is user centric on any device they choose, right now. If I change from WP to Android tomorrow, all my Data, Cortana, Software, Office is accessible or will be very soon - so I do not regard "me being the hub" as vapour talk for these reasons.
  • With no snapdragon 6xx mid rangers, majority windowsphone devices are unlike to get this feature
  • I think its a good idea that Microsoft put there apps on other platforms. It lets people use them. Them same people may become sort of dependent on them. Like Outlook ,Groove. OneDrive ,health etc if they have Microsoft band which buy the way the gadget show Said was the best band to get if your getting one at all. Them same people are more likely to come to windows phone on there next upgrade. In theory anyway.
    And if WP does give up the fight with android and apple then there mobile apps will still be in demand but I don't think that will happen in near future.
    Looks like Microsoft are fighting the the way old wars were won. By sneaking in and fighting from behind the enemy line as well as face on. I think its a brilliant strategy.
  • Lol
  • As a long time supporter of the Windows Mobile platform (since 6.5), I've just recently started a slow, possibly permanent move to Android, due to being locked in on Verizon and not having any flagship options right now. One of the first things I did was install Cortana and I have to say, I am VERY surprised how well it does run, even before the addition of "Hey Cortana." I can do reminders, I can do GPS reminders (Hey Cortana...remind me to do xx when I get to xx). All my cards are there...she can be made the default assistant on the phone. And while I can see my upcoming events, she doesn't tell you what is on your agenda if you ask her (it must key on the stock calendar, which I do not have set as my default calendar. And Daniels last remark if no word on if Cortana is staying makes me a little nervous to say on Android but I am also afraid to stay on WP since I very much like the Windows Ecosystem.
  • He never said it wasn't staying on Android. He just said it doesn't look to be leaving Beta anytime soon, so it's "unofficial." Cortana is staying on Android and ComingSoon™ to iOS. I see no reason for the situation to be otherwise.
  • "It is unclear when Microsoft plans to launch Cortana for Android officially." Sorry, I may interpreted that the wrong way...could be a perpetual beta... :) As mentioned though, Cortana works quite well. People will be surprised...
  • This pretty neat. I'm actually glad that Cortana is available on other platforms.
  • And it actually works rather well on Android...I was quite surprised.
  • Hey Cortana seems to be linked to Voice Activation in Win 10 mobile.  Thus, our Band cannot work with Win 10 Mobile for voice actions.  We know it is not a hardware issue because it works perfectly with Win 8.1.  I realize that Microsoft is moving towards Android for phones, but I'd sure prefer it if they would integrate the Health software at least with Siri, or focus on Cortana for iOS.  Considering the fact that one solution fits all on the iOS platform, that should be an easier implementation. ( Meaning one solution will work with all iOS devices, unlike on the Android platform ).  I don't need a whole lot here ... just let the Band dictate texts and place alerts or items on my calendar.  I enjoyed it on Win 8.1.   
  • Screw Android
  • good for android. and in return google has showed their gratitude by updating google for windows 10 with new icon today. thanks google(stingy bastard).
  • Still not working quite right though, only working when app is open for me.only worked once out of the app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If we can get Bluetooth text to speech / speech to text via Cortana on Android, I'll feel right at home (slowly migrating to it with the "up in the air" Verizon situation.)
  • Coming soon (tm) ...wait ...what... is this for Android ? Right on schedule...
  • Hey, as a consumer having ubiquitous software is an advantage, right. As Microsoft are saying, you are the hub, not your device - so, as a consumer we have access to Cortana, Office, Cloud etc etc on any device we choose, even IoT's and Xbox. Now that is where the money is and it's the future - so choose the best software and choose your fav hardware, Android, iOs, Windows, Phone, Tablet and PC - that's true consumer choice right there!
  • Hopefully on Windows 10 Mobile, they enable "Hey Cortana" for ALL devices when:
    - Cortana is already open (So she's not listening in the background, only while the app is open)
    - When plugged in.
    (Both of these could be enabled/disabled in the settings, of course) I understand that newer hardware is required for the always-listening mode, but still: These options couldn't hurt either.
  • Daniel is going to need to restock the "soda fridge" after reading all the comments today. Wow....
  • Imagine that phone on the pic running windows 10 mobile.
  • I agree. S series with wm10 would be a killer phone!
  • I'm done with Windows Phone. It doesn't matter if "Hey cortana" doesn't work with most Android phones. The point is that it would if Microsoft could find a way to do it. They're slowly but clearly abandoning Windows Phone while prioritizing development for competing platforms. And, to be honest, I'm actually quite happy with my brand new Note 5. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sent you a PM...I am in  the same boat.
  • Darn, and here I thought from the pic that there was gonna be a W10M version of the S6 edge.
  • The screen has to be on. Not much limitations to that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, something is wrong with your device.
  • Fantastic tip! Hey Cortana option box...checked! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not as of today, 12-20-2015 updaste it is gone. The chackbox is gone, only now the manual pressing of the mic button with the app up front and running will get you Cortana.
  • I really don't understand why everyone is so upset about Cortana on Android. I'm posting this from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3... trust me, you aren't missing anything. Cortana for Android is nothing great. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cortana is as great as IRIS, SIRI, and ECHO *****, etc.
  • I am confused. I tried Cortana in my L730 (WM10 Insider). Apart from setting alarm,reminders,sending text its just open urls. Like search engines. Is this only thing Cortana assigned to. So, its not personal assistant.....its search engine. Yes it sing songs (only 3 songs) and crack jokes ( only 2-3 jokes repeatedly). Then what is excatly cortana for.....i can search websites or URLs in google and bing also.
  • Uh, Cortana uses Bing exlcusively for search (it is installed along with Cortana if it isnt present on the device), otherwise you would have to manually choose the brwoser every time, Cortana wouldnt svae the choice for future Allow Once/Always pick.
  • I'm not being selfish, but in my opinion, they should've not made a cortana app for android. Cortana is one of the most intriguing features of a windows phone that makes it unique in battle against other os. Yet, having cortana for android makes the windows phone lose its "pride", concerning the fact that not only windows phone can have this amazing assistant, but android users too.
  • It is evident that Microsoft is preparing to leap out of the phone market and concentrate more on software! You have Windows apps and now their personal assistant on Android. No need to be a Windows phone when all of its features are on another platform. IMO, using money for a Windows phone is a Waste!
  • Agreed....whats exclusive in windows phone ?.......nothing.....when android has everything (even windows app).....lets roll with the king....
  • Just loaded this on my Nexus 6. Seems to work reasonable well, but has an unfortunate side effect. Cortana seems to usurp the microphone. Once she is running, Ok Google, says it can't access the microphone.  Exiting Cortana from the app switcher doesn't restore this. Rebooting doesn't restore this, as Cortana services start back up. I can go into settings/apps and shut down Cortana services, and get OK Google back, untill I hit the Cortana button again. It is not just the hands free OK Google BTW, I can't even hit the mic button in the Google search bar. It can't acces the mic. Appears Cortana has it tied up the mic. Can't do a voice recording when she is running either. Have to force stop Cortana to get the mic back. Surely this is a preview glitch.
  • Funny thing is bipolar Microsoft I in one hand want to sell phones without do any effort in countries where have not any presence without do any ads or even di efforts to get the whole mix of products and only going to the brics countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) only because has more of 9,000,000,000 of potential customers but hasn't sold more than five millions of phones, then the Microsoft sales strategy is do wrong that will wreck soon but haven't care of countries like Chile, etc and now has all the Microsoft apps on Android so why care of get an Lumia 950 which probably never will arrive to Chile because MSFT treat us or to my country like the last thing but for boast about piracy is the queen, why care of the newer release if can get the galaxy S5 or S6 which can get easily and fill only with Microsoft apps and don't use any Google apps thing that I actually do in a Sony xperia M2aqua don't use any Google app and only use all the Microsoft apps even Cortana beta, so my question if where is sailing Microsoft if is going to the south or the north but can't sail to both sides simultaneously the boat would get destroyed by opposites strengths.
  • And as of December 21st, 2015 - 2 months later - Microsoft has PULLED the "Hey Cortana" feature OUT of Cortana for Android.  To activate now, you must press the MIC button, lower right (sucks for lefties I guess). Apparently due to thousands of comlaints that other apps that use/need the mic (phone, Turbo 2 Moto app, audio recording apps) were not allowed to, when Cortana was running in the background. Cortan either had to be uninstalled, the phone rebooted OR Cortana uninstalled.   The 4th option is MS took it out.
  • uninstalled, stopped mnually or the phone rebooted (effectively "stopping" the app, as it doesnt Start On Boot in previous OR latest update)