Voicemod is a powerful tool for streamers and pocasters, adding cinematic flair to your shows

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Voicemod is a powerful tool which can modulate and change your voice in real-time, available for free with a paid option on Windows PCs.

We've been playing around with the program for a while now, and found its simplicity and ease of use refreshing. The powerful integrations with products like the Elgato Stream Deck make VoiceMod especially useful for annoying colleagues on Microsoft Teams or Slack, without having to neglect your PowerPoint presentation in the process. It's simple, fun, with a diverse array of features.

Here's a look at Voicemod, and why gaming content creators of all types should consider it.

Change your voice

Voicemod is incredibly easy to set up once you have installed it and is as simple as changing your default audio inputs and outputs in the programs you want to use. Voicemod asks you which microphone you're setting up as soon as you open it, and once you've selected your devices, you're pretty much good to go.

The interface is simple and easy to use, with mouse-over tips that help guide you through the app. Selecting a different voice begins sending your modulated audio to any device set to output from Voicemod in real-time.

You can also blend it with multi-action buttons on the Elgato Stream Deck and used on streaming programs like StreamLabs OBS. You can also bind Voicemod's functions to regular keyboard bindings or mouse buttons.

Voicemod comes with a small selection of free modulations, and the relatively cheap Pro license grants access to way more options, including robots, police-style radio voice modulation, gender-swapping, musical autotune, and many more. You can even add swearing censorship tones in real-time, and some voice packs come with relevant ambient backing tracks as well for good measure.

Additional features

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

If you want to keep all your audio controls in one place, Voicemod also comes with a handy soundboard tool called "Meme Sound Machine," which lets you upload and store MP3s for different sound effects and things like that, which you can then send through the same audio device as your voice for sake of ease. This is particularly useful for live podcasting, especially if you're calling into a show and can't set up separate sound devices for recording.

Additionally, Voicemod has full-blown tools for adding your own voice modulation presets, letting you change the pitch and various other sound aspects to save your own creations. You can export and import all of your settings too if you end up switching PC at some point, and there are controls to reduce background sound and adjust the noise gate too.

A great tool for any content creator

Voicemod is a really great, and surprisingly cheap tool that can add a whole heap of value to any live stream. It's also great for annoying colleagues in meetings, perhaps to subtly remind them that perhaps most of the meetings you do are unnecessary and could probably be handled by direct messages or email instead (ahem).

Voicemod is available for free, or a lifetime Pro license can be obtained for around $10, which is absurdly cheap given what it can add to your content, so be sure to check it out.

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