Warframe for Xbox One celebrates the holidays, and we run into crazy glitches

Last week we published a guide on how to download and play Onigiri, the first massively multiplayer online game for Xbox One. But the Xbox One already has another free to play game that's similar to an MMO: Warframe. Warframe doesn't have true hubworlds like an MMO, but it's still quite a robust multiplayer game (in English).

Since we reviewed Warframe a few months ago, developer Digital Extremes has continued to update the game with new quests, characters, items, and refinements. The most recent major update added Archwings, which give players the ability to fly and participate in brand-new game types.

Perhaps less positively, I've also been running into some fairly insane looking graphical glitches in these last few weeks. Read on to see screens and videos of the glitches, plus details on Warframe's holiday celebration!

Graphical nightmare

Alright, I mainly wrote this story so you could see what happens when a game's graphical engine gets a kink in the works.

Warframe for Xbox One graphical glitches

This glitch has happened to me on two separate days, just after I logged in to the game.

Warframe for Xbox One graphical glitches

Only my Warframe's head and weapons show up. The body is nowhere to be seen. And poor Lotus (the NPC mission giver) is a complete mess.

Warframe for Xbox One graphical glitches

The hub ship's geometry doesn't load properly either, nor the planet and ships visible outside the cockpit.

Warframe for Xbox One graphical glitches

Even the Windows Central clan dojo looks extremely janky with no ground textures and many wireframe structures.

Warframe for Xbox One graphical glitches

Strictly speaking, you don't want this kind of thing to happen when someone plays a game. But I have to admit, the graphical madness is so funny I will miss it if the developers solve the issue.

Warframe Winter Bundle

Holidays in space

One thing I love about Warframe is how the developers frequently release new items and content to celebrate holidays like the Day of the Dead, Halloween, and Christmas. It happens to be winter time right now, so the in-game Market has several great holiday-themed trinkets to buy:

  • Winter Bundle: Get the character Mirage, a Winter Mirage Skin, a Festive skins for fellow character Frost and the Glaxion weapon, plus the Glaxion itself, the Festive Sigil accessory, the Festive Syandana scarf, several unique colors, and a couple of 3-day booster items. This bundle costs 600 Platinum.
  • Winter Accessories Bundle: All of the skins, weapons, and accessories from the Winter Bundle, but without Mirage.
  • Festive Liset Decorations: The Liset is your character's personal spaceship. Buy this item to decorate the ship with colorful lights and holly. It costs only one Platinum.
  • Spearmint Scythes: Get candy cane skins for the Ether Reaper, Hate, and Reaper Prime scythes. Shame it doesn't come with any of the weapons themselves. Costs only one Platinum.
  • Nistlebrush Gene-Masking Kit: Customize your Kubrow (pet alien dog) with four holiday patterns. Who says your dog needs dignity?

Warframe Archwing update

Welcome to Warframe

Warframe takes place within the same universe as cult classic Xbox 360 actioner Dark Sector, only thousands of years in the future. The story begins with the player waking from cryosleep as a member of the Tenno, an ancient race of warriors (space ninjas). The Tenno are at war with three evil factions, including the Grineer (ghastly cybernetic clones), the Corpus (a militarized mega-corporation), and the Infested, monstrous victims of a virus originating in Dark Sector.

With over 20 distinctive Warframes (characters) to collect, countless weapons, parts, pets, and helper characters to collect, and more than fourteen planets and planetoids filled with missions, Warframe is a huge game that you can enjoy for free. Team up with up to four online players cooperatively to take on missions and hunt for resources. If you enjoy third-person shooters or action games, Warframe is a great game to play during the holidays. See our review for more details.

Paul Acevedo

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