Warframe's long-awaited Plains of Eidolon expansion lands on consoles

While the title was thrilling to play, many of the environments felt constricted. There wasn't an emphasis on proper exploration because you were mostly slicing and shooting enemies in corridors or hangars. The game desperately needed more open environments. Thankfully, the developers changed the game after receiving this criticism.

A few months ago, developer Digital Extremes announced the Plains of Eidolon expansion. Not only did it introduce a massive open world to traverse, but it also added numerous characters to interact with. Beforehand, Warframe didn't give you many opportunities to experience the culture of various planets, Plains of Eidolon changes that.

Following a record-shattering launch on PC this October, the expansion finally lands on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today. Plains of Eidolon offers players not only a new area, but a towering boss to combat at night, new weapons, items, and armor to upgrade. The region offers miles of colorful rolling hills, pastures, lakes, rivers, mines, and caves, all during a continuous day-and-night cycle.

When you play the expansion, you'll join up to fifty other players in a base camp called Cetus. Here the indigenous Ostrons offer missions, challenges, and other items. The Plains of Eidolon are relatively safe during the day as you fight the Grineer — the title's old enemies — and participate in mini-games like fishing and mining. Nighttime changes everything though. Only the most skilled players should go out and hunt the massive Eidolon, a towering beast on a quest of its own. This is probably the expansion's toughest challenge by far.

If you haven't played Warframe in a while, or are new to the game, now seems like a good time to jump in. We'll have a preview for you soon so be sure to check that out. Keep in mind that this is a free-to-play game supposed by microtransactions.

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