Wasteland 3 is an upcoming classic-style CRPG from InXile Entertainment, who were recently acquired by Xbox Game Studios. While Wasteland 3 is promised to hit PS4, PC, and Xbox One, future entries in the Wasteland franchise could be exclusive to Microsoft platforms like Windows, Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, and Project xCloud.

Wasteland predates the Fallout franchise, and helped inspire a range of apocalyptic RPGs throughout the decades. InXile reacquired the rights to the franchise a few years ago, crowdfunding Wasteland 2 and now Wasteland 3, before joining up with Microsoft and Xbox.

Wasteland 3Source: Windows Central

Wasteland 3 takes the series to the bitter climbs of Colorado, trading the barren deserts that typify the previous games for a nuclear winter. Armed with a war rig looking like something straight out of Mad Max, your team of Rangers charts across the land, helping out where they can (or not, the choice is yours).

Wasteland 3 takes the turn-based strategic gameplay made famous by the likes of XCOM and injects some deeper RPG flavor, complete with a V.A.T.S.-like precision targeting system players of Fallout and The Outer Worlds will find familiar. You can even occasionally use the Kodiak vehicle's railgun in combat sometimes, if there's enough room for it to drive around.

Wasteland 3Source: Windows Central

Wasteland 3 seems like a huge step up in every department for InXile, also known for the Bard's Tale franchise. The visuals are far more detailed, crisp, and exciting, complete with vibrant character acting and some truly twisted writing, InXile could be on to a big win here.

Take a watch of our gameplay above, and tell us what you think.

Wasteland 3 launches on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 some time in Spring 2020. It's also hitting Xbox Game Pass on day one.

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