What you need to know

  • During its EA Play 2019 stream at E3 today, EA took the wraps off of the latest character to join Apex Legends.
  • Called Wattson, the new legend is a defensive support character who can construct electrical barriers for allies to hide behind.
  • Wattson's backstory is one of the first attempts by the Apex team to build out the lore of the arena.

EA today unveiled the next addition to the Apex Legends lineup, Wattson. As the one who cracked the code behind constructing the barrier around the Apex arena, Wattson can build electrical barriers at a whim, giving her team a chance to set up temporary bases or take cover.

Wattson can construct up to twelve barrier nodes at once in any configuration. That give players free reign to set up their defenses however they want. Her ultimate is an "interception pylon," which shoots down bombardments and other attacks from players. The pylon also charges a team's shield while also charging Wattson's tactical ability faster, allowing her to construct fencing more quickly.

You can check out EA's full breakdown of Wattson with highlights from the stream below.

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