Weatherbug headed to Windows Phone 7

Weatherbug has been a popular application for Windows Mobile and now it looks like it is on board for Windows Phone 7. In a recent interview over at Channel 9, Weatherbug developers talked about using Silverlight and Bing Maps with their mobile weather application.

Weatherbug uses both Microsoft products in their website development and is having success moving Weatherbug over to WP7. Developers see using Bing Maps and Silberlight offers them more detailed maps, easier code to transfer to WP7, and takes a lot of the worry out of developing these applications.

This is encouraging news to see a popular Windows Mobile developer transitioning to Windows Phone 7 with such ease.  The only downside to the interview comes when Weatherbug demos their WP7 app and the video abruptly ends without showing anything.

[via: Mobility Digest]

Daniel Rubino

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  • Has MSFT offered and development prizes or incentives to developers to attract them to Windows Phone 7? I seem to remember Apple and Adroid did something like this to bump-start app development for their new platforms.
  • It is very good news if it get in real because many people are waiting for this feature and so they can use more features on their mobile. This thing is like a virus, puts tons of junk on your drive and hard to get rid of. WeatherBug has been working very hard at providing the best experience possible not only with their mobile products, but also to put the same effort into the upcoming website redesign.
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