WeatherSense launches on Windows Phone 8; download it for free today

There's certainly no shortage of weather apps on the Windows Phone store. Just in case you require yet another one installed on your device, here's WeatherSense. The brand new app has just launched on Windows Phone 8 and much like other apps sharing similar functionality, it tells you how the weather is should you be looking to venture outside.

You know the drill, folks. Just like any other weather app, you download WeatherSense, fire up the app and set your locations. The app will then relay details on how the weather is at last update, as well as a basic outlook on the handful of days ahead. The UI is also similar to what we've come to expect from developers who attempt to launch their own solutions in this app category.

The default view when browsing a location will show today's date, time and the current temperature. Below this information will be a daily and hourly forecast, coupled with a background that sports subtle animations - it's a nice touch. WeatherSense is simply, effective and gets the job done. As you can see in the lead image of this article, there's Live Tile support. The only issue is the lack of configuration for the tiles themselves. 

Lockscreen access can also be granted in the settings area. This will essentially display the same information that's shown in the app, accompanied by the hourly and daily forecast. Again there are no options for the Lockscreen integration, which will utilise your location to display relevant data. Vocal weather updates are included, along with voice commands. Another useful feature is the extreme weather toast notification alerts.

Finally, you can share weather reports with others and view analytics. You can download WeatherSense from the Windows Phone store for free (Windows Phone 8 only; usually $0.99).

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Available on iDroid❓
  • Its free now and i downloaded it. But a week later when its a paid app, if i try to delete it and download it again will it be free for me?
  • I suppose yes.
  • Yup, once you lock it in at that "free" price point, the license is permanently associated with your account.
  • How come i had to pay for using jetpack joyride after i hot it for free and it became $1.99 later
  • Jetpack Joyride is free. Always has been.
  • Apologies, meant gravity guy
  • Gravity Guy is and always has been $2.99 except when it was on sale for $1.99.
  • False, i had it for free when 3 miniclipngames were available free. Now its asking for 2.99
  • Yeah the store will ask for a price if you uninstalled a free app that is now paid for. Bit if you go to the windows phone website, login then go to purchase history you can push the app back onto the phone because you have "purchased" it before. My god, how much money must msft make off people who don't know this
  • But if you follow through to the next screen it will tell you that you already "bought it" and then you can download. Confusing, yes, but you don't need to go to the website.
  • Also correct :)
  • You're confusing an isolated Store issue that YOU are experiencing and which we've reported on in the past (link), with a license for the app. In short, you need to contact MS but that is not a widespread problem nor related to this topic. A free license is a free license. 
  • What? Someone is universalizing their subjective experiences? On this site? Say it ain't so!
  • All of the apps I bought with WP7 are now asking me to purchase again through the mobile store, though I can push them through the website. It's a pretty annoying bug, especially if it did actually charge customers twice (I didn't try it). I hope it's just an isolated problem with my particular setup.
  • Unless they pull a Fruit Ninja and pull an app and update it with one that works almost the exact same!
  • Daniel...see this conversation I had with support about this very issue of once i had an app and it was free..then uninstalled it and next try its paid.  Seems developers can make this happen even if you had it previously.     Chat Transcript Info: Please wait for an agent to respond.  You are currently '1' in the queue.
    You are now chatting with 'Zero B.'.
    Zero B.: Hello Colm, my name is Zero B. with Microsoft Support.  Please give me a few moments as I review the information you've submitted.
    Colm: thanks
    Zero B.: If I understand right, you're having issues reinstalling the MetroTube application, correct?
    Colm: yes
    Colm: it would not update so i deleted it and tried to re-install
    Colm: but now it wants me to re-buy it
    Zero B.: Not a problem as I understand and will do my best to provide you as much information. To set expectations, your case ID for this chat will be 1208230865. We are aware of users having issues with the application updating, then being requested to purchase it considering it was a free application prior to the conversion. When a developer updates an application, they have the right to request the content to be purchase only, and users who have the existing content are not charged to continue using said content. 
    Zero B.: This doesn't go without merit though as some programs become corrupted and we feel it's not the users fault that they have to delete then reinstall.
    Zero B.: With that in mind, we are aware of the MetroTube issue and are researching a solution. What I'll need from you is the Make/Model of your Windows Phone and contact email that you'd like to be reached at when we have a resolutionf or the accounts to redownload at no cost.
    Colm: exactly...if i have the app i should be able to delete and re-install if needed
    Colm: ok
    Zero B.: Some developers do not feel this is how it should be. This is why any perpetual updates after their application goes pay to use is their discretion.
    Colm: my phone is a Nokia Lumia 920 and my email is 
    Colm: ahh i see
    Zero B.: We agree though that if an application fails, for whatever reason, and it basically makes you uninstall, that's by no fault of your own.
    Zero B.: Hence the reason we're running this tracking campaign.
    Zero B.: Hang with me a moment, I'll update your case.
    Colm: excellent
    Colm: thanks
    Colm: ill stay here until your all done
    Zero B.: Appreciate it. Just need to update your ticket and set you as a contact for when a resolution is finalized. What we're expecting to happen and what we want to happen will be two different things, but the application will hopefully be returned to the users who had it previously at no cost.
    Zero B.: Until then, we may have to ask you use a free option.
    Zero B.: And done. Thank you very much for your patience Colm. Feel free to chat again if you have any questions or concerns that we may have not addressed tonight and look forward to a contact as soon as it's proposed and finalized. Did you have any other immediate concerns I could help with tonight?
    Colm: thats no problem....hopefully you can resolve with the dev
    Zero B.: That's the goal, indeed.
    Colm: nope im all good now...thanks for the speedy help
    Zero B.: Anytime. Let us know if we can help again. 24 hours a day we're open. Take care Colm!
    Zero B.: To end your chat session please click the pink above the chat window. If you have any additional questions after you disconnect, feel free to contact us again. Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Support.
    Colm: thanks
  • What?  JP JR cost's money now?  Hasn't it always been free?
  • No, it's free. Don't get advice in comments. ;)
  • That should be the case but not true with all devs. I have a game that was free but to redownload it wasn't.
  • I downloaded avirall last week when it was free and just out of curiosity deleted it to reinstall and it was seen as as paid app. They just fix that immediately. 
  • You are mistaken, I downloaded Avirall while free, did a flash on my 920 last week, and when I reinstalled Avirall not needed to pay for it again.
  • No you will have to pay for it.
  • False.
  • The Windows Phone store has randomly made me pay for apps which I downloaded while free on several occasions, MS support said they could reimburse me, but that I would not be able to reinstall the app if they did.
    They said it was a change the developers made
  • Haha, u have patience, I would of cracked by now
  • No you don't, you can push anything from the windows phone website regardless if you got an app when it was free or paid for it.
  • Yeah, that's the way the store works. Otherwise, it would be no offer at all.
  • Wrong. Purchase history on windows phone website shows a purchase even if its free. So if it goes paid for reinstall via the website as the store will always show current price regardless of you have purchased it before
  • Yes and when you click the buy button in the store app it says you've already purchased it and do you want to download it again.
  • Had issues with a whole host of apps, when bought on sale or when installed while free, and each time there was an update it wouldn't install. Only solution was to uninstall and reinstall again which meant I had to pay for them. Chatted a few times with WP support and this was the response I received.  
    "Dear Vik, Your Microsoft Account has been checked; All the apps mentioned, by you in chat have been refunded to your Account during the previous chat sessions.
    Accordingly to our policy once we will provide the refund for the App, it will dissapear from the purchase history. You won't be able to re-download, re-install.
    There was initial issue on the Marketplace with Metrotube app, as the developer of the App change it from Free to Paid App.
    Due to that change the App was missing from the purchase history.This transaction was, as well refunded to you.
    As the charges for the Apps has been refunded to you, in order to be able to use the Apps after the update, you will need to purchase them.
    Once you will pay for the Apps they will stay in your purchase history.
    Also you have mentioned that you have purchase the apps on sale, if you have any enquiries about this please contact the developer of the apps directly.
    Karolina M.
    Microsoft Support."  
  • It feels a little too cluttered for my taste.  For me, nothing beats Bing Weather. It just needs lockscreen support.
  • I agree...too much going on.
  • Bing Weather is awesome but one thing that I would like to see is the wide tile...there's only 2 options to the tile. Hope in a future update this can be arranged.
  • Bing Weather is awesome and will replace Amazing Weather HD for me the day MS adds a double wide tile.
  • True! For me will replace Accuweather 
  • Bing weather is my favorite so far, I downloaded this one just in case ;) you know ... Maybe things will change after this being paid app.
  • I like the Bing weather app, but the temperature is almost always off a few degrees.
    It says it uses Accuweather, but doesn't match what it reports.
    I really like Bing's radar & simplicity, but until they get the temperature right in back to Accuweather.
  • Bing Weather is nice, but IMHO it's not as good as The Weather Channel (especially its live tile!).
  • My only problem with the Weather Channel app is there is no radar motion. Which was a big problem.
  • If Bing Weather now only supports a clean metro styled live tile like on Windows 8, i mean a live tile without backgroundpicture's, i'm still waiting for that & when that comes in an update i will switch to Bing Weather, currently using WeatherFlow.
  • And weather alerts! If Bing starts showing alerts I could completely get rid of Weather Channel app.
  • Will give it a spin for sure! I like the Bing weather one, have bought amazing weather HD and weather flow but don't use them anymore, the always say the temperature is a few degrees warmer in Dublin, if only it were true haha!!!
  • Too true
  • I'll second that lock screen support! I'm sure it's in the post too!!!
  • Unimpressive font. Clutter reminds me of Android. Also, soft buttons have annoyingly incomplete texts. Uninstalled. Thanks for heads up Daniel.
  • Not bad but the live tile needs work. It shouldn't rotate to their logo. I have to glance down and wait for it to flip back.
  • never mind :)
  • Baconit, reddit client
  • Yup, realized that..
  • Everyone stop being cheap scates. What's £2 or what ever currency you use. Support our developers!!!!! Also if this weather app is more accurate than that pile of crap app Bing released then I'm game.
  • Bing is the most accurate of all
  • Sorry, but not for me. The temperature is almost always off a few degrees.
  • When we are discussing weather temperatures, what's a few degrees plus or minus? The local forecasts in major cities lists huge ranges in the metropolitian areas all the time. Probably depends on which of the many places that reading is coming from. Now, if you are telling me it's 20-30 F different, that's a different story. I would report that to the developer.
    I've looked at several different websites before to find one that says it was 80 outside so I could justify turning the A/C on. The same thing will happen with apps.
  • Well, I don't live in a metropolitan area and almost every weather service uses a weather station located at a university literally less than a mile from my home when getting data for my locale.
    When Bing is telling me it's 86, Accuweather says it's 79 and weather channel says it's 78, I see that as a big difference. BTW, the Bing app says it gets it's info from Accuweather, so why the difference?
    Also, the live tile doesn't update properly. Even when opening the app, seeing a different temp. and closing the app, the tile still doesnt update - not right away anyway.
    What's a few degrees of inaccurate information you ask? A lot considering it's a main function of the app.
  • Might be OK for the US/Europe, but is's not even worth having for free in NZ. If I'd paid for it, I'd be angry.
    It thinks it's yesterday, yet it was last updated today, it's showing the night time graphic even though it's well into daytime, and the forecast is WAY off. It claims showers, we've got snow on the way...
  • I'd have agreed with you once, but I think it's gotten to the point where everyone and their cat are developing for WP now. There may be missing apps, but you get the impression that they are all in progress. I guess my phone would run out of space, but if I tried to buy every app in the store I'd go bust long before I even got 10% into the act.
  • you what weather appi wish we had is the Yahoo Weather app ios has man is that thing gorgeous!
  • Yikes! I agree about the cluttered, android-like appearance. But the lock screen, what a mess. Text over calendar and notifications. Yuck. And the live tile, it flips to show a giant logo. Pass.
  • Nothing looks compelling enough to switch from current offerings.
  • Tried it, UI was _way_ too cluttered and unreadable.
  • I like it but please use units that the USA users can relate to.  Wind is m/s?  Meters per second?  Pressure is uPA?  
  • You can change it in the settings.
  • No radar. No thank you.
  • Which app has a worthwhile radar?  All of the apps I've used that have a radar are essentially useless, e.g. the radar has a bright red spot over my house when it's nice and sunny.
  • When I want radar, I fire up "Rad Now!"  Specialized, simple, reliable, and free!
  • Bing Weather has a good radar, so does Accuweather.
  • +1 way better than Weather channel
  • It looks great. Won't uninstall it but still using Weather Channel and will see to this one when it has developed more. For me the live tile is the most important thing in weather apps and Weather Channel has the best at this time. Don't like that when this tile rotates there's just their logo. Could be like the next days showing there and not every info on one side. And this one is also only updating the tile once a day it seems when reading the description.
    Definitely seeing to this in the future when it has developed more.
  • Just too complex. Bing is much better, simpler, efficient, light
  • Yup.
  • How do I tell it that I'm not an hour away from where I actually am?  The location service hasn't done its job properly, and now I can't find a way to get rid of that city.
  • Looks nice, I'm enjoying Bing Weather though, big selling point for me is how well the Live Tile works and Bing has a good one. Updates my location automatically and has nice graphics. I'll probably stick with that.
  • I want to use Bing weather but the live tile is ugly and also isn't available in double-wide.
  • WeatherSense... When I use up my monthly quota of weather, will I be charged more or will the weather change more slowly until the next cycle begins?
  • Awesome another weather app.. Because we don't have enough
  • Needs work. The home screen is way too busy with overlapping info. It's just a mess of information crying to be organized better. And it's also telling me that there's a 54% chance of rain when we've been bone dry all week and all my other weather apps say we will continue to be rainless for at least 3 more days. :/
  • Wirst.Typo.Ever
  • Keeping it because I like the live tile. I like Bing weather but the live tile for it is straight up ugly. It could use some improvements though, I wish it didn't flip to the weather sense tile.
  • I don't know why all the hate, this app is actually pretty nice.  Damn nice in fact. Love the animations and the amount of information it provides. I expect when the next update comes, it'll give you more control but for now and the amount of time I'll spend "gazing" at this app at a time, which is a few seconds, it works and I'll keep it.  It'll live on the lock screen and double wide for now.
  • My problem with the double wide tile is the other side is just a logo. Fail.
  • There's an app called Forecast by Alexander Wilkens which is just too good and beats all these weather apps due to the level of customization offered. A variety of beautiful themes and amazing font and icons make it irresistible. But I am really confused what sets it apart from its paid version. If anyone has used it or knows about it, do let me know. :)
  • Grabbed it, looks great. Thanks!