Rainbow Six Siege Pro League is changing, Singapore offers esports diploma

The Rainbow Six Siege Pro League is changing as we know it into a new league-based system with numerous improvements to make the game more appealing to viewers and new teams looking to make it big. Singapore is offering an esports diploma that covers a number of skill sets within the scene.

Graduate in esports


Esports is going to make it into the 2022 Asian Games and it's also set to play a part of the Olympic Games, but Singapore is looking to take it one step further by offering a diploma in esports and game design. Informatics Academy is where you will be able to take on the eight-month or year course (depending on whether you're wishing to go full-time or part-time), aiming to provide students with skills in game development, esports knowledge, team management, live streaming, and programming.

It seems to be much more than mere esports, which is a given since the scene covers a wide variety of professions and skills. What's more is once they've completed the course, as reported by The Straits Times, they can apply for an advanced diploma or a bachelor's degree in related fields at Oxford Brookes University, UK. This diploma is in partnership with Cybersports & Online Gaming Association.

Changes to the squad

Organizers behind the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League have announced changes (opens in new tab) to how everything is run. Not only that but how matches are set up and played will be changing too. It's billed as the biggest update of changes the Pro League has seen to-date. Instead of having bracket group phase eliminations, participating teams will transition into a league-based system. This league will take part in a six month season, spread across 14 game days where each team will play every other team a total of two times.

This Pro League season will be split into two with a break in the middle. This is where the developer will release DLC and host a "major event." The team coming in last will be relegated to the Challenger League. This, alongside other changes, is hoped to encourage more Rainbow Six Siege teams to get squads together and begin participating. Other changes to the esports scene for the game include Operators' pick and ban, bombsite rotation, map pool, and round rotation.

Mixer on the up

Smite Pro League

As part of the first anniversary of Microsoft's relaunch of Beam as Mixer, the streaming platform had a bunch of esports announcements to make.

The first is the continued partnership with Hi-Rez Studios which is now expanding, with the creation of a Smite PS4 league which will also be broadcast exclusively on Mixer. Hi-Rez is also doing some great things with MixPlay, the interactive element on Mixer streams, and you need to check that out to see how incredible it all really is.

The second big announcement is that ESL and Mixer have entered into a partnership to broadcast the organizers series, which include premier class Dota 2 and CS:GO tournaments. ESL still has a partnership with Facebook for live broadcasts of its major content, so it looks like for now Mixer will only get replays, but it's still another feather in the cap of bringing fresh people to the platform.

Upcoming live events

  • Smash 'n' Splash 4 - June 1 - 5, watch on Twitch.
  • China DOTA 2 Supermajor - June 1 - 6, watch on Twitch.
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