The Weekly Software Wrangle #15 is here and ready to ride!

This week, WM Standard new software is Map My Tracks and Pregnancy e-Wheel for the Motorola Q. Updated software includes SplashPhoto and SmartBlock. The free app this week is ClearTemp.

WM Professional new software are eQuickRecipes Deluxe and MASPware GeoFence. Updated software includes MobiForms for PPC and All-In Hold 'Em Poker. Freeware is Throttlelock.

Saddle up and ride, cowpokes! Time for this week's Wrangle!

WM Standard: New

First up this week for a WM Standard app is Map My Tracks v1.3.1 from Tinderhouse. Have you ever wondered, "Where the heck am I?"

Map My Tracks turns your mobile phone into your personal real-time GPS tracking device. Using a mobile phone with built-in GPS or an external GPS receiver you can map and track your location in real-time. Map My Tracks let your friends, competitors or parents know where you are right now.

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Minimum Requirements: - Web-enabled phone with a data plan, Bluetooth & Java - GPS-enabled phone or external GPS receiver with Bluetooth - Map My Tracks Mobile installed on phone

Get Map My Tracks for FREE here.

The next new WM Standard app is Pregnancy e-Wheel for the Motorola Q v4.2 by Nialls Software. Granted, this software is rather gender-specific and even device-specific, but very useful for the right people.

Pregnancy e-Wheel is an ideal substitute for a manual pregnancy wheel, and a preliminary estimating tool for fetal development measurements. It estimates fetal weight based on differnet parameters such as the fundal height, and provides approximate percentile values for weight and length based on the Gestational Age. It provides the means to Estimate the Gestational Age (EGA) based on three diferent parameters: The Last Menstrual Period, the Estimated Delivery Date (EDD), and a given EGA at a specified UltraSound date.

Get Pregnancy e-Wheel for the Motorola Q for $9.95 here.

WM Standard: Updated

SplashPhoto for Smartphone v5.0 by SplashData, is our first updated software for WM Standard this week.

SplashPhoto turns your MS Smartphone into a mobile digital picture frame. Simply edit and organize your favorite images with the included desktop software then sync with your handheld to view images on the go.

Features: - NEW Camera Support - NEW Tree View to see all your photos in a familiar file system format - NEW Share images with others on Picasa, Flickr and Facebook - NEW Support for JPG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP - Simple, fast, high quality image viewer - and much more!

Get SplashPhoto for Smartphone for $29.95 here.

SmartBlock for Smartphone v2.3 by Efficasoft Co., Ltd., is the next updated app this week. Is there a stalker in your life? This app may be for you.

The smart way to block unwanted calls and SMS messages! Fully supports Windows Mobile Smartphone (2003, 2003SE, WM5, WM6), QVGA (240x320) and landscape screen.

Features: - Block/allow unwanted calls and SMS messages silently. - Convenient meeting mode with auto-SMS-answer-machine. - Powerful black/white list filters, SMS content filter as well as time setting support. - Protect black/white list, history etc. by password. - Widecard number support. For example, to block all calls from London: 020* - Import contacts from phone and SIM card. - Detailed history for all blocked calls and messages.

Get SmartBlock for Smartphone for only $10.95 here.

WM Standard: Freeware

The free app for WM Standard this week is ClearTemp v0.1 at

Tired of folders on your device that are full of unwanted junk? Fall me be fast approaching, but every time of year is good for some Spring cleaning! ClearTemp is an application for you to free up memory on your device. If you have custom folders which you wish to clear, you can also add them in.

You can get ClearTemp for Free right here.

WM Professional: New

The first new WM Professional application for this week is eQuickRecipes Deluxe v4.0 by Lakshmi Solutions, LLC. Just thinking about this app makes me hungry. If you are tired of eating out and want the convenience of having recipes only a stylus tap away, then check this out.

Use eQuickRecipes to store your favorite and most often used cooking recipes.

Features: - The application already contains an initial set of 35 very good recipes to get you started. Add and edit recipes as you wish. - The Deluxe version includes a PC companion to facilitate data entry on the PC. User can export recipes to a word file for printing or to excel as a CSV file. - The application contains Help features describing each screen.

You can get eQuickRecipes Deluxe for $9.99 here.

Next up is MASPware GeoFence v1.0, by MASPWare.

If you're like me (and hopefully you aren't), you have very little sense of direction. When out in the wild, it would be nice to have boundaries so I know that I'm staying in a general area and not wandering off into oblivion.

MASPware GeoFence is a GPS-based surveillance tool for Windows Mobile devices. This program loads a virtual fence (GPX/KML) and starts alerts, if the current position is out of bounds. This program can use any kind of GPX (GPS Exchange Format) data files and can also use Google KML files. You can easily record tracks with MASPware GPSmeter to use it as a virtual fence. Furthermore, it supports the free quoox|TRACKER tracking system, to track the position over the internet.

You can get MASPWare GeoFence for $9.95 here.

WM Professional: Updated

The first updated WM Professional app this week is MobiForms For PPC / WinMobile v4.05 by MobiForms.

MobiForms is a rapid application development (RAD) tool for creating mobile applications for just about any wireless platform including Tablet PC, Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Smartphone, Symbian or Palm. MobiForms offers all the tools in one "box" for the creation and deployment of any type of mobile application - from surveys to field service, from signature capture to bar coding. Inexpensive solutions can be built and deployed in minutes instead of days with the intuitive MobiForms graphical drag and drop interface. MobiForms uses Java, but the Java layer is totally hidden from the developer leaving you to concentrate on high-level business logic and the application look and feel.

This app is packed full of features and has numerous improvements, so it's best to click the link below for a full description.

Pick up MobiForms For PPC / WinMobile for $178.00 here.

Next up is All-In Hold 'Em Poker - Tournament Play v2.80 by Birdsoft.

Are you looking for a great game of Texas Hold 'Em for your Windows Mobile Pro/Pocket PC device? Well you've found the best!

All-In gives the most bang for the buck with great features including Career Mode with Multi-Table Tournaments, a great gameplay and graphics engine, and the choice of No-Limit, Pot Limit, or Limit gaming all in one program.

It also has top-notch AI opponents. Computer players play with three styles of play(Tight, Normal, or Loose) and can even show tells and will TILT.

If you're a new player this is a great place to learn, with hand hints and tips, a complete help system, and the great AI to judge your progress against.

Get All-In Hold 'Em Poker - Tournament Play for $19.95 here.

WM Professional: Freeware

Throttlelock v0.1 Beta, a FREE app available for download at from APBilbo of, is a pattern based lock application, fully skinable and with multilanguaje support. ThrottleLock is a little app to lock your device. It will only be unlocked when a pattern is drawn on a grid of points.

By default the device will be locked automatically when it goes into suspended state. Optionally you can also turn it on by executing the link at Startmenu > Programs > ThrottleLock. If you don't want the davice to automatically lock remove the link placed at \Windows\Startup.

The app is fully skinable. You can change the skin by replacing the png files and modifying the config.xml to change the fonts and colors.

You can get Throttlelock for Free right here.

Have Software You'd Like Us to Include Next Week?

That's a wrap for this week's WM Weekly Software Wrangle. I welcome all software developers to email us if you have any new or updated software to announce. Just email your news to me at: