This weeks Red Stripe Deals saves you cash on Mirror’s Edge, Paper Racer, and HDR Photo Camera

Every week Microsoft releases app savings to the Windows Phone Store in the form of their Red Stripe Deals. Three apps are yours to claim if you’re up for saving a few bucks. And the majority of the time these apps (or games) are ones you’d probably want anyways. This week we’ve got Paper Racer, Mirror’s Edge, and HDR Photo Camera on sale. Let’s check them out.

Mirror’s Edge

Mirror's Edge

This game started out as an exclusive to Lumia devices in the Nokia Collection. It wasn’t until earlier this year in February that the app left the Nokia Collection became available for everyone to download. Haven’t picked up Mirror’s Edge yet? Now you can for just $0.99 in the Windows Phone Store. Feeling like playing a fast-moving platformer? Grab Mirror’s Edge in the Windows Phone Store.

Paper Racer

Paper Racer

Up next in this weeks Red Stripe Deal is Paper Racer. It’s a Windows Phone 8 game that we actually  just reviewed a little over a month ago. The game went for $1.99, but as part of the promotion you can pick it up for just $0.99. We really enjoyed this game when we looked at it back then. Want to grab it for a buck? Head to the Windows Phone Store.

HDR Photo Camera

HDR Photo

Windows Phone doesn’t come with any built-in HDR (High-dynamic-range) capabilities. Instead, we rely on developers to step up to the plate and fill that gap. HDR Photo Camera has been one of our favorite apps for HDR. It recently picked up a really impressive update over the summer. That update introduced tone mapping, which helps gives single images higher dynamic ranges than you might get elsewhere. Want HDR Photo Camera? Grab it in the Windows Phone Store for just $1.49, that’s 50% off the regular price.

QR: HDR Photo Camera

Those are your Red Stripe Deals for the week. Which one are you thinking of picking up?

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Sam Sabri