What do you think of Skype's new Snapchat-esque makeover? (poll)

Microsoft recently announced a major revamp for Skype, overhauling the interface and adding a bit of Snapchat-inspired flair. But while the bold and colorful new tabbed interface breathes new life into the app in some ways, some who have gotten their hands on the redesign have been pretty vocally against it.

Android users, who were among the first to try the revamp, chimed in with a number of reviews (opens in new tab) that take a pretty critical view of the overhaul. One reviewer wrote:

Don't break a good gig. Yes, the app word and calls are perfect as usual. But the interface... why is it so hard to find the "search". Or just to make a call with a choice of numbers. Was a lot better before. Stop changing stuff that works already. This is a tool I use for work. Not a toy. Keep it as such. And strip the BS.

Another reviewer was similarly critical, stating:

Whatever this new update they did is.. just makes it so unfriendly. It's too busy trying to be Facebook instead of making it simple for calls, messaging, or even setting your online status. None of that is easier now. Skype.. whatchu doin'? I would switch to another app if there was a good alternative that all my friends used.

There are some sporadic positive reviews sprinkled in, but the majority seem to take a dim view of the redesign.

Of course, we tend to be a bit more vocal about the things that we dislike than what we like, so the reviews could be a little one-sided. With that in mind, we're throwing it to you: What do you think of the revamp? Unfortunately, this isn't yet available in the Windows version of Skype, but if you've had a chance to try it out on Android, let us know your thoughts in the poll below.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • The gradieent crap needs to go, ASAP
  • No. Let is stay.
  • Waiting for it to come to Windows Mobile then I'll rate it.
  • hahaha, good one!
  • lol, if it ever comes. There are so many things that are on other platforms that are not on windows for the exact same app.
  • As it is now, I'd rather it didn't come
  • Don't want that crap coming to Windows Mobile, UWP only!
  • You are infringing on my name.
  • I don't. I like it as it is. I don't mind some fluent design to be added, but I don't want another redesign of the app. they did it once for windows 10... it is enough.
  • The big and colorful message boxes are a disaster
  • To remember that MSN Messenger and Skype were the top notch services, it is really sad that Microsoft has lost a lot of ground with Skype. In plenty of things I feel Microsoft is too much in a me too strategy while forgetting about practicality and consistency. I would prefer Skype to be clean and functional, not a fancy fair. Most importantly, the ongoing issues with contact management should be cleaned up!
  • Also: they need to let you CLEANLY remove message history, whether entire conversations or individual messages, without some annoying placeholder message being inserted telling anyone who wanders by that parts have been deleted. It's ridiculous that Skype cannot do this. Literally EVERYTHING else can.
  • This BS happens because all the good devs left and found jobs at Apple and Google.
  • MS acquires technology, pays way too much, then drops it.  Other competitors pick up the slack and develop it.  With most people owning a cell phone, why would I choose Skype (and pay) over WhatsApp?   MS had huge potential with Skype when it was king.  I hope the can make a come back with Skype.
  • Don't like it.
    Nobody needs another Messenger/Snapchat's like application. I really hate this new mode, as Stories came to Facebook and Messenger.
    This update made Skype absolutely useless. It was useful for video conference, screen sharing, and international callings but now it just try to be a "cool" app like all other. Seeing who is online just desapeared...
    I tried to use it some minutes on my Galaxy S8+, and uninstalled it.
    Goodbye Skype.
  • You just nailed it. Skype doesn't understand the people who are using their product daily. And if this is an attempt to get more users, it's guaranteed to fail.
  • We should get it on WM10 now! 😃
  • How? Nutella doesn't know it exists.
    He thinks it's made by a rival in Beijing
  • Pretty good, Hiswona!! 😂
  • Ewwww?
  • Mine looks nothing like the example.  Thanfully.  But then, I don't really use Skype anyway.  It is missing far too many features of the Messaging app that Skype is virtually useless as a replacement.  And nobody I know actually uses Skype.
  • Yeah Skype died out the last 4 years
  • you downvoters are in denial. I cant get anyone on skype anymore. and btw, i'm in denial too since i'm holding on to my 950xl still
  • Down votes (and up votes) are just a quick and easy way to voice an opinion.
  • My eyes...
  • Why not use Fluent Design System for Skype? They must have thought about it or it maybe in plans..but who knows.
  • First resolve the integration with the people app then new features.
  • Seriously. People management across devices and apps is abysmal.
  • You guys need to create one more option: I don't know, I'm using Windows Mobile!
  • LOL
  • Um, what poll would that be? I see none (and yes, ad-blocker is disabled).
  • I didn't see it until I disabled my adblocker... Make sure you don't have any other sort of filtering sw enabled, whether it be built into the browser, or some 3rd-party sw.
  • Here is my idea. What they could do, is to offer two modes. People could choose between a "social network" like interface for youngsters and a more "serious / toned down" current interface. There could be a toggle switch, using which you could switch to the other mode easily on the go (mood dependent mode :)) It would work seamlessly and Skype would have some advantage over the other apps. One app which would adapt for different audiences, different needs, moodes. Now that would be personal, what do you think? :) But the dark mode, speed and reliability are definitely most important to me!
  • That is an interesting idea... a little hard to implement and maintain but you might be on to something
  • Nobody I know even uses Skype anymore except for my 1 monk friend so idc it's been **** for years anyway so many wont bother going back to it
  • Everybdy on my contact list is on Skype and there is no chance this will ever change.
  • yeah everyone on my contact list is on it too. But they don't use it lol
  • Same
  • Because when I think intuitive, easy to use UI, Snapchat is the first thing that comes to mind! I understand why all of these companies are cramming more crap into their messaging platforms - paid addons, sticker packs, ads, etc - but people like Skype because it makes calls, iMessage because it sends texts, facebook messenger because all their friends and family are on it - not everyone wants face filters, stickers, and gif support. 
  • Snapchat NEVER comes to my mind. I'd rather gouge my eyes out.
  • I remember little children when it became "trendy" for them to love stickers. I guess they are older now.
  • Skype has lost its identity. This is a voip first that competes with other voips out there. It doesnt know its identity.
  • Skype has been languishing for years now. I'd have much preferred Live Messenger as they were using messenger's backend for the now defunct rooms.
  • As a windows phone user I've only heard that it is wonderful.
  • I think the latest version is on the right track, it's good they are copying Snapchat features I think they should also release Skype Lite version with only the bare minimum features like texting, SMS, voice and video chat.
  • Never used it and the way MS has managed to neuter it I guess I never will. Leave it to MS to buy a company for billions and then kill of all its usp's and then run it to the ground. Skype and Nokia are good examples, linkedin next?
  • They already started! They removed the **** client from the windows store without replacing it with anything...
  • Re: aka webnoi,
    The LinkedIn app installed on my WP 8.1 mobile phone still works. It never was a "great" piece of app software but it does the basic job. I suppose I can understand Microsoft not wanting to spend additional money to improve it, but why remove it from the store? Why not let it do the basic "good" that it can do.
    Maybe Microsoft is working on a "universal" app?
  • Well they updated it and removed it at the same time 😶.
  • The question is: If they plan a UWP release, why they do not let the current version available to everyone until the proper release?
  • It didn't show up in french yet, and I'm glad because I know now that I won't upgrade it. Microsoft will have to fire the guy in charge like they fired Sinofsky.
  • i have it but i don't use it since no one i know use it just like google allo and duo no one using it
  • Re: aka sumton,
    Yes, certainly, follow the crowd.
  • better than living alone
  • With new version, they removed "transfer file" feature which make the app useless. MS WILL LOSE ANOTHER BATCH OF USERS. The new version is slow and choppy. Revert back to old version.
  • If I wanted Snapchat, I'd get Snapchat. I have Skype because it mostly works for me. Fix the stuff that doesn't before adding new stuff. Oh yea, that's not how it is done anymore.
  • Lame
  • Well I remember a photo from a demonstration, where stands a granny face to policemen and the picture says "when even grandma stands against, you know you're on the wrong side". That seems like analogic example - when even the author of your phone and its system supports other platform more than yours, you know you're on the wrong side...
  • So yeah. When you asked people about something even if they haven't tried or seen it. They will go with the flow. They see a lot of rants from other people, so they will rant too. Just so they can say something. I don't know what is all about "new" Skype because I haven't tried it.
  • People dont like change. So they complain when something is different. Then a week or two later, after using whatever it is for a while, they start to see the good things. Its just life.
  • I think Skype is great for phoning. I know they've put considerable resource into converting it from peer-to-peer to cloud, which ain't easy when so many people and enterprises depende on it. Now that that conversion is behind them, i expect a better user interface. As for the move into messaging, though i understand the strategic incentive, it's not so important to me. I just want the interface to improve, which i expect it will.
  • When i update it while a go i wasn't aware about the change and so i thought it was a bag that was bringing me back to some old version of skype for Android. So i uninstall the app, reinstall the old version and remove the autoupdate. It's luck of functionality, cheep design and unfriendly to use.
  • I prefer the way it is on WM10 now with Dark Mode.
  • yeah, I like it this way to. More like a traditional application. I really hope they don't change it soo extreme at Windows.
  • The majority?
  • I love the search interface. They need to build in Cortana so she is contextual. Keep the interface super fast and clean.
  • What do I think? I think they're out of touch. I'd like a more stable app before they go moving on to the next generation of their development
  • It is beautiful but the beta app have many problems like when you have bt headphone it does not ring at all and you are missing calls or messages. I had to install the old one version on my phone.
  • So here's my list. 1: UWP is COMPLETE AND UTTER BULL$H!T. The fact that this is android only is proof of that.
    2: Microsoft, Looking like snapchat isn't going to make skype popular again. Making skype work as a phone service across platforms is whats going to make it popular again. Why can't I have a phone number like google voice? Why can't it successfully forward text from my phone to my pc and back without it losing the link? It you're going to copy snapchat, why not disappearing text, location, contact information, video and picture messages?
    3: why not merge visual voicemail and text messages and transcribe voicemail? Microsoft HAS to be better at it than google voice?
    4: If skype is to be popular again, it shouldn't be looking at snapchat. it should be looking at iMessage, WhatsApp and facebook messenger. Where are the Gifs, the ability to send and recieve money? I like the bots and the fact that i can send and recieve location. But there has to be more than the basics.
    5: why aren't you leveraging your other servivices. like using wunderlist for shared list, or onenote , grove music or even outlook calendar? Microsoft, FOCUS ON 1 THING AT A TIME. Skype doesn't need to be a social network. It needs to be the best possible communication tool possible. I wrote a whole rant here https://metroheads.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/skype-needs-the-windows-mobi...
    but to TLDR version goes as follows: The new look is fine. But bring more project neon to it. You want to make it more like snapchat? Give us messages that we can set to expire or delete from the conversation. bonus points if you add the block screen cap feature. apply this to pictures, voice messages, video messages Location and text messages.
    Look at Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. Don't just give me bots. I want gifs. I want to send and receive money. I want to send and receive files and docs.
    Merge text and voicemail. a message is a message is a message. and transcribe voicemail.
    Stop trying to upsell me. google voice GIVES ME A PHONE NUMBER and voicemail.
    While we're on the subject, leaving a video or voice message should be easy. not the i didn't reach the person. so now i have to go back to the chat windows and send a video or voice message. and let me set up a message for people who can't reach me.
    Skype needs to be more like iMessage with calls. How about a handoff like feature. so i can put the call on hold from my phone and pick up from my pc or xbox or vice versa.
    Remember QR codes and NFC? use that so that i can add people i see in nerson to my contacts list quickly instead of trying to trying to find them by their username.
    @mentions so that i can include people into the conversation.
    let me share contacts easily.
    mute conversations and group chats. And for gods sake, It should be built into windows and windows phone so that it doesn't take a million years for it to load. No one is asking you to canibalize teams or outlook messenger. but make skype a great messenger again please.
  • I agree with almost everything. But I object with bots, it won't hurt to have them, since they are the "future" apps
  • I agree with pretty much everything here... except for the first statement. just because something is UWP doesnt mean it HAS to go on all platforms. Maybe MSFT wanted a large pool of testers for feedback on the UI? if so, they got exactly what they wanted.
    but yes. the App looks childish... i'd hate for someone to see me using it. focusing on social cohesion such as NFC/QR code as you said would be a great feature. It should be like Googles latest attempt at a chat service (name escapes me) but it has the google assistant integrated. in a skype conversation, we should be able to call upon Cortana as a 3rd person.  
  • Re: Roman DeSilva,
    Too long, but I did read (TLBIDR) and it was a good read. Well said. Great ideas. Thank you for sharing.
    Best Wishes
  • I just want SMS support like on Windows Mobile, I miss that the most.
  • Yes. I want SMS support.
  • Pity Skype won't work on my 8.1 Lumia very soon, used it a lot for 4 years
  • Being 54, Snapchat is somewhat of a mystery. The Android app is a UI mess. Maybe it is me but, I'm wondering what is so alluring about Snapchat? I understand the premise behind the app. I just don't see the appeal behind its design. Skype is now a staple in the business world. I really don't think that it is wise idea to turn Skype into a Snap wannabe. That is just my opinion.
  • Tried Skype over the years but nobody uses it, so who is going to swap now
  • People can and do change. I choose what I use and if people want to contact me, they have to use what I use.
  • Was Skype targeted for kids lately and I didn't learned about that? What the hell? Colors everywhere, all types of eye-candy useless UI features. It's like an overly decorated Christmas tree. Microsoft, what were you thinking?
  • skype is better than it used to be. Being able to get texts on the PC is great. The contacts management is a joke though. I can only think it will get better via the new people app when it arrives. 
  • I'm not usually a naysayer, but unless they have a Dark Mode then this update can die in a dumpster fire. I can't stand looking at white backgrounds and paid far too much having lasers shot into my eyes to ruin them looking at ugly bright screens in any darkened rooms.
    Hoping that I have just missed the announcement of the feature, but I'm starting to get anxious when I see promo pics with only hideous Apple-White backgrounds.
  • I like the new design, the design is not coming from Snapchat BTW. It's only the Story stuff that is coming from them, and I don't like it.
  • I like it, people just hate change... same when linkedin recently changed its site, after a few months, all is forgotten until there is another change! Just embrace it
  • This isn't just a change to the layout though, this is a fundamental change to what Skype as a product is. MS should realise the Skype name isn't going to be the next Snapchat....It's just not likely to happen, they are more likely to alienate their existing users. They've been ******* into the wind for years when it comes to Skype though, so not really surprised they're going down this route aimlessly. GroupMe would be a better brand to do this with, but even then it'll struggle to gain popularity - I wanted to try it out but nobody I know uses it on their iPhone, Android or Windows Phone / PC....nobody
  • I'm soo glad this article was written and really hope that Microsoft / Skype Team read it and realize they need to do something about it. Since this update has come out I've heard nothing but complaints from everybody I regularly Skype with, who are people across our own company and several different companies. I think what Skype fails to realize is how many professional users use their product. Yes, the average consumer (my 74 year old Mother-in-Law included) will use Skype to do easy/cheap/free voice calls with her family around the world. She loves it. She doesn't text much via Skype - it's just their international calling system. Simple enough. Easy enough. Problem solved and she doesn't want or need it to do anything more. When it comes to professional use, the way me and SOO MANY people/companies use Skype is as our text/calling platform of choice across companies. Slack has become a great powerful tool within our company for real time communication. And when we have a big project with external parties involved, we'll sometimes go all in and use Slack for that too. But Slack is too annoying/cumbersome for less casual encounters when you have people across companies - not people you need to deal with daily, but maybe you keep in touch with and need to message or call a time or two a week, or when it's critical. Email still works for this too, but it's more an "on your own time" communication medium, so for these types of messages is too slow and lacks a bit of immediacy that pinging on Skype provides. Skype fits a powerful place between email and Slack. Of course, I realize that Skype for Business exists, but that's more of a scheduled meeting product and every time we try to use it tends to not work as well as intended. So we end up revolving back regular Skype. Some chats will be persistent with people from five different companies/partners in that chat (it can take a lot of people from a lot of companies to be in sync these days to make things happen). And if we need a call we hit dial and we're all on the line. And voice calls are reliable (video and screensharing working better these days too, but not as smooth as they should). And even within our company (and many companies I work with are the same way), Skype is what we replaced our Cisco IP phones with many years ago. It became our In Office / Out of Office presence and office line. Here's an article I wrote years back that even took our company rules around this to an extreme. The desktop and cross-mobile platform nature of Skype really has made it a go to for so many businesses. I get that Slack these days gets all that attention. That honestly comes from I think Skype not realizing just how many people are using it for daily business and not telling the story around it. They keep thinking it's a consumer product -- as demonstrated by this update -- failing to realize that an update like this now ticks off 100% of the more professional users who rely on Skype daily. So with this update, I have yet to talk to a single person that likes it. Between family (my mom-in-law is so angry with it) to work colleagues within our company, to the people I interact with on Skype at about 15 other different companies, everybody is hating on this. Maybe it's all a rouse to make us business users who use standard Skype for business use to move over to Skype for Business vs. using the consumer app for business. That would totally make sense and I'd get Skype for further making standard Skype more Snapchat-like (if that's where they think the market is going). The problem is, it's a heavy solution that again, tends to prove to not work smoothly whenever we try and just jump on quick calls (especially when people from other companies get involved. These days Google Hangouts works best for when we want to use .a URL and drop in a quick video call and do screen sharing). It's the availability and light-weightness of Skype that has made it work for us. Will see where it goes I guess... but overall, not a step forward for every Skype user I know.
  • I totally agree with you - They are wandering around aimlessly with this update. The remaining users of Skype could be alienated, and those who do enjoy this kind of feature already use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, or even these days Instagram. I don't see what MS can offer here that they think will make Skype blow up. If they want this kind of app, I don't think MS are the ones who can get it to go viral, certainly not under the Skype name, and MS in general I think would struggle to create something from scratch that becomes popular. As much as phones as we know it are getting close to being replaced (within 5 years perhaps) they still need a mobile platform where this is built into to really get people to use it. People use iMessage because it's built into their device, and there are a lot of iPhone users. They don't really need it to be "cool" because it's just built in to so many users devices it'll get used - MS don't have that in the mobile world where this kind of thing is popular. One of the reasons people use Apple devices is access to the built in apps. The other apps in this category got really popular, really quickly and most of them before they were owned by big companies. MS should try and acquire one when it's popular, like they did with Minecraft if they really are that bothered about having this social network type app
  • If you are on O365, Skype for business is part of it. This change (though late) is for consumer version.
  • It' trrible. Still waiting for bright day when Skype and Messaging everywhere will be two separated apps again.
  • Hmmmm
  • I don't mind so much the updated design, but what i do mind and find completely absurd is the lack of coordination between platforms. Mobile app, one look. Universal windows 10 app, completely different design, UI and UX. Desktop app, a third and distinct look. How can this be?
  • It's funny, no one uses windows mobile but a few of us they say. Windows phone is dead because it lacks apps they say. Snap chat and those ******** that made it said to me clearly they would never make a windows app, said to me windows is dead. I'd like to disagree looking at snap chats stock price...hahahahhaa ********. But I digress. Microsoft looking to catch the masses since the handful of us that love it aren't taking it to a strong third place at least in terms of users, if they are going to keep making windows phones they have to figure out how to break out of this bottom feeder placement they find themselves. So people complaining about skype changes, be happy they didn't pull Skype altogether which they could do. Are they trying to attract more users? Of course, since your sorry asses aren't telling your friends hey join us its a great experience even with out the apps you download once and never use. So sorry if I don't feel sympathy for people ******** about changes to things when its well known that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. They tried, we tried, we aren't attracting people to the platform no matter how much a handful of us love it. So let them do what they have to do to attempt yet again to attract people to the services and then hopefully the platform. If not you should start coding your apps now for your own personal use.
  • To little to late for me, gave up hoping they would provide us with a great app over 12 months ago. Canceled my subscription about 5 months ago as well.
  • Haven't seen the release yet so the app doesn't have these features. Just like a lot of app updates mentioned on here, they don't seem to flow through to phones until a year later. Noone I know uses skype in Australia which is a bummer
  • I think they did this update so that the people who love Snapchat and have a Windows device can have an alternative. Anyway I believe if they made a separate app instead of replacing the old Skype, it would have made better reviews. 
  • God. " Unfortunately, this isn't yet available in the Windows version of Skype" Really? Post this in the Android Central.  When it comes to W10M - we can chat about it... (seriously, MS owns Skype, create W10m - would it be so hard to throw their loyal users the same update?)  
  • I think they may be wasting their time trying to compete with Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Microsoft would be better off waiting for another app to become popular, and then purchase it, honestly. The Skype name is NOT going to become hip and cool, and unfortunately MS in general will struggle if they tried to start from scratch. They make a lot of great things but when was the last time, outside of Xbox anything really blew up that caters to social media lovers and younger users (That they didn't buy once it was popular) I really think Facebook are going to keep growing strong, having two completely separate apps under their ownership for one, they also have Instagram, another popular app adding these kind of features. I think MS are fighting a losing battle here with this kind of thing, and they may just alienate the remaining users of Skype if they push this TOO hard.
  • Just, ugh. The main core functionality for Skype was making VOIP calls, and now they've buried that under mounds of gifs, stickers and social media crap. If I wanted Snapchat, I'll use that, not some monstrosity that was created in some misguided attempt to make Skype 'hip'.   I guess I'll go full time with Facetime or FB Messenger video calling, now.
  • KNOW YOUR ******* AUDIENCE!! and btw, where's "How do i know,i've an wp" option.
  • I strangely don't have it on Android...
  • I realize I'm late to this party but... It sucks. Give me Windows Live Messenger back!!!
  • Garbage.
  • This needs to come to the universal app. They should have turned Skype into a modern IM platform ages ago. Problem is nobody uses Skype so all of these new features are going to go to waste
  • NO body uses Skype? Are you serious. Skype much like "Googling" is now a verb. People say Skyping!!! Skype is used by more than 1 billion people in the world. Excluding businesss. Most be an Apple lover in a "Windows" blog. LOL
  • Ugh. People do not need yet another social network. Can we please just have an app that only focuses on IM/video chat/VoIP? In other words, can Skype of 5 years ago please come back?
  • Skype does not have "over 1 billion users. excluding businesses." Who told you that lie? Citation, please? Skype was at around 300-350M users at the height of its market penetration. It is likely less than that now, and the only reason why it's been able to "hang on" is due to the fact that Microsoft has reuse the name to rebrand Lync. The entire Skype infrastructure is largely Microsoft's own. They brought it for the band and to "inherit" the users. Skype was terrible, so I'm not sure why some users are asking for the "Skype of 5 years ago" to come back... You mean P2P Skype? Yea, okay. Skype is largely irrelevant in the current messaging market. It was never really used for messaging, as traditional IM services like AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and others were far superior to it t here. The only reason people used it was for the VoIP and Video Calling, and to get around expensive long-distance charges. Additionally, Skype had few competitors back in the day, and its use was primarily concentrated on desktop computing platforms. The market is completely different now, and these markets are saturated... Just think of the messaging products with way more users than Skype who have better messaging capabilities and now do VoIP and Video Calling: Hangouts, Allo & Duo, iMessage and FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc. You seriously want us to believe the obviously false user numbers you're peddling, when so many people use these other services at near-exclusive levels? Again, please cite where you're getting those user numbers - ESPECIALLY given you're EXCLUDING business users, which is the only market where Skype is relevant - at last as a brand, given the product is nothing more than Lync/WLM in Skype's clothing, these days. Why do you think Microsoft purchased Skype? Certainly not for the consumer business. They did it only for the branding. They basically replaced all the guts with their own tech, used the branding for their business messaging product, and sat on it.
  • these apps try to do more and more and then up up rubbish, the same as facebook messenger. that have gone rubbish, all I need from that is the ability to send messages to people, all i need from skype is voice and video.    
  • I got it on my iPhone. It's awful. Turning Skype into a Social Media app means that I won't use it anymore. I'm not on any social media sites and services, for a reason. I will not allow Microsoft to infect my life with that junk by using Skype as a vector. Not going to use this...
  • Skype should be split Skype IM - New Skype  Skype - Old Skype
  • As a heavy Skype user for business purposes I find UI changes as a huge mistake. It used to be a neat app and now is a candy store...    
  • this like new coke